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A Psycho Kid, A Crazy Religion, and Happy Animals??

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What is there to say about this? Agatha, dear little Agatha, you're one messed up kid and you live in one messed up community. A word of CAUTION, if you are very religious I say you stay away from this game, if not well I would say if it's on sale and you want a good laugh, you might want to check it out.

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There may be a few spoilers in this one and would have loved to post some clips for you all, but without a capture card, my Switch can only share to FB and/or Twitter, but I cant save them. Sad day, anyways to give you a quick run down of what this is all about: Agatha Knife, a small girl living in a small town and staying in the backroom of a Butcher shop. The Butcher Shop is struggling and Agatha wants her animals to be happy when she kills them. This seems a bit of a delima for Agatha, dont think too many people would be happy to be chopped up and eaten after being so loved. Step in Religion, this is where it became a spiral of humor for me. The story is twisted, but its very funny if you're open minded. The controls were very confusing at first because there is no tutorial, but press that + button and there's your controls. Get past the beginning and get into the story and you'll have 4 to 5 hours of laughs, but some very tedious tasks and dull monologue that can be repetitive is also thrown in the mix. Sure, if you want to get all the achievements in this one, get ready to play at least twice. There are achievements where you spend in game money and ones where you dont. You can catch that just by realizing you have at least two choices in some of the little puzzles. In the end I enjoyed the game for laughs, it has its downfalls, it could use some better screen transitions, that part got very annoying. I'll be giving this one 5 out of 10 sabers. 5/10 ⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔

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