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25 Nov - Server Merge

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  Which side are you? Cooperation or Confrontation! ATK Challenger! Hello my Lords,   Thank you for your support and interest in ATK Challenger, and we will you about the server merge on 18 Nov (Wed).   ◆ Server maintenance(merge) time - 25 Nov (Wed) 10:30 ~ 14:00 (utc+9) ※ Maintenance may be ended early or extended depending on the progress.   ◆ Merging servers - 125, 150 - 183, 194 - 202, 210 - 246, 247, 248   125 Jiuyou + 150 Chiyan → 125 Jiuyou 125 Chiyan + 150 Jiuyou → 125 Chiyan   183 Jiuyou + 194 Jiuyou → 183 Jiuyou 183 Chiyan + 194 Chiyan → 183 Chiyan   202 Jiuyou + 210 Chiyan → 202 Jiuyou 202 Chiyan + 210 Jiuyou → 202 Chiyan   246 Jiuyou + 247 Jiuyou + 248 Jiuyou → 246 Jiuyou 246 Chiyan + 247 Chiyan + 248 Chiyan → 246 Chiyan   ※ In case of operation events, it will be held after server merge is completed. Please be aware to charging.   ◆ Server Merge Rewards - In the case of server merge rewards, additional exp, gold, honor, bound yuan, suit stone, suit strengthen stone will be paid to the back servers based on the main server (the first server opened). - We inform you that the rewards are paid in order to overcome the difference in number of opened days between the servers. * The rewards are sent before the server merge.   [25 Nov Server Merge Reward]   150 Server - Gold: 300m - Honor: 105000 - Bound ingot: 9000 - Suit stone: 900 - Suit strengthen stone: 600   194 Server - Gold: 220m - Honor: 77,000 - Bound ingot: 6600 - Suit stone: 660 - Suit strengthen stone: 440   210 Server - Gold: 160m - Honor: 56000 - Bound yuan: 4800 - Suit stone: 480 - Suit strengthen stone: 320   247 Server - Gold: 20m - Honor: 7000 - Bound yuan: 600 - Suit stone: 60 - Suit strengthen stone: 40   248 Server - Gold: 40m - Honor: 14000 - Bound yuan: 1200 - Suit stone: 120 - Suit strengthen stone: 80   ◆ Character Selection Guide after Server Merge Step.1) You can select a server from the list of servers after accessing the game. No matter which server you connect to, you can play on the integrated main server.   Step.2) You can check the first and single character by clicking on the serve. You can click Find Character to find characters on other integrated servers. * The sample screen includes characters added by tapping Find Character.   Step.3) If you click Find Character, you can bring the character that among the characters on the integrated server. Once selected, you can click Find Character to bring the character. * In the integrated server, you can find up to three characters and play them.   Step.4) Click Find and check the notices to confirm.     ◆ Server Merge Rules Notice Q1. Can the character that I am using be deleted? A. Characters that meet the condition below will be deleted after server consolidation. 1) If the character level is below 200 and didn’t log in for more than 3 days. 2) If the character level is 201~250 and didn’t log in for more than 7 days. 3) If the character level is 251~300 and didn’t log in for more than 15 days. 4) If the character level is 301~350 and didn’t log in for more than 30 days. * Character level above 350 is not deleted. * Characters that have charged ingots are not deleted.   Q2. What happens if the character names are duplicated? A. If character names overlap after server consolidation, the main server character among the overlapping characters will be retained, while other server characters will be numbered after the character name (e.g. Gaon_1). Characters with duplicate character names will receive a [Nickname Change Card] by mail. * The same applies to duplicate Family names, and an individual [Family Name Change Card] is provided to the Family monarch.   Q3. What happens to character data when servers are consolidated? A. Server consolidation involves the following data movement: - Maintains all currency, items, and fostered data. - Maintains both user mission counts and dungeon progress returns. - Keep all social data (family, friends, mails, etc.) - If friend/opponent data is deleted, it is deleted from the Friend list and Opponent list. - If a family member is deleted, it will be removed from the family list and combat power will be deducted too.   Q4. What happens to the country after server consolidation? A. Automatically reverted to the country you have selected before server consolidation. (e.g. before consolidation = Chiyan -> after consolidation = Chiyan)   Q5. How does the server consolidation contents change? A. The following changes are made when the server is consolidated. 1) Related to main contents - After server consolidation, the new server will be initialized as the first day of server opening, and the winning/losing country will also be changed to the initial state. - On the first day of integration, Family Hegemony will be held. - The National War opens on the 2nd day of consolidation. - The Family Territory Battle will be open from the 3rd day of consolidation. * The 2:4 mode will not be open until the 7th day of consolidation.   2) Related to general contents - Territory Occupancy data and Territory Welfare data are initialized in the Family Territory Battle. - Domestic totem progress and compensation are initialized. * The maximum level of the totem is the same as the world level. - National officials are initialized during server consolidation. - National War victory/defeat ranking data will be initialized. - Family hegemony data is initialized. - 2:4 mode data will be initialized.   3) World level - After server consolidation, the world level will be applied based on that data. - The HP of the World Boss, Border Boss, Demons Wonderland Boss, Destroy Battle Flag, Statue, etc. varies based on the world level.   Q6. What happens to the events in progress? A. Based on the server consolidation date, all the server’s operational events are forced to shut down. For finished ranking events, it will be sent via mail and you can receive them within one week after server consolidation. * If compensation is not provided after the event, please receive it as soon as possible before the server consolidation day.   Q7. What happens to the ingots between the characters of the consolidated server? A. Selectable characters within the consolidated server share ingots. Example 1) Server 1 Character A 200 ingots, Server 2 Character B 150 ingots -> After consolidation, you can check 350 ingots that the characters of the consolidated server had.   Example 2) If you use the ingots from the A character, it will be deducted from the B character. (Consolidated server ingots sharing concept)   Although server merge cannot satisfy all users, the purpose is to further activate the game by proceeding with the server merge as some of ATK Challenger’s contents may be difficult to use due to a decrease in the number of users. We hope that the users who are not satisfied with this will understand with a generous heart.   Thank you!  

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  • Archiem LV.13 Good Leader Nov 25, 2020, 01:07 PM

    what i have recall is that they won't give reward to the server that will be merge to the latest server since the older server was released earlier than the late released servers. in order for the new servers to catch up with the old servers

  • choko™ LV.21 Elite Four Nov 24, 2020, 07:30 PM

    no rewards for S246 boss?

  • iyotninam LV.9 Nomad Nov 24, 2020, 07:34 PM

    how about 249 gm?

  • taglibog LV.4 Lurker Nov 25, 2020, 12:00 PM

    249 gm???

  • °wise°™ LV.17 Insomniac Nov 30, 2020, 06:16 AM