Dead by Daylight is officially more streamed and watched than COD and FIFA

That’s right! Check the link above to read the entire article. I’m really proud of this game tbh.

LV.28 Mod 14d


Is it weird that The Devs be like "oh the found a oh well" then 2 months later " want it gone....oh well" then after a new chapter "there's your glitch gone. What else do you want".

LV.5 Fearless 16d

Get Dead by Daylight FREE!!

SteelSeries is giving away 500 copies of Dead by Daylight every day until October 4th! If it says there are no more keys available, be sure to check again the next day!

LV.22 Poppin’ Bottles! 17d

Omg lovin the new dlc anyone elses opinions on it id love to learn how ti play the demegorgan better

LV.15 Big Chungus 17d


Dies anyone get annoyed when a wraith hooks you then he goes invisible an camps you or when he downs you then he camps you

LV.2 Lurker 18d

Let’s gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song...🔥🍢

LV.14 Chief 19d

Survivor Items Ideas

If you could add another Item for survivors what would it be and how would it work?

Extra Credit: What addons would go with it and how would they work?

LV.13 Lets Play DBD! 20d

Double Blood Point Event

How’s everyone enjoying the X2 event? I’ve made so much progress hehe!

LV.13 Lets Play DBD! 20d

Me and some random were insulted by two human cringe fests. It was kinda funny.

LV.25 Billy 20d

dead by daylight

LV.2 Lurker 20d

Pretty Happy

Dead by Daylight on Switch
was worth it in my opinion 😊

LV.8 Insomniac 21d


well played game as killer had fun and through entire game one toxic little survivor had to teabag and be a jerk and of course the moment I put on hook and won and was a little toxic he called me out so of course I like wow survivors are worse then killers at least killers can admit to being toxic but survivors are so toxic they won’t admit to being toxic they would rather try to be victims when 7 out of ten time they are ones to make killer toxic like if u feel the same as I do or have suffered the same thing happing to you


Shrine of secrets!

For the next 6 days for 2000 iridescent shards each:
Leader (Dwight Fairfield)
Decisive Strike (Laurie Strode)
Coulrophobia (The Clown)
Shadowborn (The Wraith)

Any teachable perk you already own can be purchased again for 2000 I.S. In exchange for 150,000 blood points.


For perk details and descriptions please visit:

LV.28 Mod 22d

Blood Hunt 2x bp weekend is here!

Now is the perfect time to level up your new DLC characters or knock out that prestige!

(Also I just realized I forgot to post shrine this week so I’m going to go do that right now)


LV.28 Mod 22d

Are you guys having any problems with dbd on switch ? My camera is inverted.

LV.2 Lurker 22d

How to Dead by daylight

Got a question Im new and I play the killer trapper how do I get hex ruin and other perks for trapper?

LV.5 Lurker 22d

Best game ever story

Bro played as leatherface and a Dwight was being typical toxic going to pallets try really hard the works and every time I would use chainsaw and crush it eventually he wasted all pallets on one side so I finally got and was like forgive language I like got you bitch and of course as a victory I of course hit him a bit on hook and he sent me a message like really just because I put up a fight I like an I honestly feel u put up fight not because u want to win but because u being toxic


Really ?

Game is broken so many glitches bad matchmaking and when u play with friends and have to restart game constantly or it puts u in game but not friend really really not bad enough that killer matchmaking is a steaming load now survivor sigh 👏🏻 fix ur game please I am a long time fan please I beg you


Look at how Steve sits 😂

I'm not sure if I'm just too eager to play the game but I've never seen the way Steve sits at the campfire, but cheers BHVR!


LV.12 Killer Main 23d

Sam and dean survivors

That would be neat

LV.3 I Love Food 23d


Finally after all the effort of trying to get past the loop of getting stuck in rank 9 and 10 I have got to rank 8 and actually doing well with this beautiful specimen.

LV.4 Lurker 23d

Dead by Daylight on Nintendo Switch

I’m curious to know anyone will be getting Dead by daylight on Nintendo Switch 🤔🤔🤔

LV.8 Insomniac 24d

New Killer?

A idea that I have come across by was a new killer for DBD. Twisty the clown from American Horror Story.

LV.3 Lurker 25d

What dose swf mean in dead by daylight?

I see it a lot and I want to know what it is so pls tell me

LV.17 Sage 25d

Basically a repost :)

Here is color Ghostface! :)

LV.19 The Best 25d

Glitched to the other side of the gate! Rofl!

LV.13 Lets Play DBD! 1mo

The matchmaking system is incredible.

Really, I cannot process how many times I've lost miserably because I was facing a killer with a much more impressive rank than me. And this is one of the better matches, I've come across rank 2 & 3 killers.

LV.25 Billy 1mo

Which one?

Legion or Spirit??

I need opinions on which one to buy!💀

LV.8 Nomad 1mo

So, they finally added DBD items in the Moot shop?

Which item do you want the most?

LV.25 Billy 1mo

2nd art post here!

Here is one with and without color.
Also 1 time every week or every 2 weeks I maybe will make a post on my art.
What do y'all think?

LV.19 The Best 1mo