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Jan 22, 2021, 10:16 AM 196 read

Battle Field (Ranking event)

Know-how S1, END

Good day! Some of you wants to know the specifics about this event, here's a simple explanation about the Battlefield ranking event. Image shows EXHIBIT 1 and 2.

ATK CHALLENGER: Know-how S1, END - Battle Field (Ranking event) image 2

EXHIBIT 1. Shows here the duration of the event for which is until(January 21, 2021 to January 22, 2021 23:59:59) only. EXHIBIT 2. Shows here the start time of the event, which is 23:00 (11PM ) until 23:30 (11:30) UTC+9 (Korean time) So, if youre using GMT+8 (Manila time) like me, the start of the event would be 10PM until 10:30PM. This is the only time that you can kill your opponents and get some points for the ranking. After the event, rewards will be sent via in game mailbox. Hope this removes the confusion about the Battlefield ranking event. Love and Respect, choko

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