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Builds of the week 2 and Apologies

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I've failed to continue on a weekly basis due to being busy and contended with other things in real life. I'm probably either going to change up the name or make it to a "Builds of the whenever." Series because I'm likely not going to be very consistent. I'm not really one to argue or be consistent. I thought I could manage this but believe it or not its actually a lot harder to cover 16 killers and now 16 survivors (every other week) than you may think. That said. Let us begin. To kick us off with a Killer build I've decided on a Super Speed Doctor Build with a hint of madness garnish. High Stim Electrode and an Iridescant King (Or just whatever, I'm really just focusing on speed.) As for perks I'm going. Play With Your Food Agitation Save The Best For Last And Fire Up (The reason I'm choosing Fire Up is because its , honestly more universal than Bamboozle. And with the way Behaviour nerfed killer shack and wall infinites in general , Bamboozle isn't really as nescacarry as it once was. And being able to kick those gens faster, Consume pallets for breakfast and still keep up with survivors is amazing. Thus , is why I enjoy Fire Up more.) The Barret M82 Nurse. Oh boy. Now , I'm gonna be real. I would not recommend. Touching the nurse add ons, at all. Because it messes with muscle memory and it fucks everything up. And unless you have an infinite stock of plaid flannel or black wards. Its going to be a living hell. Unless you're a god nurse that is. But , thats just me. Now , for the Sniper Nurse add ons I say. Plaid Flannel and Ataxic Respiration. It shows you where you land and it gives you so much map pressure that Gen Rushing , will be impossible. Perks. I plan on being a mainly one shot Nurse but with sights as well. That said. Two builds will actually be mentioned. One generally around Yoinks and slugs. The other around one shots. Yoink Build. Discordance Surveillance(Thank you god for the buff) Rancor And Barbecue and Chili One shot build Hex: Devour Hope Hex: Haunted Grounds Make your Choice And of course , how can we forget? NoED Now with that out of the way. The "FUCK , FUCK x5, FUUUUUUUUU" Pig. This build is meant to make survivors shit their pants in fear while you induce as much stress as absolutely possible. A Black Ward is highly recommended for this though as these add ons are both extremely hard to get back. As one is an Ultra Rare while the other is Very Rare. Rules Set No.2 and Tampered Timer As for perks this is for even more stress and to keep them off of generators. Hex: Ruin(Or Huntress Lullaby) Thanatophobia Discordance And A Nurses Calling. Now for the Blubberface Build. Sick of getting pallets slammed on your face? Sick of also getting blinded at what could have been those yoinks or hits at slow vaults? Then this build is for you as you will be FUCKING INVINCIBLE! Add ons , Light Chassis and Depth Gauge Rake The (All your offense is belong to lard) perk build. Spirit Fury Enduring Lightborn And (You're gonna laugh) Mad Grit! (To get rid of body blocking the hook.) (This would be Freddy's spot but I'll wait on his rework.) Now for the THICC ASS BOYAH build.(Clown) This build is meant to literally have possibly the world's largest terror radius while also seeing and hearing everything. Its mainly switching for the role of the Shocktah, but saying "Nah, ya boi gon' hit up Burger King first." Add ons. Garish Makeup Kit and Sulfuric Acid Perks Distressing Unnerving Presance A Nurses Calling And Infectious Fright. The "VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM" Tunneling down on your toxic genrushing Billy. Oh , Gen rushing? I'm putting an end to that. Add ons. Thompsons Moonshine and Carberator Tuning Guide Perks Discordance Huntress Lullaby Surveillance And Pop Goes the Weazel. Done. Next we're going of course. Mega Mori Myers J Myers Memorial and Judith's Tombstone for the Mori add ons with a Shrike Wreath because god knows you'll be wasting Pudding and Cakes on anything else. Perks Devour Hope Haunted Grounds Discordance and Surveillance. You're not focusing on Gens , you're focusing on Moris. If you really want to keep a game though , Switch Devour Hope to Dying Light and your Tombstone Add On to a Dead Rabbit , your shrike wreath is to be switched for an Ivory Mori. Next, Is the "Gots me a fuckin' claudey cunt mate." build , AKA , Australian Huntress. Add ons. Infantry Belt and a Flower Babushka. Get those easy shots on em. Perks. Rancor Surveillance Haunted Grounds And M&A or Shadowborn nExT The Wallhacks Ghostface Driver's License and Drop Leg Knife Sheathe add ons. Cut coin offering to lower potential flashlights. Perks Rancor Nurses Calling Discordance And Surveillance. Now for the "Where'd my items go" Hag With every slap , you cause a Jeff to lose weight. Add ons Waterlogged Shoe and a Willow Wreath with the cut coin offering Perks Franklin's Demise Overwhelming Presence Distressing Unnerving Presence And now for , although its toxic. Its effective. The not so yet still slugging Plague. Add ons. Devotee's Amulet and Worship Tablet because Angry Puke Perks Sloppy Butcher Franklin's Demise Dark Devotion and Discordance to repeat the process. Next is Bleugh. The Mendpocalypse Legion. Nasty and Filthy Blades for add ons. Perks M&A Franklin's Demise Corrupt Intervention And Play with your food. Now for our last four. Phew. The "I just shit myself to a grudge bitch" Spirit Add ons are Yakuyoke Amulet and Prayer Beads Bracelet Perks are M&A Tinkerer Dark Devotion And Discordance(For those BIG yoinks) The "still overplayed as shit" Wraith Coxcombed Clapper and "All Seeing" Blood Perks are M&A Lightborn Fire Up And Rancor Last but not least we have. The poster boy. (Trapper) Add ons Logwood Dye and Fascinating Tools Perks are. Fire Up Pop Goes the Weazel Hex: Haunted Ground And A Nurses Calling. There you have it , I got lazy towards the end, noticeably at that. But I still did everything in one big piece. Any questions drop em below. Till' next time. Peace.

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