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[Update Note] 21 Jan Update Note

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Which side are you? Cooperation or Confrontation! ATK Challenger!   Hello my Lords,     [21 Jan Maintenance Break Update Note]   ◆ Optimization 1) Improve the error and stop phenomenon of Trial Land - The first modification If same problem will be occurred in Trial Land after Update, we will block Trial land temporarily and we will check the problem meticulously. Of course, if Trial Land will be blocked, we will pay out the appropriate reward for that. 2) The first modification has been carried out regarding the error of Destroy Battle Flag Mission.(It occurs after 14 Jan Maintenance Break) If same problem will be occurred, we will proceed the second modification which is a new object will be created every 30 minutes from each hour in the place of the existing flag and statue.   ◆ Package - Source Box of Life[3+1], Source Box of Origin[2+1], Dazzling Spirit Box[2+1] etc have been added - In case of Package, you can purchase it at Limited Shop through payment not Ingots. - Even if you purchase Package, please note that VIP Point provision and Operation EVENT(Charge, Consumption Ranking) will not be included. ※ After the end of the event period, additional sales may take place in other ways. ※ In case of withdrawal of subscription, it is possible within 7 days from the date of purchase. You may not be able to withdraw your subscription when opening the package.   [New Product]   ■ Limited Shop - Source Box of Life[3+1] - Source Box of Origin[2+1] - Dazzling Spirit Box[2+1]   ■ End Sale Products - Dancer Official Equipment Box [3+1] - Dancer Special Official Equipment Box [2+1] - Mysterious Set Package [3+1]     Thank You

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