Ants237 LV.24 GG
Jan 22, 2021, 04:06 PM 20 read

Hollow knight progress

I know I’m not special, but I made a lot of progress and I’m happy and I want to get it off my chest. So I gave up on traitor lord and beat lost kin. Then I beat the rest of the warriors dreams I had (No eyes, Galian, and markoth) Then I beat traitor lord by going back. Got white fragment. Then I beat white defender. Did the hive and heat hive night first try. Did the first 2 colosseum of fools trials. Found Grimm’s first 3 soul flames. Got pure nail. Beat white palace and got king’s soul. Beat the collector. Found every grub. Then finished for the day. I really happy. Normally I like to finish a bunch at a time each month. Can’t wait to see what I’ll do in February!

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