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DBD Crash Course: The Honorable Survivor

Last week we took a deep look at what playstyles and habits a killer should apply to their game to up their play as an Honorable Killer with the sole intention of making the game as toxic-less as possible for survivors. This week, the coin is flipped, and we’ll be taking a look at the survivor side of this responsibility, lord save me.

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First off, let’s discuss the difference between this guide and my previous guides for survivors. Namely, the entire point: This guide will not help you become rank 1, it will not help you win, and it will not sharpen your game in any competitive sense. Running quite to the contrary of my normal guides, this piece will only help you in becoming a more honorable player. Why would you want to study that? Simply because DBD, in its current form, lacks in-game mechanics to prevent toxicity or punish players who play in a toxic manner. Because of this, there’s a ever-shrinking group of players that purposely go out of their way to make sure each game they’re in is as fun as possible for everyone involved. This article aims to bring new recruits to those ranks, and with that as preamble, let’s get started.   #GeneralGameplay

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Contrary to the sorry state Killers are in, Survivors don’t actually have to *give* anything to their opponents to be an honorable player. You should never be purposely letting a killer hit you, down you, or anything of the like to your teammates simply to make them enjoy the game more.   Obviously you *can* let them do that, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Bad killers can only become better if you play properly against them, so do just that. That being said, there are some things to take into consideration, and we’ll start with the obvious stuff.   T-Bagging, to start, should rarely ever be something you do. I understand it can become habit to spam the control key after a good play, but try your best to avoid doing this. It doesn’t do much for you, but it can absolutely tilt a killer who, to be completely honest, is already playing a role in a game that gives him / her very little to work with.   The same can be said for clicky clickies on the flashlights or hanging around the exit gates just to taunt the killer when the game is over and won, don’t do it. It’s satisfying to rub good plays into your opponent’s faces, but if you don’t want to be insufferable, let the plays speak for themselves.   In terms of teamplay, all you really need to do is not sandbag, farm, or grief your teammates in some other manner and you’re fine. You can play inefficiently, risky, and everything those two terms encompass and as long as you don’t do any of the purposeful griefing, you’re fine. If you want to try and be an asset, aim to get at least 1.5 gens worth of progress done before dying or escaping and you will have done your part for the team.   Just don’t sandbag… or play immersed in the corner of the map… or run self-care (it’s really bad).   #ItemsAndPerks

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Any survivor main should have known this was coming, but it has to be said. There are some items and perks that just shouldn’t be in the game. A skeleton key with an Amber addon? A skeleton key? Decisive Strike? Or maybe just Decisive Strike with unbreakable as a combo? I’m not going to tell you what philosophy you should subscribe to revolving around the meta of the game, but if you feel something is overpowered (or downright broken) don’t take it into the game.   What I will say is that, yes, keys, in their current form, are broken and you should never take them into the game. This is the equivalent of stating the obvious fact that Mories are broken and should never be taken into the game. If you have a problem with one statement and not the other, you’re likely an dishonorable opponent to begin with.   The same can be said for Septic agents and insta-heals (yes, they are STILL instant heals despite the timer effect). Don’t use them if you want to be an honorable survivor, they are absolutely busted.   #Post-game I’ll give the same advice to survivors in the post-game chat as I gave to killers in the post-game chat: Complimenting genuine skill when you see it is far more powerful and lasting than trying to hash out an argument over the internet. You won’t change their mind, and the argument will only tilt you. A compliment costs nothing and is quickly done with.   Where there are no compliments to give, send a simple GG and move on. There’s nothing else to be done.   And absolutely NEVER resort to being one of those people who leaves reviews on someone’s steam page. That’s rock bottom, right below being a p3 quad claud team.   GLHF, -E

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