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Oct 23, 2020, 06:47 PM 277 read

[Notice] About Fan Art

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Hello,   I am to notify again about the Fan Art event as many people did not seem to understand properly. The Fan Art event will still continue to be held as on-going events, and rewards will be given by selecting people every Friday. Direct link to Fan Art event post:

  However, I would like to emphasize the main points and rules again.   * Unauthorized use of someone else's image is not recognized as an event. * While it is possible to get help drawing from others, it is not acceptable to put only the ATK logo on pictures drawn by others and this cannot be defined as 'fan art'. * Also, you must draw a picture about ATK Challenger to be selected. This is because if you upload an unrelated picture, no matter how high quality it is, it cannot be admitted as ATK Challenger's fan art.   Please be informed about the issue above.   Thank you.  

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