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It’s time to enjoy Chapter 10 in Hard Mode! 😆! Reinforcement Update!

◆ Notice
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Notice - It’s time to enjoy Chapter 10 in Hard Mode! 😆! Reinforcement Update!   image 1

  Hello! We are back today with some news~!   We hope you are enjoying the Sky Garden! Today, we have come with some news regarding a new update! Our dev. team is once again working very hard to give you the best experience possible so please, give them your support!   We would like to remind you that, since we are coming very quick with update announcements, there might be some differences when the update finally comes~   <Time to enjoy Chapter 10 in Hard Mode!>   For all the users who have cleared Chapter 9! It’s time for you to challenge yourself with the Chapter 10 in Hard Mode! 😆   Of course, it’s going to be waaaaay harder than the normal mode!!!😤 We cannot wait to see if some of you manage to clear it in a day, like before! Have fun playing Chapter 10 in Hard Mode!     <Shall we increase Reinforcement?>   Don’t you want to reinforce your equipment even more?! In this update, the enhancement of legendary equipment items will be expanded to a maximum of 25! Not only does the maximum reinforcement level increase, but in the 15th round, the reinforcement stability section is added.   Equipment that has reached the 15th round will not fall below the 15th even if the upgrade fails! We hope you will then be able to strengthen your equipment with a little more peace of mind!   In addition, for the convenience of the Soulstone Dungeon, a Soulstone Dungeon Sweep Ticket will be added! Soulstone Dungeon Sweep Tickets are expected to be obtained through events, etc.!   The detailed schedule for this update will be announced in the “mid-June” maintenance notice! It's a very early guide, so there might be a few changes before the update! As the maximum equipment enhancement increases, we wanted to tell you as soon as possible!   Since we were able to inform you very, very early, of this good news, there might be a few slight changes by the time the update comes out. If there are any changes, please be assured that we will inform you through a notice!   Oh and by the way!! We have prepared a Special Login Reward this time too! We hope you’ll like it! Get Reinforce Seals x5 as a Login Reward!! _______________ 🎁 Login Event Period and Infos From June 6th 00:00 to June 6th 23:59 (Server Time)   During the event period, if you log into Lucid Adventure, you will receive a special reward in your mailbox!   ※ Event rewards can only be received once a login and play record are made during the period, and can only be received once per account. ※ Mail is kept for 30 days, so be sure to get your reward before that! ※ Please understand that the event content, schedule, and rewards may change due to the circumstances of the developer. _______________   That’s it for today! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our hotline!   Have a nice day with Lucid Adventure! Bye bye~~!!  

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