GM Choco BIbi LV.22 GameManager
Apr 21, 2021, 10:42 AM 219 read

Banned Users for violating game policies (04/21)

◆ Notice

  The following restrictions are imposed on accounts that deliberately use dishonest methods or execute gameplay using system weaknesses.   Game accounts permanently banned: 7 accounts in total   ● These Users’ accounts will be permanently suspended starting on April, 21th 2021 (UTC+9). ※ Target users will not be able to access the game immediately after the notice is announced during the sanction period.   Through careful investigation, we are continuously confirming users who abuse the store's refund system, and we also strictly limit the play of the following actions.   ``` -Actions that may adversely affect the game -Actions that can damage other users -The act of playing in an unusual or illegal way -Using, producing, and selling illegal game-related programs and third-party software -Hacking the game or accessing without permission -Abuse of the refund system -Deliberately interfering with the provision of normal game services ``` Game use restrictions are imposed on actions that interfere with game operation and service, and game operators are at the discretion of the game operator in order to provide game services fairly and stably. Permanent use restrictions may apply.   Please do not inform the public online spaces such as the community, regardless of whether the contents are true or not, about illegal play, play using gaps in the game, or any suspicions, but immediately through the 1:1 hotline.   Our management team will continue to conduct scrutiny and promises to continue to create a comfortable and enjoyable gaming environment with quick and appropriate measures.   Thank you.  

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