Who’s trinna play ?

Anyone is valid

LV.2 Lurker 6h

Finally got to a green rank as a survivor

this is a achievement for me because I'm a killer main

Finally got to a green rank as a survivor
LV.16 Myers 20h

So we’re back after a long break.

I took a long ass break from this game. Probably about 2-3 updates worth of a break. But now I’ve come back and I’m actually having a good time with the new system. It’s not that bad. Killers still play the same, survivors do too. But with my wisdom of the game. I don’t let it bother me as much as I used to. I’m happy that me and DBD can have a solid relations again.

LV.6 Frankenstein 1d

Come watch the stream it’s hilarious plz I feel alone

LV.3 Lurker 1d

Im gud git gud

Im gud git gud
LV.7 Nomad 2d

Finally bought it again ✊✊

And I bought Nancy wheeler from stranger things ✊

LV.26 Nightmare 2d

Dlc I want in order

1. The saw chapter
2. Oni chapter
3. Ghostface capter
4. Nightmare on elm street chapter
5. Stranger things chapter
6. Shaterd blood line
Sorry I don't remember all chapter names

LV.16 Myers 3d

Wraith build request

Give me wraith build request. I might not be able to play all because of time and I dont have all perks. I will give a brief summary of what I thought of the build

LV.16 Myers 3d

The survivors I've been getting v2

So the survivors I've been getting just want to farm. I know it's for achieves, but I had to earn mine the hard way. It doesn't make sense to me because they are supposed to test your skill not if you can farm (sorry for ranting)

LV.16 Myers 4d

How to fix moris

Make it to where they can be moried on second hook so It waist the killers time but the killer can feel more powerful

LV.16 Myers 5d

It’s the mother fing oni chan

Dadadada it’s the mother fing oni Chan oni Chan mother fer



So I just got face camped by the new killer..

LV.15 Lets Play DBD! 6d

When Is it good to run NoED

1. They all have flashlights
2. No ruin (or it's an easy game for survivor)
3. You have a hard time chasing survivors
These are all the ones I could think of. Tell me if you have more

LV.16 Myers 6d

Oni Update realeased on consoles right now! ;)

Good luck and kill or survive playing it on switch right now btw

LV.12 Happy Halloween! 6d

Oni is out today

I'm not going to buy his. Chapter yet because I'm poor but I think is a pretty good chapter so far. Cant wait to see the next one

LV.16 Myers 6d


A killer that requires no skill except being able to hit survivors.

LV.15 Lets Play DBD! 6d

Old ruin

Does anyone remember old ruin, it was the worst. It put the effect on certain survivors in till tier 3. Tier 1 was 2 survivors, tier 2 was 3 survivors, and tier 3 was all survivors. Now for a question, do you think it should be brought back. That would be a big no from me.

LV.16 Myers 7d

I'm crying bruhhh

I'm crying bruhhh
LV.17 Walked the Plank 7d

Gamers !!

Looking for more people to play Dead By Daylight with

LV.2 Lurker 7d

Come watch me!

LV.5 Lurker 8d

My boy was drunk when I was recording please sub to the channel

LV.7 Nomad 8d

Custom Game glitch

How do I get into a custom game without it disconnecting out?

LV.2 Lurker 8d

Quite a quick 4k as huntress

It was a mid rank game, I wasn't bullying rank 20s.

Quite a quick 4k as huntress
LV.3 Pumpkin Pie! 8d

Offering meyers 4k, no perks, no addons.

I somehow made a rank 8 D/C

Offering meyers 4k, no perks, no addons.
LV.3 Pumpkin Pie! 8d

New video

So I made a poll over a week or days ago saying which video do you guys want people chose survivor do u guys really want to see me die?

LV.5 Lurker 10d

This is me outplaying this "sneaky" Nea.

P.S she screamed when I got her.

This is me outplaying this "sneaky" Nea.
LV.3 Pumpkin Pie! 10d

DLC Glitch?

So recently, a couple hours ago actually, I bought the Stranger Things DLC. I play a few other games and then come back, I don't bother checking to see if I got it and just play a game with Claudette. After the game I go to the store to check the shrine, and see that the Demogorgon and Steve are being advertised still for 500 auric cells each. I go and check to see if I have them just to make sure and I don't, I can't select them since it just puts me back to the store screen. I check my DLC that I have purchased, I'm on PS4, and I own it. I go to check if I was charged for it and I was.

Right now I'm reinstalling the game to see if I can use them after that, but I was wondering if anyone else has experiences this and if it's fixable via reinstallation of Dead by Daylight. Is it a Sony problem? Behaviour problem?

LV.3 Lurker 11d

Hard achieves 1-3

This won't be all the tomes just ones I remember
1. Save 2 people safely off the hook during end-game collapse
2. Sacrifice 2 people with NoED during end-game collapse
These are the only ones I remember

LV.16 Myers 12d

A family member got these paintings custom made

A family member got these paintings custom made
LV.4 Shotcaller 12d

Send me a message if u want to know how to get dbd on mobile

iPhone only sorry

LV.2 Lurker 13d