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Dead by Daylight’s Advanced Survivor Crash Course

So you’ve played as a survivor for a while now and want to know if there is anything you can do to hone your efficiency and increase your pip rates across all your matches. Perhaps you’re a survivor main, or perhaps you’re a die-hard killer who wants to know how to play the other half of the game for one reason or another.   Either way, you’ve clicked on the right article. Whether or not you play in solo-queue or survive with friends, and whether or not you’re already rank 1, you’re playing in ways that can be improved. You can always get better, and this guide is going to help you do that with a few crucial rules you should be following to test and better yourself. Starting with the basics, applied to their fullest potential.   Quick note: I won’t be talking about perks, since i’ve a whole other article for that right here:

Gen Pressure ~~~~~~~~~~

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Your job, as an advanced survivor, is NOT to repair the generators until the killer is near you. Your job is to repair the generators until it is no longer worthwhile for the killer to ignore you. This means, in some cases, that you’ll be doing the generators right under the killer’s nose while he occupies himself with another survivor.   Practice using your perks and surroundings to gauge whether or not the killer is, in fact, going to focus you. Because if he isn’t, every second spent not doing a generator is a second wasted. In some cases this is an easy task, such as the beginning of the game, when the killer has no one else to focus on, or at the end, when a NOED trapper is darting straight for you.   But for those mid-game moments, practice saving your sprint bursts and window vaults only for moments of need and not pre-emptive escapes.   This also applies to hook saves. If you’ve just started a generator at the same time as someone getting hooked, your first instinct should not to be to go for the save. Sit on the generator and see how the field develops. If someone pops a gen, for example, they are likely going to go for a save, so you can sit easy. But if someone were to get into a chase, then its likely that you’re going to have to go after the unhook, as there are only two capable survivors on the map, and its better safe than sorry.   Running Kindred eliminates this unfortunate guessing game and makes you a far, FAR more efficient survivor when it comes to generator pressure. And running with a SWF makes all of this irrelevant anyway.   Side note: always go for great skill checks. You get a 2% bonus to gen speeds, which over the course of the game, will add up to a good 20%-30% boost in speeds. That’s nuts and underutilized by the majority of the community. If you can’t hit them yet, practice.     Altruism ~~~~~~

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A.K.A. heals and saves, for the most part. Some absolute rules you should know by now: Never run self care. Always heal a survivor to injured if they’re on the ground. Almost never heal a survivor fully unless you have buffed heal speeds. You should always have borrowed time equipped. In the event you don’t have borrowed time equipped, don’t go for saves, you cabbage. If someone saves YOU with borrowed time, take a hit for them. That immunity is temporary, so you might want to get some use out of it before its gone. Be prepared to have to run the killer around right after being unhooked. Say “GG” in the post-match screen. Unless you have some compliments, nothing more, nothing less. The killers might be toxic, and your Claudette teammate might have been hiding all game in the corner of the map, but killers have enough toxicity in the game itself to deal with, and nothings going to stop bad survivors from getting into your rank 1 games (actually, a good ranking system might, but that’s probably not happening anytime soon). Say “GG” and move on.   That’s basically the basics. You’re just meant to get your teammates off the hooks and in working order. Don’t heal them fully unless you’re running We’ll Make It, have Botany Knowledge, or have a med-kit, as it's not worth the time spent, in most cases.   And about that borrowed time point, you should seriously always be running it. Killers might be punished for staying near hooks, but they definitely aren’t rewarded for leaving them, so expect to always be unhooking in dangerous situations. If you’re having trouble making the saves without going 1 for 1, you either need to stop going to the hook as early as you are, or you need to practice. Likely both!   The Grey Areas ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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The totems, chests, hook sabo-ing, and other obscure parts of the game.   Playing around totems, in my opinion, is more often than not a waste of time, but can be made into a legitimate strategy using the right perks. Namely Detective’s Hunch and Inner Strength. But you have to not waste time and fearlessly charge into objective locations. Pop a gen, do a totem, repeat. No hiding and no sacrificing a phase on your teammate’s hook progress for a totem. Simply, a straightforward and efficient playstyle is required to succeed in playing around totems and NOED, otherwise you’ll never get to the NOED stage of the game anyway. I hate chests with a passion, to be completely honest with you. Don’t do them unless it's absolutely vital you get a med-kit in the next 10 seconds. Otherwise it's a waste of time, and always a gamble.   Don’t hook sabotage unless you’re playing with a coordinated SWF for reasons of time. But even then it's pretty toxic, so be prepared to feel some shame.   Don’t run keys. Just don’t. I don’t care if a challenge wants you to do XYZ, just don’t run them until a rework. If you do, you only give the killer license to bring a mori, and then you have no right to be upset about it. If you want to escape through the hatch, do it normally and get your teammates out before jumping.   Have I missed anything? Errrr, oh yes. Chases! Of course!   Chases ~~~~~~ Don’t throw the pallet down AND get hit, you absolute cabbage, you.     GLHF -E  

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