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Don't Starve Together - Part 2

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  I died in my previous game and I have to start all over. This time after watching a few guides about winter survival on youtube (Thanks to beard777 for the honest guides). I managed to start it from scratch.   Autumn was fine and I was busy collecting more resources to survive the first winter in this game which my objective. I was so lucky and found some good resources near my spawn and set up a base in between two biome land types so I can harvest wood logs, straw, wool, manure, forest resources. My past experiences helped me get winter survival tools and I just survived winter successfully and then the time came for the boss fight which I never know until a viewer said about that I have to fight a boss at the end of Winter. To be honest, I was ill-prepared for the boss fight with just a spear and one wood log armour suit and I died instantly fighting the boss and it was disheartening that I have to start all over again. Then came the help from a viewer who informed that I could rollback the game server to previous days so I need not lose my progress and so I tried my best to defeat the Winter boss but unfortunately, I can't win the Boss in a straight forward fight.   Finally, I have to resort to internet search to figure out an easy way to defeat the Winter boss. The trick was so simple, "walk the boss to the dense forest area" and once he tramples the trees down, the 'tree guards' in the game would get activated. Did the same way, the rest is just vibing and chilling. Tree guards took down the boss and I have to collect the loot dropped from the defeated boss. Easy? No, Unfortunately, penguins which were present near the boss fight zone ate most of the loot. XD   Then the spring jumped in and now, trying to survive the summer without burning any stuff built in the base camp. As usual, my Sea of Thieves practice, I wanted to set sail in the oceans so I just constructed a makeshift ship. Let me see what DST has to offer in its seas.

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