A question, I'm new I want to make my first awakening to my master swordman I have everything gems but I can't click the button of awakening why? I need lvl 60? And what you recommend to be my first awakening character

gamer700418887 gamer700418887
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How to Bind Account

Well, that's just it! How do I bind my account? My account is currently stuck on my tablet and I can't figure out how to move it to my phone.

How to Bind Account
Arima Jinsei Arima Jinsei
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How to build team for newplayer ?!!

Tổng hợp kiểu build team cho người chơi mới ( Tham khảo ). Đây là ý kiến cá nhân. Các bạn có thể bình luận phía dưới để thay đổi hoặc để thêm vào.

•Team 1: Evasion ( Đang rất hot )
>Master Swordsman, light ( Msm)
>Noname, blue
>1 deal : Choco bibi , Dark
>1 heal : Lime> Sua Han> Alpaca Man

•Team 2: Burn . Team late Red ( Dame rất nhiều )
>Heater Heater, red ( HH)
>Kim, red or Dacon blue
>Light, red
>1 heal

•Team 3: Bleed . Team late Light
( Giảm hồi máu, gây dame tốt )
>Schub, light
>Bamboo Speak Man, light ( BSM)
>Choco Bibi, Pooh Upooh, Dark light
>1 heal

•Team 4: Damage reduce. Team late blue ( giảm sát thương, thủ tốt )
>Sora, blue
>Lila, blue
>1 deal : Tempest, Constant, Oz&Goldy blue
>1 heal

Một số team cc ( dựa vào khống chế ), team thủ theo hệ ( dựa vào tank để build team ),... mấy team này tự build nhé

How to build team for newplayer ?!!
Legosi Sói  Hiếu
Legosi Sói Hiếu Legosi Sói Hiếu
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Pay to win

The road without a swipe of a credit card is a hard one but is possible. Don't give up.

Pay to win
On_My_Timbs On_My_Timbs
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Does the awakening of an A+ character get stronger if you add other A+ soulstones?

gamer122872033 gamer122872033
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Questions about characters.

Im fairly new to playing, just wondering what A+ characters are really good and what. haracters i should avoid putting on teams. Thanks.

Questions about characters.
gamer122872033 gamer122872033
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gamer483396672 gamer483396672
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Advanced tips to progress faster

Advanced tips to progress faster
HerrKader HerrKader
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Advice for f2p players [IGN: Qiyana]

1. Stack your premium tickets for banners
2. Join the Discord for a lot of help from experienced players
3. Always ask questions here if you are unsure
4. Look a reroll guide up. There is one on the Discord I think. It is important that you get the most out of a reroll.
5. Keep Godlike scrolls for later. Most of the time the normal scrolls are enough
6. Gear up if you get stuck!
7. SS a tank or Healer first.

Advice for f2p players [IGN: Qiyana]
Abdel (Blackstar00) Abdel (Blackstar00)
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[GodLoser] friendly advise

i know how tempting it's to spend those precious diamonds, but believe It when i say, If you keep them until big events come up or perhaps that chance up event for a awesome hero you need in your party vou won't regret It a bit ;)

[GodLoser] friendly advise
TheGodLoser TheGodLoser
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[Tyfury] event participating!

hi guys, here are a few wisdom bombs from me, especially when u just starting:
1. save up tickets and crystals for rate up gachas
2. buy promote stones from shops
3. reinforce and enchant equipments to progress further in story
4. join guild, make campefires for more stamina
5. take the game easy, and stay casual. enjoy!! hope this helpss

[Tyfury] event participating!
Tyfury Tyfury
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[Atheist] Tips for New Gamers

Hi guys so I'm gonna give you a few tips how to get more power or play better okay let's get started.
1. Save your diamonds because you can get free hero with events and in story mode they give A+ Ticket for free it's around chapter 4 I guess. You should use your diamonds to buy AP so you can level up faster and get stronger.
2. Always participate in events example Guild Raid event and contest like this.
3. Don't use your arena points save them and get 1000 and buy purple rings or amulet those items will improve your power.
4. Always make your AP empty like when you are going in vacation or school, job, or sleep use sweep if you are in a hurry.
5. Always buy promotion stone in the shop this will help you make your heroes stronger and don't use your promotion to heroes that below A grade save your promotion stone until you get A+ hero.
6. Try getting your heroes a proper gears/items example all equipment color blue try getting those in adventure and give it to your best heroes.
7. Last one make sure your heroes are arrange properly with this formation 1 tank / 1 deal / 1 mage or gunner/ and lastly support. If you are having hard time getting those try equip 3 tanks and 1 support when you are still lv7-10.
That's all thanks for reading guys bye.

[Atheist] Tips for New Gamers
Mostbest Mostbest
LV.6 Titan 3years


Username - Wonton46
It’s important to log in everyday and watch ads for rewards (if you’re f2p). You can get a lot of diamonds and gear from doing that. Also using sweep tickets and redoing past levels is an easy way to level up and get more gear and gold. Although I don’t do it as much as I should, you should definitely craft gear and make sure to upgrade relics.

Wonton463 Wonton463
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Basic Tips - Reroll

The best units for start are the A+ and on after the tutorial you will get, more or less, 6 tickets to summon.
If you can't get any A+, go to conf -> erase data. It's simple and you Don't need to download the game again.
All tudo process took 10 minutes to be done.

IGN: Amulako

Basic Tips - Reroll
Amulako Amulako
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Here is my contribution for the community !

- Enchantment are a % chance. You can get a high enchantment with an inferior scroll.
- Save your godly scrolls for silver or gold Tier 5 gear only. you can craft them quite fast if you play a lot as a F2P. you will be able around level 30.
- Godly scrolls make your gear part of a set that can allow you to get bonus if you have 3 or 5 same set gears. There is Destiny, Death, Combat, Heal and others sets available.

NiOuiNino NiOuiNino
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Advice from Snob by love_you

First & foremost, remember to have fun.
At times, luck will be on your side and other times, luck will leave you with nothing.

Now that that's out of the way. Let me tell you how to land on heads, roll sixes, and win within Lucid Adventure.

When you start playing, if you're willing to go the distance, you should do this one thing over and over again until you get it just right. You'll be able to roll for characters in-game within the pub. It's a gacha folks and that means you gotta start strong. Cause the only time you can beat luck is when you pick your cards, not when you play them. So, pick Aces, specifically pocket Aces. In-game lingo, roll the gacha to get A+ characters. I'd reccomend getting two when you start your account. Start over if you don't start off strong, it'll save you so much time later on. Try getting Lime, Drip Soup, Kim, or Bamboo for one of your A+ rolls. They're top tier characters within Lucid Adventure.

Afterwards, get onto playing the game! You'll go through the story of Hardcore Leveling Warrior as you do quests. Don't waste your time on grinding early stages. Grind for items once you see "Blue IV" equipment or when you get stuck on one of the stages. If you wanna level up quick, I reccomend buying extra AP. It costs 100 gems to buy 50 AP and you can do this 10 times everyday. Don't worry about spending gems, you'll get a lot as you play.

Save your craft materials for when you really need them. That is, if you can't get a drop from questing or when your crafted equipment is actually better than drops from quests (~lvl 30).

Make sure you join an active guild. You'll be able to recieve free gems and 150 AP everyday if you're in one and more!

Remember to play at your own pace as that's the way it's meant to be. I'll be seeing you in-game or more likely somewhere on here.

Life is just but one Lucid Adventure we go on,

Yours truly,

Guild: Poseidon

Advice from Snob by love_you
love_you love_you
LV.10 Fearless 3years

[IGN: AkunoLaw] - SoloLvIing - Guide on gears

Hi guys, I'm AkunoLaw from SoloLvIing guild. This's my 2nd tips/guide post, which will be more focus on a single topic.
My 1st post is random general tips can be found here:
INFORMATION/TIPS on gears: (all information are based on current game version)
- There're 5 level of gears: I, II, III, IV, V, except for accessories which stop at IV.
- There're 4 colors of gears, indicate the number of extra substat on each piece of gear. White = 0 substat, Green = 1 substat, Blue = 2 substat, Purple = 3 substat.
- There're 4 tier of gears, indicate by its name, affecting the number of base stat for a piece of gear. From weakest to strongest we have: Poor, Fine, Great, Superior
In summary:
- The best general piece of gear you can have now in game is:
Purple V Superior xxxxxxxxx
- The best accessory (ring and necklace) you can have is:
Purple IV Superior xxxxxxxxx
- Each level higher is roughly equal to +5 lower level gear (example: IV+5 = V+0)
- Dropped from main quest/maps: This is random and based on where you are in the main story. The drop list is clearly listed on each stage. The earliest stage you can get Purple gear (repeatable) is at stage 5 - 4.
- You can be lucky and get purple gears earlier than repeat 5-4 on any first stage clear from 5-1, however this shouldn't be anything significant.
- Crafting: You get material from Material dungeons and used in "craft" to craft gear. For each type of gear there're indication where to unlock, and which material from which dungeon you need for each specific type.
Purple gear can be crafted at tier V crafting, which recipes can be unlocked at stage 15-17 on first clearing Material dungeons.
- Accessories are slightly different from other pieces of gear. Currently up until Stage 6-7 I haven't yet seen purple accessory in any drop list. The only Purple accessories are level IV and can be purchased from Honor shop for 1000 Honor, or as reward of some Sky Garden stages. The quality of these pieces are randomized from Poor to Superior.
- Reinforcing increase base stat of gear. This emphasize the important of getting Great or Superior gear compare to Fine or Poor.
- Your gear equipped on heroes should be reinforced to at least +6, since there's no risk on failing beside some gold cost.
- Higher level of gears require more gold cost for each reinforce.
- From +7 and above failing will result in -1 gear reinforcement level, unless you use safe reinforce - costing Seals or Diamond.
- There're 4 tier of scrolls lowest to highest: White, Green, Blue, Purple
- Better quality scroll have better chance to result in high rolled stats, and more stats as well (1 to 3 stats randomly)
- Purple Scrolls are very important - it live up to the name Godlike Scroll, as they're the only way we can roll a "set" into any piece of gear. The "set" will be rerolled as well by applying another Purple Scroll, and will be removed on using any lower quality scroll on the respected piece of gear and keeping the new result.
- Some "slightly" confusing stats: KB stand for Knock Back. ATK/s is the new name for "APS" - attack speed.
Additional notes:
Gear slots provide same main stat, but their sub stat are different if they look different from each other. This will define character builds on later stage of the game.
This's too long already, so for me, the key things to remember here are:
- Any pieces of gear you use should be upgraded to at least +6
- Purple gear can be farmed from 5-4
- Purple gear recipes are unlocked on stage 15-17
- Purple scrolls are very valuable and is the only way to roll set bonus.

[IGN: AkunoLaw] - SoloLvIing - Guide on gears
AkunoLaw AkunoLaw
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Hardcore leveling tips ;) [IGN: Toguro]

Hi guys,
I am not neither f2p or p2w, so far spent probably couple 20 € total.
If u can spent a couple € in the game, u can always cool stuff and not spent much:
- lvl up pack 1-25
- blessed premium bundle
- diamond packs ( this one i am still saving since the first pack u buy u will get +1 CHOOSE WISELY )
Don got wild on the diamond draw thing, specially when there aren't any rate up ( like right now ) , rather save diamonds and spent for example couple 100 - 200 diamonds in getting more stamina to get more xp, the sooner u lvl up the better!
This is my contribution, for a new player, a couple of posts around here, and have basicly lots of tips for the game ;)
IGN: Toguro

Hardcore leveling tips ;) [IGN: Toguro]
Toguro Toguro
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Friendly neighborhood noob advice (IGN: xShiroe)

1: Re-roll for an A+ character. My recommendation would be for either a Healer or a Dmg dealer as the game already kindly gives us an A+ Sora tank. The game has a built in reset account button in the settings, so don’t go spending cash until you have a good re-roll!

2: Rather than using all your gems for summons, save them up for energy refills. The game is generous with summon tickets and they give you free summons daily.

3: If you need to scratch the gatcha itch, wait until there’s a chance up event, it doesn’t hurt to pray to RNJesus either ;)

4: Your gear will usually dictate whether a stage is a cakewalk or a nightmare. As nice as an all SS team is, grinding for decent gear can make or break your team.

5: Once you complete a stage and receive the stage reward, you can go back and beat that stage to unlock the repeat function for that stage. This is helpful for grinding gear as it lets you use skip tickets to automatically get rewards and xp.

6: Complete your daily quests, the rewards are really good! Not only does doing your dailies reward you but it also helps you familiarize yourself with the game and the different modes.

7: Do not, and I mean DO NOT let your energy and entry tickets to dungeons sit. Not only will it stifle your progress but it also isn’t a productive means of leveling up quickly.

Friendly neighborhood noob advice (IGN: xShiroe)
xShiroe xShiroe
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ReView hero

B tier: Radish Kimchi.
* Note:
- Alot player skip him because they got stronger hero but gonna usefull for some hell luck player like me.
- later if you have Dark, you could replace him or rotate if one of two got banned.
+ Easy to get, reinforce and promotion.
+ Base damage at an avergave in B tier.
+ Quick Recall Skills.
+ Debuff Reduces armor. ( not many heroes with this skill)
+ Usefull for climbing sky.
+ He is B tier. This is the biggest problem. you get A you dump him and making kimchi sad, whyy.
+ Useless in pvp.
+ Skill 2 is single-target.
+ except sky and before 3-5, he pretty much crappy
- Skill 1: Warcry.
Reducing damage taken by 12%
(as a dealer but however could be tanking, so he could contributed alot of dps even tho you builded him as tank)
- Skill 2 : Bone Crush.
Reducing enemy defense by 10% for 5s
(very useful when fighting boss or beating tank, can be combined with hero with a high-damage skill to one shot or rape some enemy).
*Thats all what i got now, im too lazy, tell me if im wrong or need to add something.
Nuke team: OZ,Light,KimChi(Dark),Dacon

ReView hero
WeeBo WeeBo
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Friendly tips for beginners


1. Don't level up characters wantonly, just do so with those you really will use. Gold is a scarce resource, it goes by really fast when reinforcing your gears/equipments.

2. Save your enchantment scrolls for epic and rare equipments, you may need many tries before getting a nice roll.

3. Save your reinforce seals for rare and epic equipments, rare and normal just ain't worth reinforcing.

4. Take your time and participate on campfires your guildmates lit up, it only takes 1min30s for each try.
You get 5 ap each time you join a campfire,you will need as much as possible. Food is love ❤

5. Try to save your diamonds as much as possible for rate up events. The higher the grade of the summon you get, the more soul stones you receive.

Now, have nice lucid adventures.
Enjoy and have fun,

HolyMint out~

Friendly tips for beginners
HolyMint HolyMint
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[IGN: AkunoLaw] - SoloLvIing tips

Hi guys, I'm AkunoLaw and I've been playing this game since its first day of global release. There's quite a lot of tips and tricks for everyone, however in this particular guide I'll just mention some tips that i think isn't obvious or mainstream and/or mentioned by others. Hope this help some of you guys.
This will be quite long as I'm trying to explain things and I'm not that good with it, so please bear with me.
I'm not a total free to play player, but not a heavy casher as well. However my gacha luck compare to my friends have been quite ridiculous, so my progression might be a bit faster than average players. Like most of you I'm new to this game as well, this's just sharing from my experience, so please be gentle if i said something wrong and let me know to correct it :D.
Long intro finally over, here're the tips
As many gacha, this game is reroll oriented at the start. Lucid Adventure is actually extremely reroll friendly with a built in reroll button, so take advantage of it for a strong start.
Basic Hero Class roles:
- Tank: Your frontline, very very important for PVE. My favorite pick is Drip Soup and Heriach. Sword and Fist tankers seems to be more semi dps oriented
- Spear: VERY HEAVY AOE DMG DEALER - mid range. Both Bamboo Spearman and Secretary Kim are extremely strong and can carry your team quite far, I would personally recommend these 2 Spear as top priority for rerolling
- Sword dealer: Kind of hybrid between Spear and Sword tank, do quite good dmg, can be early carrier. Best I've seen so far would be HLW himself.
- Dagger: Heavy dmg dealer, more single target oriented compare to Spear. My favourite is No Name.
- Healer: Well, they heal people, very straight forward. I don't think they should be reroll priority, however they're definitely important and you will need to get them later. Lime seems to be popular with good heal, debuff cleanse and attack buff.
- Ranger: Long range dmg dealer, normal skill often target furthest targets (which are healers - mages). I personally don't think they should be your priority, as they're far less good in PVE compare to spear.
- Mage: Seems to have very OP effects once they're awakened, however i dont think their early game is as strong. They're ok to keep for a reroll if you're lazy, since they're AOE DPS as well, but definitely not as good as Spear.
LONG STORY SHORT ON REROLLING: look for Spears, they're very good now :)
- Buy maximum AP - AP equals level, which help you advance in power, unlock features, farm for gears... etc. AP is king imo.
- Buy all the promotion stone you can from froggy shop and honor shop
- Don't summon with diamond after having 3 A+ heroes and a healer (which can even be B rank Halla at early stage, works just fine). Save diamond for the purchases above.
- AP and any other kind of challenge tickets are generated overtime, so you want to use them as quickly as possible and don't let them be full at anytime, which translate to inefficiency.
- You may or may not noticed this, but the amount of EXP is fixed PER AP, so regardless of the content you spend AP on, you'll get the same amount of EXP. This means being stuck at any point in content progression won't push you hard. Do not feel bad about autoing or sweeping an earlier stage to farm gear, or simply just to get rid of unused AP when you're too busy with something else.
- Check side quest on previous maps for extra reward, they're often easier content to help you power up a bit before continue with main quest anyway.
- THINK HARD before Promoting any hero since it's not reversable, as promotion stone is a limited resources and very very highly demanded in this game. Look up whatever sources you can, read the A+ hero skills you just summoned before investing on them. Also, try to balance out your team to spread out to as many classes/weapons as possible, this help with tower climbing where certain classes are banned each floor.
- Join a guild and check camp fire regularly, it's a great source of additional AP, which is the most valuable limited resource now, at least for me :D
- If you plan to spend some money, Premium Pass and Monthly diamond pack seems to be highest value.
- Normally your Premium Summons yield 3 B rank heroes you don't need, you should leave them there unclaimed to get 30 diamond rebate once you click your next summon. However Normal Summon doesn't seems to have any similar mechanic, so just claim every single heroes from D to A+ rank from your Normal Summons. And yes, there's a chance to get A+ on normal summon in case you didn't know, i got 1 xD. Low rank heroes are good for collection anyway :)
- Whenever NightMare mission show up, they actually show up in multiple instances. Zoom out your map and check to see the highest stage, which equals highest reward.
- Once you establish your base team, identify the carrier who will stick with your team long term and invest on them first (including promotion, soul purchase from shop, awakening...)
- Upgrade gear to +6 is very benefitial to your progression, and doesn't anything more than a bit of gold, so anytime you're stuck, check your gear, upgrade them, see what piece need to be upgraded and target farm them. Each tier higher is very significant.
That's much longer than i thought,THANKS EVERYONE for the extreme patient reading until this point. Those tips helped me and my friends out for the last couple days playing the game, hope they're helpful to you as well.
P/s: My guild SoloLvIing is recruiting try hards, please check out this thread if you're interested:

[IGN: AkunoLaw] - SoloLvIing tips
AkunoLaw AkunoLaw
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Tips for New Gamers

Hi, so in the time i spend playing this game i learned quite a few things. Here are a few tips I'd like to share.

1. Clear sub missions whenever you can since they give a good amount of exp (which is super important) and the first clear reward is great too.

2. Reinforce your equipment at least 3 times (even if the equipment itself isn't that great) as it is a 100% success rate for the first 3 times and it doesn't cost much gold at all.

3. Watch ads whenever you can not only to collect the free reward but also to collect stamps which will eventually lead to a very nice reward.

4. If you have joined a guild, remember to use a campfire to get 30 diamonds for free as well as join your guildmate's campfire to get 5 AP for free.

5. Do not bother crafting tier 1 equipment as you can get better ones for free just from doing the adventure and it's better to save the resources to at least craft tier 2 equipment.

These are some tips that I hope you will find to be useful. Thank you for reading :)

ign: NatOP

Tips for New Gamers
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Tips for newgamer

Tank : heal and re.dame
Drager : eva and sp.dame
Ranger : sp.dame, atk, %crit dame, dame crit.
Magic : like ranger
Buff heal : atk and sp.dame
Buff dame : sp.dame and heal
What KDe and KDc
Ig: Nữ Thần
Acct number : CYAH39Y

Tips for newgamer
Legosi Sói  Hiếu
Legosi Sói Hiếu Legosi Sói Hiếu
LV.7 Wolf 3years

Tips for new gamers. IGN: PKKHaseo

Here are some tips for new gamer. I hope these tips will help you in any way

1. Use your diamonds wisely
Don't use your precious diamonds to pull characters. Save it up for materials and energy

2. How to use your free premium tickets
Svae up your free tickets on events/banners. You have a higher chance to pull your targeted characters.

3. Sweep tickets
Avoid using sweep tickets at the beginning of your journey. Save it up once you can farm grade IV equipment and above

4. Use your Challenge tickets
Arena, material and tower tickets are capped at 20 tickets. You need to use it since it will not refill higher than 10 tickets

5. Guild
Take note on your campfire activation for your guild as you can get free diamonds. Don't forget to participate in your guildmate's campfire too as you can participate 30 times daily.

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Tips for new gamers. IGN: PKKHaseo
PKKHaseo PKKHaseo
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Tips used by Korean server ranker[세종대왕]

First of all, write a letter with a translator and understand if the sentence is weird.

1. What is reset?
When the Duquille is over, they will give 1,100 DIA and two premium pick-up tickets, which are repeated until the desired A+ hero is found in the pub.
As the recommended character, I recommend selecting a dealer or a lime or SuaHan if not.

2. What is equipment?
Equipment has the greatest impact on combat power in this game.
When arriving in Chapter 6 or Chapter 7, purple equipment will be fielded. Before purple equipment, it is recommended to strengthen the equipment up to the 6th and purple equipment up to the 10th.

3. What is guild?
Guild is also important.
If you attend the class and open the campfire, you will get DIA, and if you participate in another person's campfire, you will sometimes get another one for the AP5.
And you can buy soul or promotion seats through Guild Tidal War.

4. What is magic?
Witching equipment is also essential.
This task varies from hero position to hero position, generally the tank uses a reduction in damage, and hillers and dealers use an attack option.
And while each character has different preferred set options, the tank usually uses blessing or fate, the dealer uses death or combat, and the healer uses fate.

5. Hero promotion
Please don't get promoted below grade A.
I take 800 seats when I wake up, but it's really hard to collect 800.
I think that a promotion seat is the most important good, and it should be used very carefully.

6. Where DIA is used
DIA will sell 10 elevator seats for 300 DIA at the store, so if you see them, you can buy them.
And this is an option, but you can buy the AP 100 times a day, 10 times a day, and you'd better buy this.
Because I can get equipment quickly and can do level up faster

7. Recommending a combination
(1) Heriach, Secretary Kim, Rigos, Lime
(2) Heriach, Secretary Kim, ChocoBibi(Awakening), Lime

(1) Sora, No name, OZ, SuaHan or Lime
(2) Sora, No name, ChocoBibi(Awakening), SuaHan or Lime
(3) Sora, No name, Constant, SuaHan or Lime

(1) DripSoup, Spearman, ChocoBibi(Awakning), Lime
(2) DripSoup, Spearman, Dark, Lime

If you have any questions, you can ask.

Finally, my Korean server ranking.

Tips used by Korean server ranker[세종대왕] +1
Tips used by Korean server ranker[세종대왕]
세종대왕 세종대왕
LV.2 Lurker 3years

IGN: hclwRyo, tips for new players

I have only one tip that is find a guild. It's better playing in group than playing alone

IGN: hclwRyo, tips for new players
Lưu Đức Toàn Lưu Đức Toàn
LV.5 Lurker 3years

Tips (with pictures) IGN: Rigster

IGN: Rigster
1. Use your stamina all the time,level is important on this game.

I say this because your level equivalents to the max level your heroes can be.

2. Even if you think your going to lose keep going to sky garden, the stage gets easier the more you die, the gain a debuff.

3. Always do the material dungeons. Why? Because this

Can turn into this .

4. Do arenas too even if you keep losing you still get honor points.
Even if your not in the rankings you still get this at monday seever time.

And sometimes honor shop sells promote stones

5. Lime is a good healer (50$)

6. Do daily missions everyday.

7. Tribute from Dark's village caps at 24 hours

8. Be careful when your going to use your promote stones. (promoting will boost alot of cp)
8.a. You can extract unwanted A+ souls into soul essence
8.b. You can use soul essence to buy A+ souls that you want/need

9. Enchant your good gears with good scrolls because like what i showed with the picture a while ago , items gives alot of cp and stats.

10. Froggy's shop: its worth buying the gold items from inside, mostly materials for crafting. When u reach level 30 you will unlock ego sword he eats rare or higher grade equips you dont need.

joining a guild will help you alot, campfire system(free 150 stamina [max]) + stats buffs
Use money to be stronger :)

Tips (with pictures)   IGN: Rigster   +5
Tips (with pictures) IGN: Rigster
Rigster Rigster
LV.3 Lurker 3years

9 Tips to not regret your decision [Hetero]

Hi everyone,
So I've been playing mobile games a lot, and I would like to share some of my insight to boost your gaming experience playing Lucid Adventure :)
Without further a do, here are some tips:
1. Don't use your diamond for summon. if you open this forum you will notice there's a "Chance Up Event" page even though its empty right now. It's just my assumption but I expect there will be event where you can summon specific character with higher chance during limited period, this is where you should splurge (spend as much as possible) your diamond on summoning.
2. Don't let any type of energy/tickets full! this include Mat dungeon, Arena, AP (Meat), etc. because when its not full it will start timer to refill it back!
3. Save sweep ticket if you can! as I explained the importance of keeping energies below maximum, you should only use sweep ticket when you really don't have time to play! Try to use the auto repeat function on cleared stage if you are grinding for specific equipment!
4. Watch Ads for free reward, especially since you'll get stamp for watching Ads, when you get 24 stamps you'll receive additional 500 diamonds! why not right?
5. Join/Create guild ASAP! not only you can start accumulating contribution point, you can make campfire for free AP and diamonds
5.1 Join guild that kicks inactive players every 3 days! very very very important to keep your guild alive!
6. Buy green and blue background materials from shop, do not even bother buying grey background (because they can only be used to make tier 1 and 2 equipment), as you will start getting lvl 3 equipment in your 2nd day playing.
7. Spending gold on shop is not a bad idea, but make sure to keep enough gold to level up 5 character twice! (say your account is currently lvl 14 and you need 2k to level up character from lvl 14 to 15, keep at least 2k x 5 x 2 = 10k). There's a mathematical reasoning for the numbers but its too long to explain and I'm tired after writing so much :P
8. Focus on raising small number of heroes so you can spend more gold and focus enchant scrolls on their equipment (don't worry too much about sky garden, the boss power is reduced by 1.2% every failed attempt, so don't panic when your main characters are locked out)
9. Don't forget to login to grab your AD mail in the morning and evening!
There goes some of my tips if you guys like it I can post some advice on gem spending, or relic, or souls as well :)
Have a great day!

9 Tips to not regret your decision [Hetero]
Hetero Hetero
LV.2 Lurker 3years

IGN - Zadehl

1. Watch videos in shop for a free daily bonus box.
2. Always play with good connection so you don't lose ap.
3. Contribute to guild.
4. Reinforce gear and level up characters regularly.

IGN - Zadehl
Zadehl Zadehl
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Tips for to be hardicore leveling warrior

IGN : Seva
GUILD : Darkland

Hai its me seva, here some tips for you :

- dont forget to login for every single day and you will get A+ card hero

- please watch ad on this game and you will be rewaed for 500 diamond

- use your diamond for pull & beer for looking good hero

- if you get same hero after spend diamond to grt hero, choose that hero that you already have to get promotion stone for strength your hero

- buy some cheap item if you can it help you so much

- use auto ticket to grinding item

- focus to build 4 hero

- choose that hero have personal atrribute. It have amazing skill

- join guild

- complete daily mision tonget free gacha

- upgrade your item minimum to +6

Tips for to be hardicore leveling warrior
MichaelSeva MichaelSeva
LV.15 Be my Mootentine ❤️ 3years

IGN: Hys3 - Rando Tipsy (Tips for new gamers)

1. Especially for beginners, DONT BE AFRAID TO SPEND YR GEMS!!!
You should spend yr gems to hire better heros, since it is unlikely you need to buy materials with your gems in early game. Also like what many people mentioned, if the 3 heros shown isnt good/what you want, Dont choose any of them, cause you can get 10% refund if you dont choose, increasing you chance of drawing A+ later on.
But remember, DONT SPEND ALL YOUR GEMS. There will be Chance up event real soon (Prob this or next month, hopefully). You only need to get 2 A+ and a few A heroes for early game.

2. CONTRIBUTE to yr Guild
(Thou this doesnt directly affect you at first) You should light your campfire as much as possible after you join a guild, (and also participate in others' campfire). The goal is to have guildmembers to build up this habit since you get contribution pts that you can spend later, and if you participate in others' campfire you also get AP (you need this for campaigns, its that meat drumstick thingy).

This especially applies to those who are not on the game 24/7. You always want to finish using your tickets (Under Challenge, which is beside campaign). The tickets take a long time to refill, and the rewards you get for playing are also useful/valuable. If you do not finish using, you will lose out on tickets that couldnt be collected because you hit the max number of tickets.

The equipment system seems to still be a bit cookoo (yes GMs, 2 eq: one with 20 atk, another with 19 atk plus effect of 20 atk, auto equip will choose the first eq even though its not as good). So you need to sometimes check the eq to see if the best is being used. Also, Arena has 2 teams, an ATK & DEF team. Remember to check if you updated both to your best team, else you are going to lose scores because yr DEF team still has 4 B-class heroes at low lvl (Speaking from experience).

5. UPGRADE equipments
You can enchant and reinforce equipments, so do that. Its a good way to improve yr team slightly if you find yrself stuck at a lvl and the boss is just a few hp from death. Pretty self-explanatory here.

6. Watch Videos for FREEBIES
In the home page, sometimes there are chest (bottom left of screen). You have to watch a video to get something. Same for the chest that appear in your mail. After watching 24 videos, you can get a prize!! Plus you're supporting the devs so win-win.

7. HAVE FUN!!!

IGN: Hys3 - Rando Tipsy (Tips for new gamers)
Hys3 Hys3
LV.3 Lurker 3years

For the newbies [HitmanLW]

1. Buy everything from the shop(with gold obv.)
1.1 Also you can buy resources for diamonds, since you get diamonds a lot
2. Always watch ads for everything. This is super helpful.
3. Sweep stages with good items
4. Spend all of your tickets for daily events
5. (OPT.) Farm arena for achievements and honor shop
6. Enchant and reinforce your weapons, since gold is easy to get
7. Buying premium for diamonds is OK if you don't want to wait, but think twice before that.
8. Join campfires in the guild(And join my guild, HCLeveling ;) ) and start your own for diamonds and AP
That's it. Good luck in the game! It's pretty good

For the newbies [HitmanLW]
Hitmanbw Hitmanbw
LV.11 Fearless 3years

F2P Tips and Tricks IGN:Datathief

1.If you are F2P first thing you must do its Reroll, starting the game with at least 1 A+ will not only make it more enjoyable it will be easier for you as stages get harder ( to reroll go to setting bottom right there is the reset account option) chose if you want to go for a unit you like or if you want a good units to help you push ahead , a unit like Lime healing you will make all the difference
2.Free Energy
--Join a guild, campfires give extra energy for you and your guildmates
-- Log in when the Energy event is on and remember that you may have to relog to get the free 50 energy ( event happens 2 time a day)
3.A units are not trash , game works with skill and element synergys in mind so some A rank units when ranked up could make for a better team composition than some random A+
4.Watch the ads for extra rewards
- try to fill all the gear slot in your main team each piece when reinforced will add a couple thousand CP(combat power) points to your team and in turn help you clear more stages
-Each map have different kind of drops but all give the same EXP aside so go for those map with the gear that you need even if they are not the latest stage you are on.

F2P Tips and Tricks IGN:Datathief
Datathief Datathief
LV.2 Lurker 3years

New players tips. IGN: Kader

🔹 All the tickets inside "Challenge" refill.
Reach level 5 and use at least 1 ticket. Always have the clock ticking.
🔹 In the main screen, a treasure spawn randomly, left side. Tap it for rewards (6 per day).
🔹 Equip a support hero at level 10.
🔹 If you are F2P, don't spend gems for stamina or tickets. Spend in the premium pull option (300 gems.
IGN: Kader
Guild: Instakill

New players tips. IGN: Kader
HerrKader HerrKader
LV.5 Lurker 3years

best combination for top user

heri security?kim ligos lime

is best combination

best combination for top user
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Leveling up when you can't beat the next stage.

Hi there. When I just started out -I'm still kind of new- I was stuck because the next stage was too hard and i just kept dying. I later found out that you can go back to the easier stages and complete those to level up because they give the same amount of exp. Another tip is to not underestimate the difficulty of the levels. I did and I wasted lots of resources but the skill gap was too much. Try to level up your characters before trying again if you barely won the last challenge.

Leveling up when you can't beat the next stage.
Amimi Amimi
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Make sure to use gems for AP

Hello everyone! Shonga's personal tip on how to progress quickly is use gems on refreshing AP [energy] allows quicker progression! Thank you for reading!

[ign- Shonga]

Make sure to use gems for AP
Shonga Shonga
LV.6 Thankful! 3years

New Gamer Tips ( Usermame: Soulblue )

1.- Improve your weapons and armor, minimum to level 5
2.-Try to have a diverse team (tank, sup, deal and healer)
3.-Do not use all your diamonds in character invocation
4.-Try to spend all your stamina and pvp tickets before closing the app
5.-Join any guild as soon as possible
Enjoy the game

New Gamer Tips ( Usermame: Soulblue )
Kaneki Uchiha
Kaneki Uchiha Kaneki Uchiha
LV.3 Monster 3years

A tip from: Dark Luc

Always make sure your heroes are at the same lvl as your account. Also gear them up, sweep some stages for gear if you don't have enough. ^_^

Dark Luc

A tip from: Dark Luc
Darker Lucas Darker Lucas
LV.2 Lurker 3years

IGN: Existed - honest good tips

Dont pulls, use gems for stamina and tickets, area, etc.
Keep progressing in story mode, you will get free A+ hero
For beginner, use B lvl heroes with upgraded skills is better than A+

IGN: Existed - honest good tips
Jay Do
Jay Do Jay Do
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Tips from a noob

IGN: Leiro

1. always use free premium recruit and normal recruit
2. join active guild and join campsite
3. push for exp than premium recruit

Tips from a noob
Leiro Leiro
LV.3 Lurker 3years

Awesome New Gamer Tip from Enđ

IGN: Enđ

1. Level your favorite heroes as soon as you level up so you be strong to take the nxt stage.
2. Heroes Promotion! You will ear this item by summoning heroes so if you have enough 300 diamonds hit your luck.
3. Join Guild ASAP and always Join CampFire it will help you and your guildmates.

Make your own unique party build and be awesome 😉

Awesome New Gamer Tip from Enđ
Enđ Enđ
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Enchanting gear (Username- Tsucchi)

remember to enchant your gear to strengthen your party

Enchanting gear (Username- Tsucchi)
AznTimmy123 AznTimmy123
LV.2 Lurker 3years

[DrDerpy] Tips for New Gamers

I found it to be most effective to use diamonds for summons, as I was able to get a A/A/A+/S team before reaching the Combat Stage part of the main chapter. Also, don't bother trying to "save up" enterance tickets for garden/pvp/etc, as you regain them fairly quickly (although it still pales in comparison to the speed at which you gain energy)

[DrDerpy] Tips for New Gamers
DrDerpy DrDerpy
LV.2 Lurker 3years

a tip from Elf

please carefully look at the skills especially the tankers and healers. there will be some extraordinary synergy with same types. ex sora has a buff options when using with destiny character!! enjoy LA☆

a tip from Elf
gamer194575461 gamer194575461
LV.3 Lurker 3years

Tips for Newbies - IGN: Rogue

Try to use Heroes that have the same Element for extra DMG/Heal Buffs

Tips for Newbies - IGN: Rogue
Kiragami Kiragami
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Tips from IGN: Dyn.

Make sure that any type of energy/ticket is never full.
Join a guild ASAP.
Watch ADs for extra stamps.
Don't use your gems for AP.
have fun~

Tips from IGN: Dyn.

Tips for starting off. IGN [Kurome]

Hey everyone! Here's a small tip for those who just picked up the game and are not sure if they're happy with their units. We all know what rerolling is right? If not, it's basically resetting your game to have another chance at pulling better characters, in this game you can easily do this by going to settings and pressing reset account!(The best part is you don't have to choose a new name, you get to keep the one you came up with) So it is recommended for everyone to try and pull at least one of the A+ characters, healers like lime and alpaca seem to be very popular and very helpuful for teams, anyways good luck!

Tips for starting off. IGN [Kurome]
Kurome Kurome
LV.2 Lifeline Main 3years