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LV.4 Lurker 2mo

Any tips or tricks?

I used to play this game A LOT the first few months or so it was out, all the way to the Halloween DLC, so I still remember a few things.
But I’d LOVE some help/tips on avoiding the new/old killers and escaping them.

LV.16 Dream Chaser 2mo

Ghostface is the new Legion how sad

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

What y'all think of new killer

LV.22 Insomniac 2mo

I need help!!!!!

Dead by day light with my friends in a custom match

LV.4 Lurker 2mo

Would you say this is okay for a setup for The Doctor? I welcome any opinions 😊

LV.17 Fast as Lightning 2mo


Just drew Ghostface during class today! Hope you all like!

LV.16 Insomniac 2mo

Shrine of Secrets (6/4)

For the next 7 days for 2000 iridescent shards each:
Bond (Dwight Fairfield)
Decisive strike (Laurie Strode)
Pop Goes The Weasel (The Clown)
Overwhelming Presence (The Doctor)

Any teachable perk you already own can be purchased again for 2000 I.S. In exchange for 150,000 blood points.

(Sorry I’m late on this post guys, my internet situation is insane right now. I had to do a bunch of extra stuff to get this uploaded. So thanks to my friend tinyboxme for the screenshot and my roommate for letting me use his phone as a hotspot 😅 I’m super committed to the community so if there’s a way I can still consistently bring the shrine of secrets I’m going to at least try)

LV.27 Mod 2mo

The Threadbare Thirties Collection is now available on all platforms

Stokeddddd! Gimme mechanic David!

Cosmetics avaliable for Auric cells and Iridescent shards!

LV.22 Mod 2mo

The 3.0.0 Player Test Build is now live on PC 💀👹

LV.22 Mod 2mo

Weird lil' glitch.

LV.6 Nomad 2mo


Am I the only one that after a day of not playing I have withdrawal symptoms from playing DBD... 🤔

LV.17 Fast as Lightning 2mo

Anybody in a big DBD Discord Server? Im tryna join one

LV.6 Big Chungus 2mo

Taking One For the Team

So I've been craving me some DBD, and I found me a group😁

I took one for my team and then I ended up surviving😂

It's late, so goodnight🌙
As always, have a blessed and wonderful day💓

LV.18 Freedom! 2mo

If you have no friends to play dead by daylight and you play on PS4

LV.5 Clearly Hacking 2mo

One day the pig was next to me and I thought she was a survivor

LV.4 Lurker 2mo

I need another double bloodpoints event

LV.7 Nomad 2mo

Is anyone else excited for Ghostface?

LV.7 Nomad 3mo


LV.5 Lurker 3mo

I can't wait for ghostface now!

Lowkey I'm happy about this killer!

LV.17 The Best 3mo

Lmao I hate ttv,yt,and mixer usernames

I got two 4ks today one w huntress and one w doctor on the doctor one there was a katplays mixer and I only had to hook her once no one saved her lmao wish I had a Mori

LV.9 Try Hard 3mo

Should this be a perk yes or no?

I don’t know why but for some odd reason I thought of a random perk that would be dumb but good in the game. This perk is the ability to heal other downed survivors when you are downed. For example if you and your teammate are downed but the killer is chasing someone else you can heal your teammate and once they get up they can heal you.

LV.5 Clearly Hacking 3mo

Dead by Daylight Year 4 Roadmap!! 😁

So dead by daylight is streaming right now at
They gave a nice roadmap for everyone :3

So this is the roadmap and I'm actually REALLY excited for it!! What do you guys think???

If you have any questions, I watched the whole stream. I'll answer them if I can! Ask down below!

LV.23 Fearless 3mo

20 minute wait

So did I miss something? I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes as the killer and not a single person. I’ve never really had this waiting issue as killer :/

LV.14 Insomniac 3mo

Does Anybody Know Ghostface Release Date

Well does anybody know

LV.6 Nomad 3mo

Omg I’m freaking out

New killer trailer out and it looks amazing

LV.8 Rootin Tootin 3mo

Endgame problems

I made a related post to this but I saw more problems

1. Killers can just chase you the entire three minutes pulling you off the escape door and herding you from the hatch.

2. Three people can leave as soon as the match starts and the last one can go into the hatch.

3. I sorta got a change to this. The first minute after the hatch closes and or exit gate is opened killers can see tracks and footsteps. The third minute killers can get a meter telling them if they are close to a survivor. The fifth minute allows the killer to see all survivors.

Go ahead and comment what you thing about this post and also go to my previous post too.

LV.9 Clearly Hacking 3mo

First impressions!

What are people’s opinions on Ghostface?

LV.17 Fast as Lightning 3mo

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ghostface has arrived.

Watch "Dead by Daylight | Ghost Face - Trailer" on YouTube

LV.23 Enderman 3mo

Shrine of Secrets! (5/28)

For the next 7 days for 2000 iridescent shards each:
Open Handed (Ace Visconti)
No Mither (David King)
Franklin’s Demise (The Cannibal)
HEX: The Third Seal (The Hag)

Any teachable perk you already own can be purchased again for 2000 I.S. In exchange for 150,000 blood points.

LV.27 Mod 3mo