GM Choco BIbi LV.22 GameManager
Jun 30, 2021, 11:41 AM 204 read

Problems regarding the ads due to an error from the advertisers!!! [Resolve]

◆ Notice

We have come as soon as possible to deliver the news! Many of you might have been surprised to see that the ads were not working correctly.   We have confirmed that there was a problem with our advertisers. Our advertisers have confirmed this issue and they're taking a look at it! This phenomenon happened in the advertising agency itself, so we also have to wait for them to resolve this issue😭   This phenomenon is happening not only with us, but everywhere that uses the same advertising agency. Don't panic if there is a similar phenomenon in other apps!   If there’s any new information, we will notify you immediately via an additional announcement! Please remember that we are always by your side! Don’t worry and enjoy your adventures!   Thank you   _________________________________   It's been fixed!  

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