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[Guide] Main Screen

Game Guide

After you log on to the game, you can check the following screen.  

ATK CHALLENGER: Game Guide - [Guide] Main Screen image 2

  1. Character information - You can check the profile picture, level, and combat power of the current character. - You can select VIP and PVP mode, and you can TUp by pressing Recharge. - You can identify ‘Money tree’, ‘Eight Battle Formation’, ‘Be stronger’.   2. Mission, Event - You will be able to check the main and sub-mission that is currently in progress. - You can also click on the mission to view the information and move to the place to execute the mission. - Click the Event tab to view information about the current event.   3. Contents, Joystick - You can move the character by moving the directional pad. - You can check the system contents in the game by pressing the ‘+’ icon.   4. Exp bar - You can briefly check the accumulated experience and remaining experience of the current character.   5. Chat window, Social contact, Notice, Backpack - You can check the chat window and press it to zoom in. - In the case of the chat window, it is divided into the World, Country, Family, System, etc, and you can check in detail. - You can click Social contact to check your friends, opponents, blacklists, and mails. - By clicking Mail, Party, Experience, Improvement within the Help tab, you can view the corresponding contents. - You can check the items that you possess by pressing the backpack.   6. Skill - You can check the skill of the character. - Additional skills other than character’s skills are also able to check.   7. Auto, Horn - You can proceed with automatic hunting by pressing ‘Auto’. - You can use simple items by pressing the horn.   8. Map, Dungeon, Daily - You can check the name and coordinates of the current map and press Home to return to the main city of the country. - You can check the events that can be held every day by pressing Daily and you can check the dungeon list by pressing Dungeon.   9. National War, Event, Boss - You can check the national contents by pressing the current country. - You can click the arrow to see the hidden icons, with the Boss and Shop at the top and Events and Priority at the bottom.  

ATK CHALLENGER: Game Guide - [Guide] Main Screen image 4

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