reweigh reweigh LV.6 Freedom!
Jul 10, 2019, 09:02 AM 103 read

Joy oh joy. More gore? Fun galore!

Today we speak on a topic that could yet also could not be quite controversial.(Even though ubisoft slipped by without a scratch[more on that later]) Does anyone else agree that maybe...just maybe Dead By Daylight requires more detail and brutality in gore/blood effects? The moris are far too bland yet they're portrayed to be quite more brutal than they actually are displayed. Ex: Leatherface's Memento Mori. Enter For Honor: A place where beheadings and executions are the norm and are REQUIRED for survival. Displayed in detail as dismemberment and death are avaliable to your choosing , should you have enough steel depending on the "hero" you play. From Scottish Highlanders to (Quite) Handsome Dual Blade wielding Japanese Men. It is all yours to kill as you please. Disembodied heads flying about with blood spat on your blades , armor or appearal in general. Arms next to dead corpses of the fallen and midgets that happen to be impaled every 0.5 seconds by a pissed off scotsman swinging his sword around like "Violence is magic" as if it were a child's toy. Later he'll get knocked off to his death in a pit of spikes but thats a story for another time. Remember when I said Ubisoft slipped away unscathed from said controversy? They made For Honor. *Inception Noise* Yup. So. If a big time mainstream game company like Ubisoft can do it, why can't Behaviour? Is it mysogynistic or racist to mori a Claudette or a team of claudettes? No. Is it toxic as all hell? Debatable depending on how they played. But if such a scenario is to be , its toxic to have a team full of claudettes to begin with and thus you essentially are just begging to be mori'd by a fucking Legion. Let me know your thoughts below.

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