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Can kinetic energy be converted into electrical energy? Can electrical energy be converted into kine


Yes. Electric cars and electric trains are a perfect example of this energy conversion. The motors function as electric generators every time the train or car goes down hill or slows down. The trains feed the surplus electricity back into the power grid while the car recharges its batteries.

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    What percentage of kinetic energy is converted into internal energy, now I will tell you?! This will depend on factors related to the formula of kinetic energy. For example, for a 4.8g particle that approaches a 7.4g particle that is still traveling at 3.0m/s, 60.185% of the original kinetic energy is converted into internal energy, learned from https://mywebstats.org/what-percentage-of-the-original-kinetic-energy-is-convertible-to-internal-energy/ What is kinetic energy? The energy of motion is known as kinetic energy. It offers knowledge about how the mass of an object affects its speed. Take this as an example. A truck and a car with the same engine cannot move at the same speed due to the mass of the former. The force of a person's impact is another illustration of kinetic energy, as it is stored within the body and transferred through the impact.