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Recruit! ATK Reporter Season 2!

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Greetings!   Global community ATK Moot is hiring a reporter among users! Users selected as reporters will post various articles related to ATK Challenger on a dedicated board every week! Let's find out about the specific information below~!   ▶ Applications for being a reporter Through a personal message to me (GM ATK), write your server/IGN, Please also briefly introduce yourself, write your passion, aspiration, etc. to me! * Preferential: Users with high activity and who possesses a sense of 'wit and know-how' when writing a post   ▶ Main role of reporters - (After being elected as a reporter) Write a brief self-introduction (required) - Expecting active participation in Moot/Facebook - After that, write at least one of the following contents every week - We can provide various items to support your postings of specific contents, up to a certain limit. Once we support the items, please use them to write your postings ! 1. Interview Select one of the top users of your server, members of your guild, passersby, or even GM to conduct an interview. Exchanging various questions and answers while capturing the screenshot of actual conversation (so that it won't be a fake) 2. Content Introduction Interesting introduction post to a specific content in ATK Challenger (Dungeon, Boss, Hegemony, etc.) 3. Game-Play Diary Write a diary about special anecdotes or issues that occurred while you were playing ATK Challenger (It would be better to have screenshots as well) 4. Other Postings If you want to write any other postings, please let me know as you write!   * Please refer to how ATK Reporters of Season 1 have posted !

  ▶ Total Schedule - 14 Nov(Sat) ~ 18 Nov(Wed) : Application - 20 Nov(Fri) : Results Announcement - 21 Nov(Sat) ~ 27 Nov(Fri) : Week 1 - 28 Nov(Sat) ~ 04 Dec(Fri) : Week 2 - 05 Dec(Sat) ~ 11 Dec(Fri) : Week 3 - 12 Dec(Sat) ~ 18 Dec(Fri) : Week 4, End of ATK Reporter Season 2   ▶ Reporter Reward Week 1 : 1650 Ingots (Virtual Charging) Week 2 : 1650 Ingots (Virtual Charging) Week 3 : 1650 Ingots (Virtual Charging) Week 4 : 2800 Ingots (Virtual Charging) Reporters-only Title : " ATK Reporter " Title (This would be the only title within entire servers.) * The Ingots reward will be provided at the end of each week, and the Title will be provided within the Week 1 period. * Virtual Charging : We will charge ingots to your account, meaning that your VIP points will also increase according to the amount of ingots being charged.

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  ▶ Notice - We are considering of hiring up to 1~5 reporters and this is subject to change. - After the season 2 reporter period is over, you can also apply to the season 3 reporter too.   Thank you!  

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    server 266
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  • gamer964029650 LV.4 Lurker Dec 22, 2020, 12:55 AM

    Server : 266
    ign: TONG

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