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[Event] Video Promotion

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  Which side are you? Cooperation or Confrontation! ATK Challenger! Hello my Lords,   We’re here with a video promotion event! Please refer to below for details.   ▶ How to participate - Step 1. Choose one of the PR videos from the ‘PR Video board’ Direct link to PR Video board:

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  - Step 2. Copy the Youtube URL that you have chosen! - Step 3. With the hashtag #ATKChallenger #AgeOfHegemony #ChaplinGame etc. post it on your SNS (Facebook, Twitter, etc). - Step 4. Please attach a link to your SNS post on the ‘Video Certification board’! * You must write server, character name, and the link to your SNS that the youtube URL has been posted! - Direct link: - Reward for those who participated! (Coupon!)   ▶ Event Period ~ until future notice   ▶ Reward - Dragon hunting lucky draw ticket (50 times ticket) x2, 1000 VIP point, 1000 bound ingots   * You must write a new post on the ‘Video Certification board’ to participate. * Improper content or unauthorized use of other members’ writings will be excluded from participation. * Event details may be changed depending on internal circumstances. * Only one event per one account is allowed.   Thank you!  

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