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Aug 4, 2021, 02:22 PM 245 read

The difficulty of the Event Dungeon will be adjusted! [ Added on 2021/08/04]

◆ Notice

We have come to bring you news as soon as possible! After looking closely at it, the difficulty level of this Event Dungeon seems to be very difficult!   It's the same difficulty as the previous event but our development team wants our users to enjoy the event more happily! We will be looking into the difficulty of this Event Dungeon to adjust the difficulty level!   If adjustments are made, additional notices will be posted. It might take some time so we ask you to be patient!   Thank you for your understanding!!   _____________________________________ [ Added on 2021/08/04]   Thank you for your patience! We have managed to adjust the difficulty level of the Event Dungeon! Yay! The cost that you can use has been increased!   There are more available costs, so it will be easy to challenge the Event Dungeon! To meet the new cost, please don’t forget to <<Log off and log in again>>!   Thank you!!      

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