×INTERVIEW× With some of our ATK Warriors

Happy monday everyone!

Hope you guys had a nice weekend! 😊

KingAnos here from s231, and I'm about to share to y'all the insights of some of our players about the game.

Disclaimer: I've narrowed down all the comments and suggestions and decided to exclude other responses that are just the same with the feedbacks of these 3 players we're going to feature on this article.

1. "Cheerful" - as he calls himself, Our Patriarch in the family, rank #1 in our server.

You know, I like this guy so much 😉

Q1: How to be number 1?

Pretty straight forward, he's a spender himself and there's nothing wrong about it. He loves the game and supports the game.

And yeah, He's got level 13 Immortals cool aye?

Q2: How can we improve the game?

2. Slayer of S232

Some players have raised the same thing, and I myself look forward to q solution, if possible.

3. choko of S246

It used to happen before but I think it has already been fixed with last update cause I do not experience this anymore.

And that sums up our interview!

We'll wait for the response of our GM's and Dev's.

Thank you everyone for the love and support to the game.

Take it easy and enjoy the game, see you next time! 😉

/KingAnos S231

×INTERVIEW×  With some of our ATK Warriors +5
×INTERVIEW× With some of our ATK Warriors
KingAnos KingAnos
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How sick can your x999 ‘‘Black Dragon Stones” gets you? 😎 -choko S246

Good day gamers!

Choko here for another stats twitching session~

(And let us not forget to thank GM ATK who made my content possible by providing the materials. More power to your generousity GM ATK and to all the people behind this awesome game.)

My content for this week is about the Black Dragon Stone and we are going to burn x999 to get an awesome stats. 😏

So let‘s begin by tapping the “Equipment” icon then “Enhance” icon as shown in the pic below.

Next step is tapping the “Replace” icon.

As you can see, I am already on my stage 3 replacement and it already provides me bonus stats.

Now, lets skip burning stones and I will show you the stages and the bonuses that I got from it.

Pictures below are the bonus stats from each stages.

And if you think that would be all, check out each of the items that we have replaced until stage 7 replacement.

PS. bonus stats are based on what grade/stars you are using, so it will rise if you will switch to a higher tier/grade equipment.

Pretty sick, right? 😏

So since I burned out all my stones and showed you my new collections. choko here will now play the game.🙃

Happy gaming to everyone!
-choko s246

How sick can your x999 ‘‘Black Dragon Stones” gets you? 😎  -choko S246 +17
How sick can your x999 ‘‘Black Dragon Stones” gets you? 😎 -choko S246
choko™ choko™
LV.21 Elite Four 2years

Q & A

Good morning fellas!

KingAnos here just passing by,

Who else is having issues with the image/icons of some items in the game?

Q & A
Q & A
KingAnos KingAnos
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Opening 10 ticket boxes (Mall item) with Reporter choko 🤞😂

Good day Gamers!

Reporter choko here, reporting for my 2nd week's content.

Today I will open 10 ticket box and I will show you all the items under my exchange list. 🤙

*You can find and buy this limited time Ticket box in mall which will provide you random tickets up to x1, x3 and x5.

Shoutout to our very own (GM ATK) who made my content possible and to the whole ATK Challenger team.

Lets start and skip to opening the boxes since my phone can't support screen recordings. 😅

With the picture below, I am now done opening the 10 Ticket Boxes and I got x18 tickets, which we will exchange for awesome event items. 😍

This time we will exchange the tickets to shopping bags, for which 1 ticket is equivalent to 5 blue shopping bags.

The picture below shows that I got 90 shopping bags + the 10 bags that I farm/d for 2days. 🙂

Also, we will be needing designer bags for much awesome items which is "Game Tittles".

"Designer bag" ia equivalent to 3 "Shopping bags" and 2 "Suit stones".

This time I am planning to get 2 Game title which is "Love and Respect" and "Animal Kingdom".

"Love and Respect" = 13 Shopping Bags and 7 Designer Shopping bags.

"Animal Kingdom" = 13 Shopping bags and 7 Designer bags.

I also got the x30 beach swimwear shards and x30 Abyss Whale shards.

x30 Beach swimwear shards = 12 shopping bags
x30 Abyss Whale shards = 12 shopping bags

So I got a total of 2 Game Tittles, 1 Fashion and 1 ride fashion for 10 ticket boxes and I still have 11 shopping bags to spend, pretty awesome, right!? 😎

There are more awesome items to exhange in the event, though I am almost out of materials.😅

Happy Holidays Gamers, see you next week!!

Love and Respect,

Opening 10 ticket boxes (Mall item) with Reporter choko 🤞😂 +14
Opening 10 ticket boxes (Mall item) with Reporter choko 🤞😂
choko™ choko™
LV.21 Elite Four 2years

Something Important

Hey Friends, Love here.

I am leaving the gaming field from Now. So, you will not see me online. I won't be there. But I don't mean I'm quitting, I will come back someday, Cus Gamers Don't Quit, We Simply Restart.

Well to GM,

Sorry for quitting at the middle Of Reporter S2.
I wish you can give my weekly Reporter ingots shared to choko and KingAnos. Thank you for being friendly.

Well, Have A Good Life Friends. Take Care.

With Love,
Love. 💕

Uninstalling Moot...

Something Important
Something Important
^Love^ ^Love^
LV.19 Rare Candy 2years

Damager's guide by choko (Suit Enhancement)

Good day Lords!

Reporter choko here, and I am here to share one of the few keys to get awesome damage within the game.

I have picked the "Suit Enhancement" for my 1st weekly report as a Season2 ATK Reporter, since it will greatly boost your attack damage in the game.

Materials needed:

"Suit Stone"
"Suit Enhancement Stone"

*Shout Out* to our GM ATK, who made this possible by providing me the materials needed for my walkthrough. 🤙

Now lets start!!

Step 1. Find and tap the "equipment" icon and tap "suit" icon above the submenu.

Step 2. For step 2, I have decided to get the 6 bonus attributes that you can get by forging 6 equipment slots.

(By the way I am already on Stage 4, so you will be needing 40 "Suit Stone" to activate each slot.)

* If you will notice, I already activated the 2 attribute bonus on the left side by forging two slots, which is HP +37,800.

On this picture, I am now done forging all the 6 equipment slots and 6 bonus attributes has been activated as well.


Now since Stage 4 forging has been completed it is time to "strengthen" all the equipments that we have forged.

For "Strengten" part we will be needing:

40pcs Suit Stone
40pcs Suit Enhancement Stone

That would be per slot, so we can get all 6 bonus attributes.

On this picture below, you will see that I already strenghten all the equipments and bonuses has been activated.

Thats a total of 113,400 Attack damage added on your stats + the other bonus stats including the 5,400 attack damage by getting the "forging" bonus stats. 😎

The picture below will show you the attack damage difference before and after getting the stage 4 suit enhancement.



I hope this guide will help your journey to get cool attack damage in the game.

Stay tuned for more "Damager's guide" that I will post weekly.

See you next week! Happy gaming!


Damager's guide by choko (Suit Enhancement) +8
Damager's guide by choko (Suit Enhancement)
choko™ choko™
LV.21 Elite Four 2years


Greetings to my fellow Warriors!
~KingAnos from S231

I hope everyone is doing good 😊

I actually just wrote a long article about these tips and tricks thing then suddenly the moot app closed itself and yeah I had to re-open it and lost everything HAHA!

Not so good intro eh? 😂

Anyway, bear with me as I try to re-write and summarize all the thoughts I have gathered for 1 hour earlier.

Aheem ( clears throat )

*TIPS and Tricks and Guide, bow*


We already know what is this place for and what are the benefits that we would get from spending time in here so we won't go that way, not that much I should say..

For the sake of the new warriors, this is the place where you can get all the resources you need for your game character's advancement and where you can gain experience to level up in the game.

Here's what you will get in here:
*2 star equipment, amethysts, b. Ingots, gold and items for drop festival exchange event.

So for newbies, finish all the missions, bosses, daily tasks, weekly events and spend time in trial land for your resources, to level up that's the fastest way to become stronger.

Moving on quickly to..

Suit stone, Suit enhacement stone, Suit calling spirits stone are vital items needed in forging your gears/suit to have awesome bonus character's attributes.
The fastest way in increasing your CP, especially if you are an F2P player.

Some are having difficulties in maximizing the number of times we can exchange for these stones right? Like 10x for each kind per day..

So one thing that would help you in getting enough items for drop festival is finding it elsewhere aside from trial land. You need to find the perfect spot.

As for me this place works,
Peach blossom ridge, with the Demon tribe ordinary people.

The drops here unlike in Trial Land would be pure items for Drop Festival. 😊

The only downside is you won't get other resources. But talking about the suit enhancement, this alternative would help in maximizing the 10x limit per day on each type of stone that we need.


Just like most of the other games we used to play before uprading equipment plays an essential role in increasing combat power.

Sometimes we tend to miss the details, but this area in the dungeon has unlimited tries, yes you have read it right. UNLIMITED.

Every day we can mop it up and depends on the number of waves we have already cleared is the number of these gems we would get.

If you happened to get killed on your 1st attempt today, you can enter this part of the dungeon right away. As long as you can clear 1 wave per session you should keep going until you reach the highest wave.


Upon entering the tower, we usually deal with the boss using the auto-fight feature right?

And normally we can only take on bosses that are 20 to 30 level ahead from our character's level.

When you reach your limit using the auto-fight feature, try to re-challenge the boss using pure basic attacks on the whole fight and you would surprisingly defeat it and might possibly defeat the next level boss too.

Additonal items to upgrade the your runes. 😎

Try it and leave a comment here if it worked.



Do more! And be more with your FAMILY. 😊

Oh did I already mention the materials you can gain from mopping up the family dungeon with your family members clearing the highest wave without you entering it? Cool right? 😎


Killing the monsters that show up when you are spying sometimes give you b. Ingots.

I believe that having a solid understanding about the game would lead us to achieving our daily target. Good luck to everyone, and happy gaming!

And that's about it for today.

Next week, I'll be posting the interviews I have conducted with some of our fellow gamers from different servers.

Thank you everyone and be sure to stay tuned for more!


KingAnos KingAnos
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Facebook members Unity Event - Update

Hey there!
KingAnos from S231 here, one of your ATK Reporters this season. 😊

I hope everyone is doing good.

I just want to congratulate each and everyone for our unison has produced great results!
As of the moment we are able to get 101 likes on the 'Special Event' about the unity of our Facebook members, spearheaded by our beloved GM ATK. 😊

You ready for it? The number of likes that we have accumlated is equivalent to "2800 ingots" and that's for each participant who followed the simple instructions correctly.

The ingots will be rewarded once the event is over. It's supposed to end on November 30th and with that being said, we still have 2 days to encourage everyone to participate.

I know we can do more!

Here's a link in case you have not participated yet: https://m.facebook.com/groups/689295825167768/permalink/826365071460842/

Have a good day everyone! 😊

Facebook members Unity Event - Update
KingAnos KingAnos
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Best Guides from The Best Reporters In ATK💕

Hey, It's your friendly reporter Love. And I got you a Guide Round-up from the past and the present Reporter Seasons.

ATK Reporter S2 (Choko™)

1. Legendary Equipments

2. Suit Enhancement

ATK Reporter S2 ( KingAnos)

1. Combat Power

ATK Reporter S1 (Death)

1. Alternative Currencies

2. Paving Your Way To SSS

3. Buried Treasure Of Trial Lands

These are the best and only guides, We can find on ATK.

{To GM: Sorry that I'm Offline, We have a storm in my country and my network is weak}

Best Guides from The Best Reporters In ATK💕
Best Guides from The Best Reporters In ATK💕
^Love^ ^Love^
LV.19 Rare Candy 2years

Guide to legendary(RED) equipments


Guide to legendary(RED) equipments
choko™ choko™
LV.21 Elite Four 2years

[KingAnos of S231] ATK Reporter S2!

Greetings to my fellow Warriors!
I Hope that everyone is doing good.

My name is KingAnos from the server stated above. 😊 I've been playing the game for a month now. Just like the most of you I've always been a fan of RPG games since I was in Junior High, and yeah, obviously until now that I'm already working. It has been my stress reliever.

Seeing how our game characters progress' each day kind of makes us feel fulfilled right? and I look forward to being part of that feeling this season. Let's play the game whilst having fun, while making friends. Let's show respect to each and every warrior there is in the game and give new players a warm welcome.

For any questions or issues on the game, you can DM us so we can relay it to our GM ATK or you can send a message directly on the chat.

For new players who have not joined the Facebook Community yet, here's the link:


*Ongoing event: like the most recent post of our GM and comment your IGN and server plus greetings to fellow Warriors. Pretty easy right?

Rewards are ingots and the amount depends on how many likes the post will get until November 30th.
Come on now! It is for everyone. Let's show our unity and hit the target!

You can always visit this section for our ATK Reporter's updates!

I would like to thank our GM ATK for this awesome opportunity.

It was indeed a great pleasure to be one of your ATK Reporters for this season.


[KingAnos of S231] ATK Reporter S2!
[KingAnos of S231] ATK Reporter S2!
KingAnos KingAnos
LV.5 Lurker 2years

[ATK REPORTER S2] Love from S249

Hello Everyone.
I am Love from Server 249 Service G42. You can call me Love. This is going to be my first time as an ATK Reporter. I'm very happy to get this opportunity.

If you want the latest coupons, you can DM me or Any Other Reporters💕

And I made a Discord Server for ATK Challenger. Interested Can Join for Updates and more.

Features of The Discord Server:
♥ Both Posts from Facebook And Moot Available.
♥ Chat with your friends from ATK.
♥ Tutorials for events.
♥ A Special Place for ATK Reporters to interview our players.
♥ And Much More ( Coming soon..)

🔗Link to Discord: https://discord.gg/QgRYYJt8gw

Thank You. I hope you all have an amazing day.💐

[ATK REPORTER S2] Love from S249
[ATK REPORTER S2] Love from S249
^Love^ ^Love^
LV.19 Rare Candy 2years


Good day everyone! 😊

Just in case you have the same question regarding market reviews, rewards and accounts, as our GM ATK have already said before, we have 1:1 ratio.

. Event . Rewards . Account

1 1 1

So please save your energy my fellow warriors, you won't receive the rewards twice or thrice as the GM's were capable of identifying which accounts have already been granted the rewards.

Happy gaming everyone! 🙂

ATK Reporter S-II

FREE VIP7 EVENTS / REWARDS                      [NEWBIES FAQ'S]
KingAnos KingAnos
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(ATK Reporter Season2) choko of server 246

Pleasant morning to all of my fellow gamers!

Choko here from S246, it is my 8th day with the game and I found it pretty unique and awesome!

The good part of this game is the people behind it, which is our GMs / Reporters, and the active gamers here in moot.

are my passion since the era of Playstation 1. I have tried lots of mmorpgs via mobile and I found ATK Challenger the best among the best, specially the warm welcome here in ATK moot community.

Also, I will be glad to share my ATK journey to our new players who will definitely love this type of MMORPG.

I want to thank GM ATK for always being there to all of my queries and for picking me as one of ATK Reporter S2.

Shoot me a DM if there are technical issues or any type of game concern so we can go ahead and figure the resolution together.

Love and Respect,
choko 🤙

(ATK Reporter Season2)  choko of server 246
(ATK Reporter Season2) choko of server 246
choko™ choko™
LV.21 Elite Four 2years