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[Big Update] Clean Sky Garden! 😎 + Legendary Accessories!😍

◆ Notice
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Notice -  [Big Update] Clean Sky Garden! 😎 + Legendary Accessories!😍  image 1

  Update is coming!! We have some news for you!! The Legendary Accessories Update that our users have been waiting for has arrived.   Not only that, but also the news of the Sky Garden reset! Let’s not waste any more time and let’s take a look at the details below!ヾ(≧▽≦*)o   As we deliver the news as quickly as possible, there may be a difference between the news delivered and the actual update!     <Legendary Accessories Update!>   It's time to replace the old accessories!!!   Legendary-grade accessories will be added in this update! You will now be able to find necklaces and rings of tier 5 and legendary tier!   The legendary accessories will be available for purchase in the Honor Shop just like the other tiers of accessories!   We hope that our users will quickly get the highest level of Legendary Accessories!!!!   Let us show you 4 of the new legendary accessories you'll meet!!

Lucid Adventure: ◆ Notice -  [Big Update] Clean Sky Garden! 😎 + Legendary Accessories!😍  image 3

  After showing you the silhouettes, here are their true appearances! Aww!! Don’t you want to have them all?!!! We cannot wait to show you the other accessories as well!!!     <Clean Sky! Sky Garden Reset>   Let's talk about the Sky Garden reset, where our users' precious achievements in the Sky Garden remain intact and you can get rewards again!   Along with the update of the Legendary Accessories, the Sky Garden will be reset! It's time to run through the clear sky and take the rewards!   So much to remember! In the Sky Garden reset, you cannot use the previously collected tickets!! In the Sky Garden reset, the Sky Garden entry tickets are also reset. Don’t forget!! Be sure to use your entry tickets before the reset! Get a lot of rewards in the clear sky!   A heart-pounding update is coming!​ This update will be carried out along with maintenance. The detailed schedule will be announced in the maintenance notice in two weeks!   As we deliver the news as quickly as possible, the news we've announced now and the actual update may be slightly different. However, if there are any changes, rest assured that we will always notify you by notice.   Thank you for always supporting us! If you have any suggestions or reports in the future, please feel free to email our hotline team!!   Have a nice day!    

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