GM Choco BIbi LV.22 GameManager
Feb 25, 2022, 05:32 PM 144 read

Information regarding Sora’s limited edition Soulstone!! [Resolved]

◆ Notice

We have come to inform you as soon as possible! If you purchase Sora’s limited edition Soulstone, there was an issue in which you would receive the Hardcore Leveling Warrior Soulstone instead so the dev team is currently working hard to correct this problem.   We would like to apologize for the confusion. T__T Our team will do its best to correct that phenomenon and, for the players who have already done their purchase, we will be exchanging the received Soulstones for the correct ones!!   Thank you!!!!   ------------------------------ [ Resolved on 2022/02/25 ]   Thank you so much for your patience! Our team has modified Sora’s limited edition Soulstone so that the players get the correct Soulstones!   We have also exchanged the Soulstones that some of you have obtained by mistake for the correct ones. They were directly added to your ressources!   Thank you!!    

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