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Nov 28, 2019, 12:40 PM 41 read

DLC Glitch?

So recently, a couple hours ago actually, I bought the Stranger Things DLC. I play a few other games and then come back, I don't bother checking to see if I got it and just play a game with Claudette. After the game I go to the store to check the shrine, and see that the Demogorgon and Steve are being advertised still for 500 auric cells each. I go and check to see if I have them just to make sure and I don't, I can't select them since it just puts me back to the store screen. I check my DLC that I have purchased, I'm on PS4, and I own it. I go to check if I was charged for it and I was. Right now I'm reinstalling the game to see if I can use them after that, but I was wondering if anyone else has experiences this and if it's fixable via reinstallation of Dead by Daylight. Is it a Sony problem? Behaviour problem?

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