ATK Reporter - Signing out on first season!

Heya! Its me! Your friendly neighbor and the very first ATK reporter to end the very first season, Plague doctor here!
I just want to write a last note before leaving the first season board and apply for season 2 for good!
Posting a substantial amount of content on our little community has been one of the most enjoyable part of playing ATK. Experiencing the methods of grinding first hand, and transform them into thoughts then into tips and tricks have been worthwhile!
And the fact that I was getting a fair amount of DMs asking for farming and grinding tips (and also, coupon list of course!) is a personal proof that everything that's being posted on ATK Reporter board is being read and practiced in-game!
And to top all that, the GMs have been very supportive of my article pitches, they helped with the needed resources, and also have been extraordinarily generous!
Now these all might sound like a farewell. No no, these are words of encouragement!
The second season has been announced, and I want you to join me and apply for it!
Share your in-game ideas, write your thoughts, and enjoy playing!
See you on the second season of ATK reporter, future aspirant!
Hey doo!

ATK Reporter - Signing out on first season! +1
ATK Reporter - Signing out on first season!
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Treasure Hunt Thursday - Spending 30 days worth of tickets!

Heya! Its me! Your friendly neighbor, reporter, and a heedful spender plague doctor here - filling you in again with a Treasure hunt spree!
Have you ever wondered how much rewards you were claiming just by accumulating a total of four hours of being online per day?
As you may all know, we can claim one "10x treasure hunt ticket" upon playing for 2 hours everyday, and one "50x treasure hunt ticket" if your playtime reaches 4 hours.
These are online rewards and therefore consistent. So what would happen if we save all those treasure hunt tickets for 30 days, and then roll them all at once?
Let's put that to the test shall we?
The GMs of ATK have been generous enough to support this experiment and has provided 30 pieces of 10x and 50x Treasure hunt tickets straight from their headquarters!
Please allow at least 5 minutes of your time to watch the video and see how much potential freebies we were getting every day for 30 days!
But of course, if you don't have the time to finish the clip, you can jump on to the summary of the total rewards I got from rolling these tickets!
Note : The rewards that you get would vary since the chances of getting any items on treasure hunt are randomized. Rarity of the prizes is also based on RNG (Random Number Generator)
24x 2 star orange-grade gear
6x 2 star legendary-grade gear
2x 1 star haoran pot
3x 1 star Heguang rune
2x 2 star haoran pot
3x 2 star haoran pot
1x lvl9 HP gem
1x lvl9 ATK gem
109x Suit enhancing stone
37x Suit stone
22x Mythic stone
319x Advanced enhancement gift box
43x Int.Crit def
21x Int. HP
29x Int.Dodge
33x Int.Def
33x Int.Atk
31x Int.Hit
220x Pure white shards
180x Light blessing shards
130x blue feather shards
30x Black owlet scattered feathers shards
180x Hellfire bone shards
160x DaoFengLingYu shards
31x Unique battle flag
28x Unique chop stone
23x Unique tiger tally stone
34x legendary spying scroll
23x Unique Ascension dan treasure box
27x Rare Growth dan treasure box
41x 1 million gold card

Treasure Hunt Thursday - Spending 30 days worth of tickets! +2
Treasure Hunt Thursday - Spending 30 days worth of tickets!
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Paving your way to SSS - 7 things to note and tips to grab!

Heya! Its me! Your friendly neighbor, and ATK reporter, Plague doctor here! Giving another set of tips (learned by a fellow newbie) for our current and future would-be players!
You might be thinking, why are we going to listen to your advice? What level are you anyway? How long have you been playing this game?
Well, I've been playing this game for about a month now. I'm at a server which has been merged with others three times, but I still managed to stay on top 5, amidst all spenders!
Well don't get me wrong, I don't hate players who spends ingots to be powerful in the game, in fact, I am grateful to them. After all, they're one of the reasons why the game is still flourishing! And also, I'm quite one of them. I know I'd proud myself as a F2P player before, but in this game you can't be like it for long! There are so many tempting items that can boost your battle power for just a few ingots! I may still be free to play, but you can say that I am now also a bit of a spender!
Anyway, that's enough about my in-game character. Today we're here to talk about yours!
Are you having any doubts about your current battle power? Do you think there are still room for boosting it at your current level? Why is your "become stronger" section still has A in it? Worry no more! Check out the list below and it would definitely help you out :
Three-star legendary gears are not important during the early game. If you're a new player, or on a new server, leveling up from 100 to 390 would only take a week or two. Spending on legendary gears too early would lead your next tier items for higher levels to be delayed. BUT, spending on discounted fashion, wings, or mount is never a regretful decision! The battle power is permanent and it would give you an advantage. Plus the character aesthetic of course!
I know the feeling of excitement to buy certain items needed for your character. Buying ticket boxes, rolling some of it on treasure hunt. But you know what would get you in a win-win situation? Spending ingots while Consumption ranking event is active! It would not just give you a simple bonus upon purchasing certain items that you want, it would reward you with a staggering amount of essential items, especially if you get the top one! Like what its shown below :
I've brought this up because there seem to be a misunderstanding regarding the functionality of this section. Some misinterpreted it as a damage boost if you chose a certain advancement (For example, immortals, wings, mount, etc...) But that's incorrect. There's a question mark button on the upper right of this section for you to see its purpose, but the guide seem to have not been translated. So I'll go ahead and clear all the confusion here.
Crit day would help you boost the effectivity of enhancement stones and dans! You can observe it by choosing one of the advancements that you ready to level up. Let's say you decided to level up your wings ; Choose your wing as your Crit day, and then start with leveling it up.
You will see that the advancement would give you twice the effectivity of each advancement stones/dans.
I would also recommend you to utilize this function. Don't level up your advancement until a crit day is free for that certain gear!
So all of the players on the server you're currently on has disappeared. Most probably they've jumped on to another new server to grab the chance to once again, compete with the Monarch position. You're satisfied with your character, your battle power, but seem a bit lonely because you were left alone? and now you feel like jumping in to a new server as well.
a piece of advice : DON'T!
Being almost alone on a server is the best thing ever! You can do your daily tasks freely without worrying about other players stealing your boss kill. You would probably win all daily events since the players in your server are dwindling. You're probably going to make it on top 5 or 10 and get the daily rewards of it. You can get all the prizes all by yourself while waiting for a server merge!
Getting all the resource you wanted before getting mixed up with new sets of players on different server is a total pro strategy!
While it is indeed up for argument, based on personal preference, having an uninterrupted daily tasks is better than daily scheduled events. It does give rewards but it mostly favor honor points than everything else. Now unless you're focusing on your Official rank, I would suggest you start doing daily tasks every midnight, or anytime the players on your server are offline. Especially when its a new server. This way you would finish the tasks fast enough (especially bosses, the ones that are being contested the most) and proceed with AFKing on Trial lands. Remember that each and every tasks from daily is important. Period.
So you're looking at Treasure probe section. You see 4 tabs. Treasure hunt, Rune, Treasure probe, Fairy seal. You don't know where to invest and put your amethyst into. You don't have to think this through, just go to Treasure hunt and roll all of your tickets!
Rune hunt, would cause you 999 Amethyst and would only grant you 10 rolls. And the odds of getting red rune is fairly low. And get this, even if you get the red one, it would probably only give you 15-20k of Battle power.
Based on recent estimation, Runes only contributes to 1/8 of your total battle power. Its not a desirable goal to dump all your amethyst into.
Its the same as the Treasure probe for Official rank gear. It contributes less than the items that you would get on Treasure hunt. And the odds of getting one is really low.
If you invest on Treasure hunt, not only you would have to chance to get a 3 star legendary gear of your level, you would also have a chance to get a 40k bp mount, or a 30k bp wings! These are all essential to rise your battle power!
If you're reading this article, then you're probably somehow of an active member on Moot! And that's a very good thing! The administrators of the game always have a surprise event. And each rewards are worth the effort of joining and can help boost your battle power! Ask every other question you have in our group chat and someone would definitely hear you out! Do not be shy, ATK community is aiming to be a friendly space for all players globally!
I hope that this list has helped you somehow as you venture the lands of ATK!

Paving your way to SSS - 7 things to note and tips to grab! +6
Paving your way to SSS - 7 things to note and tips to grab!
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Spending 15k Amethyst on Harvest tree!

Heya! Its me! Your friendly neighbor, reporter, and Amethyst hoarder, Plague doctor here!
Today I attempted to max out my Harvest tree. And it was a big success! I had a lot of Amethyst saved from doing daily quest, so I just want to share how many of this purple monitas you have to spend before getting the red whale!
I made a summary of all the items I got and their total quantity below if you don't have time to watch the video. But please do! I've made it Christmas-themed!
Enjoy! Hey doo!
Note : The exact amount would vary because the growth of Harvest tree would depend on Maturity points, and maturity points is based on RNG (Random Number Generator).
Received :
770 pcs. Advancement gift box
39 pcs. Sixth-level gem box
4 pcs. seventh-level gem box
1 pc. seventh-stage legendary advancement gear
1751 pcs. purple flags
1 cute red whale
Total Amethyst used : 14,580

Spending 15k Amethyst on Harvest tree! +2
Spending 15k Amethyst on Harvest tree!
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FYI Tuesdays | Accessory shards and Quench stones!

Heya! Your friendly neighbor, Plague doctor here. Just passing through with a quick info about certain items on our D.Soul exchange! (In-game mall).
Did you know that upon reaching level 440, you will open the equipment feature "Accessories"?
The items that can be put on your accessory set cannot be gained from boss drops, PVP drops nor mob drops! You could only craft this (free of ingots) by buying a total of 100 pieces of Accessory shards!
As you can see on the picture above, you can only buy 20 shards per day. So I suggest while you still haven't reached 440, invest on those shards and buy 20 pieces of it per day right now!
You can gain D.souls by completing Demons invasion quests!
You'll also notice that even though I only have one accessory at the moment, it already gave me almost 50k battle power! I'm excited what would happen once I completed the set!
What are you waiting for? Do your daily quest now!

FYI Tuesdays | Accessory shards and Quench stones! +3
FYI Tuesdays | Accessory shards and Quench stones!
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Alternative currencies - How to farm and how to utilize them?

A man once said "A warrior without gold, is a warrior without sword. And what good a warrior is for, if the warrior doesn't have his blade of war?"
Every now and then new challengers are born and summoned to fulfill their destiny ; to further sully the battlefield and share their drops of blood. These efforts doesn't go unnoticed, neither unpaid.
If there's any good thing that comes out of never-ending feud between the two factions, its the spoils of war.
And since both factions relied solely on spoils for centuries, it seem to had their treasury and currencies altered on several instances, causing an up rise of markets and stalls accepting only the currencies they've acknowledged.
And that's what we are reviewing today!
Heya! Its me, your friendly neighbor plague doctor here, back at it again for an ATK Report!
As you may all know, there are several types of currencies in-game, each one has its own significance, and some players tend to value a specific currency than the other. But we can all agree that if we can get our hands on all of them, why not?
Now I've prepared some sort of a personal list (A budget plan, if you will) just to see how we can efficiently spend them and utilize these resources up to optimal results!
Disclaimer : All of these are based on my personal preference as a fellow ATK player. May this serve as an advise, but not a walkthrough.
ATK's superior currency, the Alpha and the Omega. With this resource, you can buy almost, if not everything in the game. This will take your battle power to the skies and even overtake some of the veterans!
Now I know what you're thinking. What if I'm a Free to play/Budget player? I can recharge a fair amout of ingots but I want to spend them wisely. Well, there's a way ofcourse :
EXP Trial lands - Let us assume that you are a VIP 7 player since its free. You can buy 3 more chances on EXP trials per day for a total of only 45 ingots! If you save your ingots to buy chances on EXP trial, you will have an advantage on other Free to play/budget players in-game when it comes to Level rank!
0 Ingots purchase event - This is a 7-day event available on new servers. If you buy the Wing, Panda mount and the dress, you will have a head-start of 50k battle power from everyone, and the ingots you used to buy them will be refunded within 7 days! Which you can use to buy B.Ingots invest!
B.Ingots investment - This investment is vital and is totally worth it in the long run. By exchanging a few ingots, you are guaranteed to receive up to 20x the ingots you invested in the form of b.ingots upon reaching level 410, this would obviously help you boost your Advancements (Immortals, wings, etc...)
See? You can spend a small amount in-game and make use of it. Don't worry! By doing daily check-ins (Day 21 and day 28) you will also receive a total of 500 ingots per month!
Not convinced yet? Well you can still choose a different currency to keep an eye on because we still have a few!
The complementary currency. The one who carries the weight of the F2P grinders.
B.ingots can buy 65-70% of resources you need for battle power, the game would encourage you to buy using b.ingots first before ingots and would constantly remind you of it, and let me tell you, b.ingots are quite easy to get!
Trial lands - By doing an AFK for 8-11 hours after finishing all your daily tasks, you can gain up to 720 b.ingots in a form of b.ingot cards every day! If my crappy phone can tank the AFK hours, so can yours!
Family Territory battle - You can claim 500 b.ingots daily via Territory welfare, but you need to make sure that you've joined/belong to the strongest Family in your server. If not, then I advise you do it now! 500 b.ingots daily is a big win!
What? You need more than b.ingots? Well of course! We still have more currencies!
The main currency for time-limited events, Treasure hunt, rune hunt and Treasure probe. A high drop-rate type of currency, but also the highest exchange rate.
Amethyst drops almost every minute on Trial lands, or even on National mobs and Bosses, and it has a lot of use and can almost be traded on any limited exchange events, and there's a few of them :
Egg smash (Limited) - An event that rewards you a small quantity of suit stones (which is very important!) each roll. And has the Ice phoenix as a Jackpot, which can give you 19k battle power.
Linglong tower (Limited) - A race to the top event. This event contains mostly God refine stones, which I don't recommend you rolling your dice into if you're not at level 400+.
B.ingot treasure hunt (Limited) - One of my favorites! This event would generously reward you with level 6 above gem stones and Great seal enhancements! You would also have a chance to get 20% of the prize pool which is b.ingots. Its a very good event to invest with. Highly recommend!
Harvest Tree (Limited) - My favorite among all time limited events! By rolling 30 Amethyst on this tree, it will reward you a whooping 15 purple flag seal enhancement, 3 refine stones, or a level 5-7 gem! In just 30 Amethyst! Let me repeat, 30! Its a really great price. Not only that, after rolling several times, the Tree will level up and give you a reward. From 10 Mythic stones to a red whale mount which can give you 41k battle power!
I highly recommend saving all your Amethyst and wait for your preferred time-limited event so you can fully utilize its worth!
Now that the three emperors of currencies have been discussed, lets talk about the honorable mentions :
An in-game currency you will almost-never be short of. The game is generous when it comes to gifting and dropping gold, but there's a reason for that ; that's because the demand for gold is somewhat mid-tier. You can use it to enhance your gears, tiangongs or use it as a method of donation! Every player also has a money tree which accumulate a certain amount of gold based on your money tree level. You can level it up with Fairy soul or buying the Buddha card!
A drop only shards that changes occasionally. These shards have different rarities and the demand for each rarities would depend on the item you would want to exchange them with. You can get these on any mob spawn, but I recommend AFKing on trial lands for faster drops!
A type of currency that you can get by completing Integrated tasks! (National battlefield, World Battlefield, Nation spying, etc...) These medals can only be used/exchanged at the In-game mall. Worthy items such as suit stones, 2 star orange gear, 2 star legendary gear and even level 9 gemstones!
The currency that you will only get by fighting in the Arena! You can also only trade this at the In-game mall. Items such as Frenzy stone, Black dragon stone, and Cawing stone can be exchanged. These are late game items. If you started saving up fame shards from early levels, you would probably save a couple thousands after reaching late game or level 450 above!
As you can see, all of them has their own importance in the game. And each of them has to be owned if a warrior wants to be stronger!
So tell me, my lords, what currency do you prefer most?

Alternative currencies - How to farm and how to utilize them? +5
Alternative currencies - How to farm and how to utilize them?
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ATK glitch alert! : Good bug or Bad bug?

This happened in Trial lands level 410. As you can see by this beautiful drone shot, the subject seem to be standing still and there are no mobs. But if you take a closer look, you will see damage and EXP texts appearing on the screen.
What could cause this glitch? and how will you trigger it? Some people may find this animation bug rather helpful to avoid game freezes due to prolonged gaming.
This is your friendly neighbor, plague doctor, reporting for ATK!
Also check out the new Trick or Treat event on Facebook!

ATK glitch alert! : Good bug or Bad bug? +1
ATK glitch alert! : Good bug or Bad bug?
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Content review - The buried treasures of Trial lands

Beneath the very soil where the never-ending war between Chiyan and Jiuyou constantly rages, are cursed lands. Lands festered with different abominations that doesn't seem to favor neither of both factions. Creatures that seem to devour even the tiniest of purity left in these hollowed grounds. And the further you walk among these paths, the greater the torment they emit.
But even with all these legion of darkness. Warriors, Princes, Queens and even Monarchs still go to these cursed realms. You may wonder, what is their reason? Let me tell you...
Its to farm equipment sets of course!
Hello! Its me, your friendly neighbor Plague doctor here. Reporting for ATK Season 1!
I've been fascinated by the fact that you can farm equipment sets and craft them up to 3 star legendary just by doing AFK!
You can play this game non-stop and its not even a hyperbole. By leaving your character afk on Trial lands, you can farm your main equipment which is one of the foundations of your battle power, and you can also farm stamps for "Drop exchange" event!
The mobs in the areas suited for your level drops random grade equipment. They also drop purple items which is not a waste because you can feed them to your pets! The only equipments that you would need are the 2 star orange equipment, because these are the items that would allow you to craft the non-raggedy red set!
Now here are the formula.
To craft a single 2 star legendary equipment, you will need 5 pieces of 2 star orange grade items, as shown below :
To craft a single 3 star legendary equipment, you will need only 4 pieces of 2 star legendary equipment, as shown below :
Now if you're a MADLAD who wants to craft 3 star Mythic equipment, you would need 3 pieces of 3 star legendary equipment and a Myth god stone! Like the one below :
A few notes :
Personally, I don't recommend you to wait until you craft your equipment to 3 star legendary before you wear it. Legendary 2 star sets are awesome too! You can just transition to 3 star legendary once you get all the crafting materials from Trial lands!
Additionally, I don't recommend crafting Mythic equipment on early levels. As it would require a very important late game item which is the Mythic god stone and you would level up quickly anyway, which would require another tier set to farm. I would suggest you invest on mythic equipment starting level 350, since the next tier would be for level 400. And leveling up from 350 to 400 would take quite a bit of time. You can savor your Mythic equipment by then!
See? You can spend your ingots on other enhancements like Mounts or Fashion! but for Equipment sets, Trial lands is all you need!
You can leave your character on trial lands before you sleep, and then wake up with your bag full of 2 stars orange equipment! It would feel like Christmas every morning and you would need that grind again!
Potential concern :
"But what if I have a low-spec phone?"
"The game's framerate drops after an hour of playing, so I can't leave it overnight as it might just freeze."
Answer :
The developers are consistent and dedicated on working with fixes on framerate drops and any game lags.
As a workaround, while on AFK, you can open a tab in the game wherein there are less to zero animation, completely overshadowing the action that's going on behind the tab while the exp gains are still visible. For me I'd like to use the "Nat.B field" tab as it is basically a still image :
A few more notes to add :
Drop rates does apply in Trial lands. Although we don't have the exact percentage, it seem to follow the basic rule of MMORPG when it comes to drops. The higher the tier, the lower the drop rate.
Crafting of accessories is not available as of the moment. The 'make' feature of accessories might or might not appear on the future updates. It is still under finalization, and will be included on patch notes once finalized.
See? Trial lands is where its at my lords!

Content review - The buried treasures of Trial lands +5
Content review - The buried treasures of Trial lands
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So for the first week of ATK Reporter Season 1 - Episode 1!

I've interviewed two ATK Challenger players that has been playing the game for almost 2 weeks. (It's sooo difficult to communicate with the high ranking old players, maybe they've already left the real world and migrated inside the game. Kidding!)
So moving forward, here are the questions they have been asked during the short period interview conducted today. (This is because of those old foggies ignoring my chats.)
1. How is your experience playing ATK Challenger so far?
2. Based on your personal experience on playing the game, have you encountered any major bugs and glitches that you think need an immediate action?
3. Do you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback you'd like to share or voice out to our GMs and developers?
4. (Extra question) - Don't you find it weird that the in-game fonts are like compacted too much? Every letters are overlapping and there are times the announcements like codes in programming.
I really appreciate that these two took out some time out of their busy schedules and graced me with their moment. Here are their answers from the above questions:
Let's start with Server Domiiii of 228 G21
1. I am having fun playing the game for almost 12 hrs a day, I've met alot of good players as well. The GMs are friendly and you can talk to them about your concerns about the game. The Game overall is generous in terms of giving away free stuffs that can help you to grow more ingame, I personally recommend this game to those people who are looking for a game that is worth putting their effort into. Alot of good players and most importantly active GMs, so far so good I can't really say anything but it is a really good game. (One round of applause!)
2. To be honest I haven't encountered any glitch or bug in the game but there was a time that the game optimized the settings itself to reduce the lag without even notifying me I don't know if that is a bug or a glitch. (At the very least, she's honest.)
3. I suggest they add an another way to get the Tiangong equipments and the Official Rank Equipment as for now you can only get them from Treasure Probe, also I suggest they put a Cross-Server Lounge where you can interact with other people from other server, so far so good thats all. =) (I would also love to have this implemented. LOL!)
4. I find it really weird judging from how long the game is running I'm surprised they didn't fixed it yet but I suppose I played alot of similar games before that is why I am used to the overlapping texts + codes/text/scripts error. I hope that the Devs are trying their best to make the game better for everyone else.
What a nice lady we got there!
Then let's move on to our next interviewee, the Onii-san of their server (I guess) ThorpeCory of S231 G24!
1. It was good experience maybe I would give 95% because of bug, lag. but the gameplay its okay . xD (XD XD XD)
2. Yes indeed. we don't know if some players if they know how to do bugs or glitch trick or cheat. example the game of Land of doran I played before other players they using bug or glitch trick. (I think we're not on the same page here but I'm getting his point of some players exploiting glitches or bugs if there are any.)
3. 3D view zoom in and out to look for ours characters. I hope there's a choices about graphics low medium high and numbers of players surrounding xD 😍(He really loves his in-game character <3)
4. Sometimes. 🤣 I think my bad connection that's why I see those.
I had fun interviewing them, and their answers are quite out of my expectation. This interview was conducted to discuss the opportunities the game has to improve. We'll await for GM ATK's response to these 'feedback', and how they'll provide the players the best we could experience more than what we have now.
**Anyway, everyone is welcome to comment if they have game related concerns that they think should be addressed. Don't keep it to yourselves as we would want to provide everyone the experience suited for everyone.**

So for the first week of ATK Reporter Season 1 - Episode 1! +5
So for the first week of ATK Reporter Season 1 - Episode 1!
Mundane Mundane
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Death of S226, reporting for ATK season 1!

Monarchs, Queens, Princes, generals and warriors of different worlds, greetings!
Your friendly neighbor, plague doctor here. An average graveyard shift human, who's been feeding into RPG games since teenage days (yes I'm no longer a teen now don't remind me please)
It's an honor to be elected as a reporter for the first season, and I extend my gratitude to the GMs who made this happen. I would use this opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences, and spread my beginner's knowledge in a way that I can, to my fellow beginners through here in Moot and ATK Facebook community!
If you haven't followed on Facebook yet, kindly do so through the link below!
Thank you!

Death of S226, reporting for ATK season 1! +1
Death of S226, reporting for ATK season 1!
Death Death
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[REPORTER S1] W1CK3D of s225

First of all, im W1CK3D of S225 from philippines. Thank you GM's especially to GM ATK for given me this oppurtunity to participate and be a part of this. I'll do my best to do all the task assigned to me for the benefits of all the players and for the game. Happy leveling eveyone! Godbless and stay safe!

[REPORTER S1] W1CK3D of s225 +1
[REPORTER S1] W1CK3D of s225
LV.5 Lurker 2years

Newly elected ATK Reporter here!

Hello my fellow Warriors!
This is Mundane of S226 G19. I love playing games, even at my age (in case you'd like to ask, don't). I'm an average guy aspiring to be a top ranker not only in ATK but in every games I play (without spending that much~). Life is boring during this time of pandemic, and I am really glad to come across ATK Challenger. Anyway, anyhow today will be the start of my role as your humble reporter, along with Death and W1CK3D. If you have any concerns, game related of course, that you wish to report, we are all ears to you. DM us here in Moot or even in our FB group (
Hope to get along well with you guys! Let's spread positive vibes!

Newly elected ATK Reporter here!
Mundane Mundane
LV.16 Killer Main 2years