Just got legion...

So, how are you supposed to use Feral Frenzy? I know his movement speed is way higher during it and it applies the deep wound status effect, but how long does it take for a survivor hit by my frenzy to bleed out and go into the dying state? Why would I hit someone with Feral Frenzy instead of just a normal hit?

LV.9 Nomad 2mo

Fix the game

It takes 11 minutes for me to find a survivor match and 8 mins for me to find a killer match

LV.9 Professional Noob 2mo

The Legion

One of my favorite killers to be other than Ghostface.

LV.8 Link 2mo

Off brand DBD found in the IOS store! Any one played this? 😂

LV.4 Lurker 2mo

Bad teammates, pleased read:

If you unhook me and think I’m going to chase your dumb self to the corner to heal, you got another thing coming.

If you think it’s funny or cute to body block me into a corner/room/locker I’m going to bring the killer to you and leave you on the hook to die.

If I’m on the hook with Kindred and you see the killer isn’t near me and EVERYONE else is doing a generator you need to come get me or I’m going to give up on the hook.

If there’s Franklin’s Demise and you pick up my MF toolbox I’m going to DC.

Ok, rant over. :)

-for the record I’m not looking for new teammates, just doing late night daily rituals before bed and my usual team is on vacation and/or asleep lol 😂

#Etiquette #MadeUpPlayerRules

LV.28 Mod 2mo

Shrine of secrets (8/27)

For the next 7 days for 2000 iridescent shards each:
Prove Thyself (Dwight Fairfield)
Diversion (Adam Francis)
Play With Your Food (The Shape)
Hex: Ruin (The Hag)

Any teachable perk you already own can be purchased again for 2000 I.S. In exchange for 150,000 blood points.


For perk details and descriptions please visit:

LV.28 Mod 2mo

What perks should I run on Claudette🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

What are really good perks for blood points or escaping

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Does anyone know

Does anyone know what day the stranger things chapter will come out?

LV.7 Killer Main 2mo

Help me

İ bought barbecue and chilli from shrine of secrets and i don't know how to get my perk please help me!
Edit: Thanks guys! Now im farming bloodpoints with bbq chilli also i bought ruin and now im so happy thank you!

LV.7 Myers 2mo

I just bought dead bu daylight what should I do

I just bough dead by daylight after receiving it for my bday and ikd how to play

LV.9 Professional Noob 2mo

what addon should i buy?

i have about 13 bucks left on ps4 so what should i get?

LV.9 Nomad 2mo

Ash Williams

I'm so happy I bought Ashley j Williams

LV.8 Shotcaller 2mo

Who is your killer main?

Who is your killer main? Let me know in the comments :)

LV.7 Myers 2mo


Didn't got the achievement because one idiot killed himself :)

LV.17 Sweaty 2mo

Claudi B

This Look Like claudi with the bangs

LV.2 Lurker 2mo


For the next 4 days for 2000 iridescent shards each:
Wake Up (Quentin Smith)
Distortion (Jeff Johansen)
Barbecue & Chili (The Cannibal)
Corrupt Intervention (The Plague) (*2700 IS)

Any teachable perk you already own can be purchased again for 2000 I.S. In exchange for 150,000 blood points.


For perk details and descriptions please visit:

I know I’m really late this week but I’ve been pretty busy, I could have swore I posted this on Tuesday night but obviously I didn’t 😂😅

LV.28 Mod 2mo

Samation fricked up

Look at this pic tell me what’s wrong

LV.4 Lurker 2mo

Blue 💎💙

Last month I revived blue pallets, this month I get blue wood XD

LV.16 Insomniac 2mo

Posting this for the people that missed the reveal stream today :)


LV.28 Mod 2mo

Ghost face

Does anyone know when ghost face will be iridescent shards for purchase

LV.3 Bandit 2mo

Anyone hyped

Anyone? #skullgang

verified LV.27 Fearless 2mo

After I hit P3 on my Nurse, I’ve been looking for a new killer to play. Who do you recommend?

LV.20 Try Hard 2mo

Match making

I think there’s something a little wrong with the match making :)

LV.16 Insomniac 2mo

Stranger Things is coming and I'm excited

LV.19 Insomniac 2mo

Got my dbd badge (;

Not even that weird of a flex, if I do say so myself.

Comment below once you get yours!!!

LV.28 Mod 2mo


LV.22 Mod 2mo

What Survivor/Killer?

I just got 9k Iridescent Shards. Any suggestions who should i spend it on?
Survivors:Jane Romero-Jeff Johansen-Adam Francis(I have deliverance already)

Killers:The Plauge-The Spirit

LV.17 Sweaty 2mo

Ace is best boi

LV.19 Insomniac 2mo

My favorite is Mike myres

I'm god with Mike myres

LV.20 Fearless 2mo

Huntress is bae

LV.19 Insomniac 2mo