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Apr 9, 2021, 10:25 AM 361 read

Announcement for iOS Users

◆ Notice
Lucid Adventure: ◆ Notice - Announcement for iOS Users  image 1

We have an issue to share with you guys. We hope we could get through this crisis together based on all of the love and support you guys have given us.   Have you ever seen personalized advertisements on Facebook or other games? You must have seen a lot of game advertisements.   Our company uses the same method by posting advertisements for our games in the other apps that you have downloaded before.   We do not know the identity of the targeted users for our advertisements as we are living in a generation where AI is bringing new users by posting ads!   These days, many advertising platforms such as Facebook post ads in other high trafficked apps to do the target marketing.   Apple recently launched a new policy. Starting with iOS 14.5 version, a pop-up window will appear asking users for permission to use tracking technologies. And this pop-up window needs to be applied in every application on the App Store.   We believe that consent for tracking apps is a great way to proceed! However, these pop-up windows can intimidate many of our users😫   Also, even if you want to search what this pop-up means, you won’t be able to use Safari or Google in this state, and you will be forced to choose one of the options before closing the pop-up window!   According to these reasons, we would like to inform you in advance.   As mentioned above, App Tracking is a method used to target advertising to each user using information obtained through tracking. This is not personal information, which is the reason why Apple is asking for additional permission.   The wording of their sentence can be misinterpreted as we are tracking your personal information, but we would like to remind you in advance that we are not asking for such consent.   Apple is a great advertising platform, but please support us so that a variety of advertisements, apps, and games can grow!   Don’t panic when the pop-up appears and hit the "‘Allow’" button.   If you press ‘Allow’, we will be able to attract new users to our game! Also, you can receive personalized advertisements when you play our games!   Our voice is not as powerful as Apple’s, but we hope this message is delivered to you in the right way. Please press the ‘Allow’ button so that small and indie games don't disappear and we can continue to be with our new users.   Thank You  

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