Magz [Iridescent] LV.23 Rare Candy
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The justice I dealt


Yawning. Good afternoon Meg, shall we go see who the trial has for us today. “Sure” “I’ve only been here since yesterday” meg whispers through as she yawns. We both get up and walk to the broken building behind us at the bonfire. This is where we met the others after they had finished there trials. so much blood.... Claudette must’ve been working overtime on one the others. Its a good thing she knows a lot about botany and medicine. We gathered our things and handed our offerings to the entity shrine handing it my pestula petals from the start of the week long Halloween party the entity had been throwing. “It’s all fun and games for the killers but we have our lives on the line” I whisper nea spoke up from the behind the shadows “yea but when you know how to survive and get in the killers heads it makes it worth while”. appearing out of the blood realm. Covered from head to toe in what seems like blood and..... “ are those entrails”. I look across at meg to see a mortified expression. Praying to the keeper of the archives that meg makes it through the ordeal and doesn’t drag me to the basement with her. You’ll get used to it. Saying it over my shoulder. “If she makes it” through the other side of the building coming from the rift was Nancy and bill. Shaking my head, I tap her on the shoulder and show her my badge “the archive keeper gives us these for rank, right now I’m only rank twelve” speaking up louder for the bill in the back “ I know your only fresh but eleven trials won in a row isn’t to shabby for a newbie like you” “you ready? “ Nancy calls out We walk over to the trial portal. A screeching noise of a well tuned instrument shrieked across the camp. The entity had our attention immediately this signalled one of two things the match was starting and there was someone from another timeline joining us. It was another meg. Not shocked by this we proceeded into the portal leaving the new timeline meg to gasp for air after being transported to our trial. Frantic horror music for the hill billy and my heart beat in my ears. I was breathing heavily hoping that the meg I was with before would make it through the Trial to see a athletic woman in a red tracksuit sprint by. “ ok, so at least I know that my meg is fine” a scream from a meg taking a hit. Oh shit I run off in a sprint towards the screams seeing a red tracksuit in the killers grasp peeking over a generator I just started on. “I’d better save her anyway” “if she dies to quickly with these many generators to do we will all be sacrificed”. I run over to pull her off the hook the hill billy staring at her from across the jungle gym. My eyes widening, “ Fuck” . Feeling pain and warm blood spilling down my back from being hit hard, with the killers mallet. I notice the killer breaks away from me . Gritting my teeth. I gasp.” He’s not coming for me, HE’S TUNNELING THE MEG. I screamed wanting for anyone to come help. I didn’t want meg to help knowing how new she was. Nancy vaults over a pallet and takes a hit for the meg. He keeps going. Chasing her down, he’s right on her heels. Fuck it, I sprint up to behind the meg. “HIT ME, C’MON I’M RIGHT HERE” going down for the meg as three generators popped in the distance. With his massive deformed arm swung and I gave a quick last second dead hard sprint to make it through the door into the killer shack. Time went slow. “ I just need to make it, I just have to get though and..... the pallet... it’s ....not”. Fear flooded over me as the heavy metal mallet hits me. “That dumb all calf muscle, chicken breast for a brain meg. From the corner of my eye I see Nancy’s shirt through a panel on the wall. “Please have a flash light, please have a flash light”. She lunges around the door, still injured. I hear a click of the flash light and I start falling to the floor. I get to my feet and grab the Nancy pulling her by the hand to spin her around but as I look back I see her smile and hack her head. The tears in her eyes welling up. NOOOOO! The killer swung his mallet striking her in the spine watching as she feel to the ground and went limp. I could hear her simpering and sobbing before he picked her up. “ I can’t move” “go.....GO” she screamed. I Turned and ran wiping my face. “ there’s no time for tears, if the situation arises I’ll throw down my life again for someone else” I’m sorry, Nancy “ gritting my teeth hoping that my iron will will hold back my tears as well as my screams of pain. The killer stood watch as the entity finished her off. Kneeling behind a generator trying to hold back the tears and ignore the pain pooping the generator as I get up hearing the rev of a chainsaw. Time slowing again. No not again racing to the chest I seen and going my fastest hoping that the hair pin Nancy gave me to pick chests on our one year anniversary would hold under the pressure while I resiliently picked the lock on it pulling a full Medkit from the god send of a box. Healing my would a and drumming the pain. Times back to normal I look out the window and see him walking past staring straight at me with the red haired athlete on his shoulder. “Oh god” meg gasped stumbling back and tripping on something I run to the window and tell her to get in as her turns to her he lunges as she jumps. She grabs the window hoisting her self over quickly and quietly. But despite her quick and quite jump for victory he grabbed her two . “no No NO NO NO” I whispered in fear as he hooked her as well. Sprinting away to the last gen cursing the bad luck brought upon us and the stupidity of the meg. I fished the gen and snuck around looking for the hook the meg was on. Spotting her on the other side of the field I raced over and pulled her from the hook. No slow motion no music just a scream from meg and an insidious bastard standing behind me. Realising too late. I went down, yelling at the meg to run he gave chase but turned back to me. And with a fast paced stride came to pick up the new trophy to replace his stolen one. Placing me on the hook I screamed in absolute agony as a sacrificial hook perched my shoulder the meg powering the gate I was done my promise for filled to make her sacrifice Nancy’s sacrifice mean something by helping someone who had yet to live their life. I felt cold hands touch my face “ did you really think I wasn’t watching you”. My eyes becoming wide and filling with tears. “ but you were sacrificed, how are you....” her finger pressed against my lips shushing me. “I brought you something” she said reaching behind her pulling out a salt pouch and our photo of us at the archive keepers library. She reached down and tied the salt pouch to my belt next to her bow and my time glass charm. “I’m sorry “ she said smashing the glass of the frame giving me the largest shard and rolling the photo. “ I’ll give this to the keeper for safe .... keeping”. A smile lighting up her face she came closer and gave me a kiss my heart started racing. “ now go, and live your life like I meant for you to”. I wasn’t giving up. Not now, not ever. Hoisting my body up and trying to flick my self off the hook. No luck. I tried again with a bigger kick this time flicking my legs up. Again no luck. “I only have one more shot”. This time with every single bit of my strength I hoisted my self up and gave the biggest kick of my life with no meg or killer in sight as the trial started to burn. The gates open. With a final scream I jumped off the hook. I landed in a sprinting stance holding my stomach and took off towards the open gate. With only a few meters to go I seen the glint of light off of a chainsaw blade and a heavy black mallet came crashing down on my back it was then and only then did I realise “NO OnE EsCaPEs DEATH”. The low guttural voice of the killer spoke. “Do SaY HEllO To The EntITy FOR Me”. I looked down scared for my life I grabbed the glass shard Nancy handed me. “TELL HIM YOURSELF”. As I plunged it into his neck and lunging out the gate. Thankyou for reading. this took me about all of two hours to right it’s got a more of a twist to it but this was based off of one of my actual games and I lost my video gameplay so I have decided to write short dbd story I do have other stories as well and when I have the time I really get into it leave an F in the chat for Nancy if you read all the way through. I have a twitch btw so feel free to drop by and follow it’s in my bio my twitter link is also there Twitter: Officially_Emp1y

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