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Lucid Adventure will undergo a big change!!!

◆ Notice
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Notice - Lucid Adventure will undergo a big change!!!  image 4

Hello!   We have to come to you today to deliver some very important news!   It has been almost 3 years already since has been released! Our 3rd anniversary is coming up!! It feels like our 1st anniversary was not long ago, but time flies by really fast!​ The Boss Raid was also updated, and there was also server consolidation! Cool costumes are also added! You can also collect pumpkins and go to an amusement park!   To our users who have been with us with love for the past 3 years, we would like to tell you that we love you so very much!! Thank you for the support!!   The reason we came to you like this is because there is going to be a big change in the world of Lucid Adventure!! From today (November 8th), Lucid Adventure will become a game without payment. ​ As there are big changes like this, we have carefully prepared the announcements one by one!! ​ We would also like to remind you that the service of this game is not ending now! Don't worry, you can download the game from the store or continue to enjoy playing!     Let's take a closer look at these changes together.     ​<🚧Lucid Adventure will now become a game without payments!!>   From the announcement on November 8, 2022, Lucid Adventure will become a game without payment!   We are concerned that the users who have recently made payments after hearing this announcement may be upset. So, for those who made a payment from October 8, 2022 (UTC+9) to the time this notice goes up today, we will confirm and refund you one by one! Even if you do not contact us through the hotline, we will look into each of your cases and help!   However, in the case of the iPhone, only the App Store has the right to refund. ;ㅅ; So you can only get a refund through the App Store! iPhone users can request a refund from the App Store contact information below.   ■ iOS App Store refund inquiry link:

  Refunds may take some time depending on the payment method and credit card company. Please take note of this           Even if you can't pay, we have prepared a gift event so that you can enjoy the adventure in the world of Lucid Adventure!!   Our team will take care of everything in hopes that users can enjoy the game until the end, so starting on November 9th, if you log in to the game every day, we will send you more login gifts! In addition to the existing gift, we will be giving away 2000 diamonds as a gift!! Now you can receive diamond gifts every day!   We plan to increase the general attendance reward even more so that you can enjoy the adventure even in an environment without payment! We plan to hold the Gold Quest Double Event so that you can keep having fun! More details will be announced in the event notice!   We will take a closer look at the existing events so that you can get more gifts! Enjoy a fun adventure with more gifts!   Thank you to our users who support us every day! We love you all! Let's make happy memories together in Lucid Adventure for a long time to come!!   Thank You!  

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    Thanks for the update