Dead by Daylight Montage

Check out my friend’s DBD montage, if you like it make sure to subscribe 😄

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Come watch us play. Don’t be scared to talk to us.

Check out Dead by daylight- TTTKA >=}

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Come watch me play. Or come on and join us.

Check out Dead by daylight- TTTKA >=}

LV.12 Super Star 3d

Come watch my stream and have a chat with me

LV.12 Super Star 3d

I'm live again

LV.16 Myers 3d

Here’s part two guys check out the new vid with my drunk homie

LV.7 Nomad 4d

Let get funkyyyyyyy 😜

come watch me play dbd on twitch, Have a chat with me, keep me entertained while I entertained you. Keep me company as I kill the company. 😈

Let get funkyyyyyyy 😜
LV.12 Super Star 5d

Wouldn't be funny if I play wraith


LV.16 Myers 8d

I'm actually streaming

LV.16 Myers 8d

Yo sub to the channel it would help a lot but check out this funny vid with my drunk homie

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Trah trapper

Sorry for the late notification but new video

LV.16 Myers 8d

First stream

First stream u welcome me and I welcome you with sub or follow games don't care

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Wanna join a Clan?

Hiya! I have a fairly new clan, it just started out and if you’d like to join and make it grow bigger, just message me and I’ll tell you the details!

Wanna join a Clan?
LV.11 Insomniac 11d

Greatest Killer Ever!!

I was having a rough day of annoying and stupid killers, and teammates that got me killed and then this pig came along and made me feel better and just made my day 😀😀!! We all need us a killer friend like this pig I played against (and yes I know I was a little greedy late game)!

LV.7 Champion 12d

Game been tripping

LV.3 Lurker 12d

Huntress deadly long distance shot. We all died

LV.5 Lurker 16d

Let's go?

So recently I joined moot a little over 3 months I only have one follower and I want that to change so if you would please give a big follow also if you want subscribe once again I just want to make YouTube a part of me and I want to thank you guys so much have a great afternoon

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Hello fellow gamers I sore burger aka the 12 year old kid who plays dbd we are so close to going to 10 subscribers and I need you guys to smash that subscribe button so I can make the sub special plez hope you have a wonderful day today I will make poll while you guys are reading this see you in the fog.

LV.5 Lurker 16d

What I'm currently trying to do

I'm currently trying to get clips for looping the killer which if taking a lot of time since the killer A. Loses me B. Knows how to run loops or C. Gives up and goes to someone else. I know it sounds like I'm being rushed but I'm not I'm taking my time. Sorry if this shouldn't be in promotions. :)

LV.16 Myers 20d

Rare embarrassing gameplay

This clip is only available for viewing via this moot post. I’ll warn you now.... it’s very embarrassing and quite loud!


LV.30 Mod 21d

Pro trapper

Check out White Phosphorus Ultra Blast

LV.5 Lurker 22d

I get adept meg but funny things happen

LV.16 Myers 22d

I play wraith with iridescent emblems

LV.16 Myers 24d

Why Solo-Cueing in games sometimes isn’t fun

Feel free to watch this if you’d like but this was a boring game and shows why I hate solo-cueing as survivor especially in low ranks. If you play like this just get off the game and play a single player game bc the other 4 in this game pissed me off and proved why I left this game for a few months. I’m glad I’m back except that this is what I’m dealing with in 50% of matches. Either this or killers suck and I’m playing level 2 trappers that are playing their second game ever. This is just annoying and sorry about a bit of my salt but if you play this you shouldn’t play multiplayer games bc you make other people’s time miserable. Thanks for listening to my TedTalk and enjoy my boring survivor gameplay.

LV.7 Champion 25d

Videos up on my channel alot of dead by daylight check it out

LV.15 Big Chungus 1mo

I play wraith

LV.16 Myers 1mo

I loop a huntress

New video trying somthing new with my commentary tell me If you like it.

LV.16 Myers 1mo

Making a nurse DC back at it again

LV.16 Myers 1mo

How I made friends with Michael

LV.16 Myers 1mo


I’m a rank 7 need people on Xbox that I can play seriously with but chill at the same time my tag is Moonbyull message me and I’ll add

LV.3 Lurker 1mo