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Top 5 Killer Perks of March/April: Dead by Daylight

No meme builds, no star-aligning combos, nothing fancy at all. Just the top 5 killer perks in Dead by Daylight rated based on their own strength. Without further ado…   #5: Monitor And Abuse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Yes, 8 meters matters that much. That’s starting every chase you get into 8 meters closer, assuming you know how to approach a generator. That can be the difference between a 10 second chase and a 1 minute chase.   This perk is highly underrated by the more inexperienced of the killer community, but the better you are at the game, the better this perk becomes.   #4: Whispers ~~~~~~~~~~

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Getting looped for a minute or two is bad, but most killers don’t realize they spend that much time each game searching for survivors that don’t happen to be in the area. That’s a terribly inefficient use of time that has to be avoided at all costs in today’s meta of 4 minute games.   Whispers not only prevents wasting time searching in empty areas, but also tells you where the survivor likely is, if you know how to measure the distances properly. Like monitor, this perk is often under-utilized and underrated, but definitely deserves #4 on this list.   #3: Discordance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  It’s like BBQ n’ Chili, but you are guaranteed to interrupt two survivors’ generator progress and can be used at the very start of the game. Incredible perk, and I doubt anyone is unaware of just how good this is on every killer.   If you don’t have it, get it, and stop using BBQ (Unless you’re greedy for BP).   #2: Infectious Fright ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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It’s no secret that slugging is perhaps the most efficient way to snowball your lead into a victory in today’s game. That being said, the true power of this perk is that it lets you know, with certainty, whether or not you should be waiting near a survivor’s hook or if you should patrol gens.   If this perk doesn’t activate after downing someone, hook and patrol. If it does, slug and continue chasing for maximum pressure. Incredible perk, should be used with almost 100% of killers (and then, sometimes, 100% of killers anyway).   #1: Corrupt Intervention ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Why is it rank 1? Well, an artificial reduction of map size that forces survivors to pick from a generator pool that is; closer to your spawn as a killer, more stuck together allowing for easier patrolling, and often far less safe to sit on as they tend to be away from the edges of the map, all in one perk. That's why.   This means that a survivor’s early game is spent not sitting on a generator, but having to run (or walk, slowly) to find one that is close to you. It also means that, because of the smaller gen pool, they are more likely to stack multiple survivors on top of just one or two instead of spreading the pressure out.   Incredibly underrated and is the one perk that has no conditions and works 100% of the time. Consistency is key, and Corrupt Intervention gets the job done no matter what, and is by far the best killer perk in the game.   Test some of these perks out for yourself, if you want. But keep in mind, builds are just as hard to master as individual killers themselves, so give it some time and learn each perks strengths and weaknesses.   GLHF, -E  

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  • ProdegyGamer LV.22 Assassin Mar 30, 2020, 08:15 AM

    I have two disagreements apart from if you’re swf, kindred is useless. First, iron will. As someone who loves the perk iron will, it’s a waste of a perk slot at high rank. The only way it’s really good is if you can manage to get far enough away to hide. As far as tracking, they can track blood too, not just sound. My other disagreement, is sprint burst. SB is a terrible perk imo because you can’t run around the map to get to gens without putting it on cd. I prefer to run lithe to get better control of my adrenaline usage.

  • Czarnicks LV.9 Nomad Mar 30, 2020, 08:53 AM

    You seem to misunderstand the point of Iron Will's viability in the game. It's not strong because you're trying to lose the killer. That rarely happens to begin with, assuming the killer is decent.

    Iron Will is good because it makes the killer mind-game you instead of track you by sound during tile loops. This is most easy to understand if you imagine the spirit not being able to hear her injured opponents. Losing the killer isn't something you expect to happen at rank 1. Wasting his time is, and how you do that is squeezing as much time out of loops as possible. AKA, increasing your odds of successful mind games

    Secondly, Lithe is widely excepted as the worst exhaustion perk, even if it is fun to run. It requires you to play around windows that are often not things you want to run away from anyway. Good players loop the windows around jungle gyms / shacks etc... and rarely want to risk jumping through and unsafe window just to make use of a burst of speed.

    Sprint burst will be wasted in the beginning of the match assuming there isn't a gen close enough to walk to without wasting a chunk of time, yes. But that's only applied to the one survivor that the killer finds. The other three, assuming they are using SB, will have an instant escape at their disposal by the time the killer comes their way, regardless if a loop / window / pallet is nearby or not. Dangerous gens become safe, and that's enough to make it the best exhaustion perk in the game since balance landing's nerf. This is without mentioning the fact that high ranked teams often play around 99%'ing their SB to make altruistic plays that just aren't possible otherwise.

    Just to reiterate, at rank 1 you need consistency and an even playing field against a killer on tiles. Iron Will and SB provide this, Lithe does not.

  • ProdegyGamer LV.22 Assassin Mar 30, 2020, 09:20 AM

    You make a solid point on sprint burst, but I still stand by my opinion of iron will. I feel there are just better things you can run in it’s place, especially if you’re running 4 of the perks you mentioned. Kindred in solo queue would be better in its stead. Just my personal opinion despite that I love iron will