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How video games affect the brain


Video gaming is clearly a popular form of entertainment, with video gamers collectively spending 3 billion hours per week in front of their screens. Due to their widespread use, scientists have researched how video games affect the brain and behavior. Are these effects positive or negative?

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    Video games are not a recent invention. From pong and space invaders, to the latest blockbusters Call of Duty and Uncharted, gaming is part of our everyday lives. Contrary to popular belief, they can also be educational and even improve hand-eye coordination. Video games also support cognitive functions such as paysafe casinos reasoning, planning and puzzle solving. In this article I've detailed the research done over the years with regards to how video games affect the brain.

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    Gaming is a part of the entertainment, and people should use it for fun. This makes sense that if gamers spend 3 billion hours per week playing a video game, it will affect the brain. However, the experts give the time limit option while developing the gaming website. This will help the gamer to maximize the time limit.