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What is the most profitable trading strategy?


trading strategy based on a Moving Average. The strategy is referred to as a universal one, and it is often recommended as the best Forex strategy for consistent profits.

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  • traderfx LV.2 Lurker Nov 22, 2021, 07:45 AM

    There are lots of good forex trading strategies - ; you should learn strategies before you start trading and this is a good starting point. Check the most commonly used forex trading strategies and see which ones suit you.

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  • PaulF88 LV.1 Mootie May 10, 2022, 12:43 AM

    Hi. I think you need to build your own strategy, cause there isn`t a universal for everyone. But if you can not do so, you can use a copy trading. As for me, I`m prefer xm broker copy trading ( ).