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May 13, 2021, 11:34 AM 407 read

🚧CONSTRUCTION SITE!🚧 The Sky Garden will get higher🌟!!

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Lucid Adventure: ◆ Notice -  🚧CONSTRUCTION SITE!🚧 The Sky Garden will get higher🌟!!  image 1

  🚧ONGOING CONSTRUCTION!!🚧 ** Mike test...1,2..1,2! **   Information regarding the Sky Garden. During the construction period, there will be maintenance. We ask for your cooperation while we do our best to ensure a smooth construction.   ** Mike drop **     Hello everyone!!!   We have come today with some awesome news about the Sky Garden!!! The Lucid Adventure Team is happy to announce that the Sky Garden will get higher!!   Check out the details down below!   <The Sky Garden will get higher!🛫>   We know that, after the Sky Garden reset, many of you are already reaching the last floors… Our team knows better than anyone how sad it is when you complete the Sky Garden soooo…   We’ve decided to make the Sky Garden go higher!!! It will now go up to the 155th floor~! The 156th floor will be composed of additional daily quests!   This time, only the sky garden extension is in progress, and the initialization will be done later!   Oh and! With this extension, there may be an increase in the new level of enchantment! The development team is still thinking very hard about it, so we will come back shortly! If you are going to use the Godlike Scrolls, please remember this too!   The detailed schedule for the Sky Garden extension will be announced in the maintenance notice next week!   As always, the dev team thanks you for your support and cooperation~!   As we try to share news as quickly as possible, there may be differences when applied in practice. If there is any change, we will provide detailed guidance immediately, so please do not worry!   If you have any suggestions or tips at any time, please feel free to email the 1:1 hotline!   Have a great day with Lucid Adventure!   Thank you~!  

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