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Alternative currencies - How to farm and how to utilize them?

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  A man once said "A warrior without gold, is a warrior without sword. And what good a warrior is for, if the warrior doesn't have his blade of war?"   Every now and then new challengers are born and summoned to fulfill their destiny ; to further sully the battlefield and share their drops of blood. These efforts doesn't go unnoticed, neither unpaid.   If there's any good thing that comes out of never-ending feud between the two factions, its the spoils of war.   And since both factions relied solely on spoils for centuries, it seem to had their treasury and currencies altered on several instances, causing an up rise of markets and stalls accepting only the currencies they've acknowledged.   And that's what we are reviewing today!   Heya! Its me, your friendly neighbor plague doctor here, back at it again for an ATK Report!   As you may all know, there are several types of currencies in-game, each one has its own significance, and some players tend to value a specific currency than the other. But we can all agree that if we can get our hands on all of them, why not?   Now I've prepared some sort of a personal list (A budget plan, if you will) just to see how we can efficiently spend them and utilize these resources up to optimal results!   Disclaimer : All of these are based on my personal preference as a fellow ATK player. May this serve as an advise, but not a walkthrough.   1. INGOTS   ATK's superior currency, the Alpha and the Omega. With this resource, you can buy almost, if not everything in the game. This will take your battle power to the skies and even overtake some of the veterans!   Now I know what you're thinking. What if I'm a Free to play/Budget player? I can recharge a fair amout of ingots but I want to spend them wisely. Well, there's a way ofcourse :   EXP Trial lands - Let us assume that you are a VIP 7 player since its free. You can buy 3 more chances on EXP trials per day for a total of only 45 ingots! If you save your ingots to buy chances on EXP trial, you will have an advantage on other Free to play/budget players in-game when it comes to Level rank!   0 Ingots purchase event - This is a 7-day event available on new servers. If you buy the Wing, Panda mount and the dress, you will have a head-start of 50k battle power from everyone, and the ingots you used to buy them will be refunded within 7 days! Which you can use to buy B.Ingots invest!   B.Ingots investment - This investment is vital and is totally worth it in the long run. By exchanging a few ingots, you are guaranteed to receive up to 20x the ingots you invested in the form of b.ingots upon reaching level 410, this would obviously help you boost your Advancements (Immortals, wings, etc...)   See? You can spend a small amount in-game and make use of it. Don't worry! By doing daily check-ins (Day 21 and day 28) you will also receive a total of 500 ingots per month!   Not convinced yet? Well you can still choose a different currency to keep an eye on because we still have a few!   2. BOUND INGOTS   The complementary currency. The one who carries the weight of the F2P grinders.   B.ingots can buy 65-70% of resources you need for battle power, the game would encourage you to buy using b.ingots first before ingots and would constantly remind you of it, and let me tell you, b.ingots are quite easy to get!   Trial lands - By doing an AFK for 8-11 hours after finishing all your daily tasks, you can gain up to 720 b.ingots in a form of b.ingot cards every day! If my crappy phone can tank the AFK hours, so can yours!   Family Territory battle - You can claim 500 b.ingots daily via Territory welfare, but you need to make sure that you've joined/belong to the strongest Family in your server. If not, then I advise you do it now! 500 b.ingots daily is a big win!   What? You need more than b.ingots? Well of course! We still have more currencies!   3. AMETHYST   The main currency for time-limited events, Treasure hunt, rune hunt and Treasure probe. A high drop-rate type of currency, but also the highest exchange rate.   Amethyst drops almost every minute on Trial lands, or even on National mobs and Bosses, and it has a lot of use and can almost be traded on any limited exchange events, and there's a few of them :   Egg smash (Limited) - An event that rewards you a small quantity of suit stones (which is very important!) each roll. And has the Ice phoenix as a Jackpot, which can give you 19k battle power.  

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  Linglong tower (Limited) - A race to the top event. This event contains mostly God refine stones, which I don't recommend you rolling your dice into if you're not at level 400+.  

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  B.ingot treasure hunt (Limited) - One of my favorites! This event would generously reward you with level 6 above gem stones and Great seal enhancements! You would also have a chance to get 20% of the prize pool which is b.ingots. Its a very good event to invest with. Highly recommend!  

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  Harvest Tree (Limited) - My favorite among all time limited events! By rolling 30 Amethyst on this tree, it will reward you a whooping 15 purple flag seal enhancement, 3 refine stones, or a level 5-7 gem! In just 30 Amethyst! Let me repeat, 30! Its a really great price. Not only that, after rolling several times, the Tree will level up and give you a reward. From 10 Mythic stones to a red whale mount which can give you 41k battle power!  

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  I highly recommend saving all your Amethyst and wait for your preferred time-limited event so you can fully utilize its worth!   Now that the three emperors of currencies have been discussed, lets talk about the honorable mentions :   4. GOLD   An in-game currency you will almost-never be short of. The game is generous when it comes to gifting and dropping gold, but there's a reason for that ; that's because the demand for gold is somewhat mid-tier. You can use it to enhance your gears, tiangongs or use it as a method of donation! Every player also has a money tree which accumulate a certain amount of gold based on your money tree level. You can level it up with Fairy soul or buying the Buddha card!   5. DROP FESTIVAL SHARDS   A drop only shards that changes occasionally. These shards have different rarities and the demand for each rarities would depend on the item you would want to exchange them with. You can get these on any mob spawn, but I recommend AFKing on trial lands for faster drops!   6. HONOR MEDALS   A type of currency that you can get by completing Integrated tasks! (National battlefield, World Battlefield, Nation spying, etc...) These medals can only be used/exchanged at the In-game mall. Worthy items such as suit stones, 2 star orange gear, 2 star legendary gear and even level 9 gemstones!   7. FAME SHARDS   The currency that you will only get by fighting in the Arena! You can also only trade this at the In-game mall. Items such as Frenzy stone, Black dragon stone, and Cawing stone can be exchanged. These are late game items. If you started saving up fame shards from early levels, you would probably save a couple thousands after reaching late game or level 450 above!   As you can see, all of them has their own importance in the game. And each of them has to be owned if a warrior wants to be stronger!   So tell me, my lords, what currency do you prefer most?  

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