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60 seconds! Review

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  This game is a survival simulation game produced by Robot Gentleman on May 26, 2015 and released through Steam. Since nuclear weapons are released 60 seconds after the nuclear weapons alert is sounded, it is a game to enter and survive in an air-raid shelter with as many surviving items and families as possible.  

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  The game starts with the view of Dad 'Ted' or Mom 'Dolores' and starts with the 3D Quarter View. The game counts 60 seconds with a pocket watch in the upper right corner, and you must stock up as many items as possible and take your family and evacuate to the air-raid shelter in a given time. If you don't get into the air defense in 60 seconds, the game will be over immediately.   For easy difficulty (Little Boy) and normal difficulty (Fat Man), there is a search time (time to locate the required items) before the collection time, so use it well. In the case of difficulty level (Char Bomba), it starts immediately without time to explore. In the beginning, the second hand of the watch is tilted to the left, counting 10 seconds (Fat Man) or 20 seconds (Little Boy) to search for items. In the meantime, you cannot pick up items or take your family with you.   At the end of the search time, the nuclear weapons alarm goes off, and it starts counting 60 seconds. At this time, Ted's inventory is up to four compartments, and the number of compartments occupied by items and families varies, so it is important to draw the proper movement line in consideration of the number of compartments and move efficiently. (Despite the nuclear alarm, the rest of the family is doing their job in a leisurely manner.)   Inside the air defense shelter, it is a 2D adventure genre, and every day, it checks the family's condition by looking at a diary full of individuality, allocates food and water, and treats it with items such as first aid when injured or sick. You can periodically send someone to the ground to collect items. Occasional attacks of intensity, access by strangers, and the emergence of radioactive cockroaches require multiple items to respond appropriately or determine their behavior and allow bartering for occasional merchants.   At first glance, the way the game looks simple, and actually it is, but the reason why the difficulty of the game increases is that the game itself depends on luck from beginning to end. Even in the early days of packing, families, and items are randomly located, and all events taking place inside the shelter are triggered with a random probability. Even if you have a lot of items, you can easily see the ending by repeatedly getting the right items at the right time, while failing in connection with insomnia/earthquake/watering events from the 2nd day.  

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  There are so many items in this game and each one is important. The most important thing to choose is stew and water. In this game, tomato soup is your only food, and water is essential to humans, so it is better to pack two or more of these two things when you pack things for the first 60 seconds.   Other items include maps, radios, gas masks, axes, rifles, first aid boxes, ammunition, flashlights, books, insecticides, checkers, cards, and lock locks, where radio and one weapon and a book are really important items, so I recommend you to pack them. It's good to have the rest of the items, but if you haven't, let's look forward to the event in the game.   There are four main characters in this game, Ted, Dolores, Mary Jane, and Timmy.  

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Ted is the one who prepares things to take to the shelter for 60 seconds after the game starts and is the main character of the game. If you don't spend a long period of time exploring as the family's father, you go crazy. Other than radiation-induced diseases, there is no chance that family members will get hurt after exploring.  

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Dolores is a mother and is in an air defense shelter, preventing children from running away. Because of this, Dolores rarely explores, and if Ted dies, he cannot go out at all. (It's because the game is over if neither Ted nor Dolores are on the air defense.)  

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Mary Jane, the eldest daughter of the family, runs away from home if she has no parents or if she neglects hunger, dehydration, injury, or pain for a long time. One special thing is that it mutates at a low probability, which improves the ability to collect and immunize against all conditions except hunger and hunger. The strength is much stronger, so even when a robber is without a weapon, he uses his bare hands to catch a robber. Even if a probe is sent outside, it will return 100 percent regardless of radiation or the situation occupied by robbers.  

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Timmy runs away from home if he has no parents like Mary Jane, or if he neglects hunger, dehydration, injury, or pain for a long time. However, if a parent dies because he or she is young, the probability is high. His specialty is Boy Scout, and there are related scenarios, and his family teases him, saying that Timmy is the only one who has been trained in Boy Scout since the Boy Scout book has disappeared. Perhaps that's why there is a higher chance of exploding a jackpot in an expedition than in other families.  

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  There are many events during their survival, most of which occur randomly and come with a mixture of good and bad events. To tell you the typical story, there are times when only one of the three blood-like items is on the verge of being destroyed at the same time by fire, earthquake, and flood, and only one of them can be saved: 1. Map, card, radio 2, flashlight, radio, gas mask 3. Radio, book, first aid kit, and so on. All of these items play an important role in survival, so when this event comes up, I really cry. It is better to save the radio when the first and second come out, and to get a book when the third comes out. It's actually the worst event.   Among the good events are animal events. As the game progresses, there is an event in which the animal's eyes stare in the bushes, and if you select a flashlight, you find a dog and the animal event begins. From then on, this dog often comes out, and good things will happen if the event continues until the end.  

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There are four kinds of the survived ending: military unit ending, friendly ending, agent ending, and mad doctor ending. The way each ending is viewed is all different, and some can be viewed only if the conditions are met. The easiest ending is the ending of the military unit, and you can see the ending after various events, starting with hearing the news that you are coming to the radio for the first time. It will be fun to play the rest of the ending for yourself.   Please press-ups and write comments if you enjoyed it!  

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  • Pluto the Planet LV.6 Titan Jul 21, 2020, 07:31 AM

    The mobile version of this game is a NIGHTMARE with the 3d part, and I'm even a mobile player, like it's not impossible, not by a long shot but it's just annoying, I really wish they didn't have a dead zone on the joystick. (a dead zone is the area in which you can move the joy stick without any consequences or without anything happening {this might be shooting, walking, looking around, ect.})

  • HotHandLuke LV.21 Myers Jul 21, 2020, 11:36 AM

    Ohhh, I agree. The 3D parts are really annoying, but at least we can play though