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Dear DBD Community: Don't Touch Gen Speeds

A common complaint about the current state of Dead by Daylight often appearing around high ranked play is how difficult it is for killers to apply enough pressure on a good team of survivors to successfully rank up in a consistent manner.   The reappearing theme usually revolving around some issue with the speed at which generators are repaired, and how unlikely it is for even a high-skilled killer to succeed against survivors that choose to do their objectives in a timely manner.

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  It's a frustrating reality of the game that killers deal with that almost 100% of the time leads to a misguided call for increased generator speeds. I believe that an action by BHVR to make generators take longer to repair would not only be short-sighted but also incredibly detrimental to Dead by Daylight’s long term health.   The actual issues with the game is not the speed at which generator’s are repaired, but the lack of variety in objectives and tools given to survivors to have interesting and involved matches. Now, before you click off this article, let me explain.   Currently, a survivor's main goal is to fulfill their emblem categories requirements and escape the trial. This consists of repairing generators, sometimes being chased, and sometimes going for unhooks for teammates. This might have been interesting gameplay in alpha, but the game is growing older and is in need of a slight rework to the objectives it's currently oriented around.

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  First off, before mentioning any other changes, survivors need to feel like their role in the team matters, and they need to have some form of communication so that their games can be balanced around a team of four who work together as opposed to a group of four who simply play around each other. This can be implemented by introducing a perk pick stage before the match starts, ensuring everyone is using perks that have synergies with their team and don’t actively work against their goal (4 auto-didacts are probably horrible, but one autodidact on a dedicated healer is probably decent). This is also a step in the right direction in balancing the game around the assumption that the survivors are communicating with each other. That is to say, the team of four on comms are far superior in efficiency when compared to the team of four random solo queue players, and this step (and hopefully the other steps later mentioned) will make it so the four randoms have more coordination with each other.   Another change that should be taken into consideration is making Kindred a built-in mechanic of the game.

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Currently, when a survivor who is not in an external chat system with friends (discord, skype, etc…) gets hooked, his teammates have no means by which to tell if he’s being camped, if someone is coming for an unhook, or if everyone is busy with another objective. Take this guessing game out of the trials and let everyone see who’s doing what without Kindred being required. This provides survivors with more consistency in their teammate’s altruism and encourages killers to move away from hooks and pressure the survivors in ways other than camping.   The third and most simple change is to give the survivors a totem counter so that they can keep track of how many totems are left in the game. With this change, BHVR can feel comfortable with the next suggestion that, once again, I’ll ask for you to let me explain before clicking off.   Make No One Escapes Death a built-in mechanic of the game. There, I said it. You’re upset, but I still think I’m correct and you’re probably not going to be able to convince me otherwise right now. Hrumph!

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  No, but seriously. The power in NOED isn’t that you can one hit someone at the end of the game for an easy hook, but that the only way to play around it is for survivors to spend time looking for and cleansing totems. With the totem counter changes mentioned above, survivors can accurately assess whether or not they still need to find the last couple of totems before popping the last gen, or if they can simply end the game ASAP.   These changes mean that throughout the trial, survivors are forced to spend extra time totem cleansing while also freeing up perk slots for killers who find NOED a necessity in today’s game. This can all be implemented while not touching generator speeds, which are perfect in my opinion, disregarding toolboxes and stacking multiple survivors on them, that is. But those two things are for another article, and are somewhat addressed in patch 3.6.   In this theoretical version of the game, generator speeds are still lenient enough to solo in a reasonable amount of time, but also long enough that hitting great skills checks would still reward good survivors with meaningful percentages off the total repair time, while also giving killers either more time to play DURING the gen repair stage, or a stronger late game to punish survivors who choose to ignore totems altogether.   Agree or disagree, I doubt simply making M1ing generators take more time is something that is healthy for the game, even if it makes life more fair for killers. But maybe you’ve some ideas of your own? Post in the comments below, if you give a good enough argument, you just might change my mind.   GLHF, -E  

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