Perk: left behind

I feel like they should change it to something like “ For every friend that falls to the entity you gain a 10% increase boost while working on generators”

LV.8 Insomniac 4mo

How do you counter Ghost face?

Recently I’ve been having trouble with the new killer. I keep hearing he has been nerfed and it’s hard for the new killer to 4K. I don’t get how I keep losing to him. I try looking at his direction when he is using his power, but I keep getting the exposed effect. What are some builds and advice to counter the new killer?

LV.5 Lurker 4mo

The challenge is on

LV.10 Steve 4mo

Ghostface rocks

I'm looking for build ideas I run monitor survalence nurses and bbq what do yall run ?

LV.7 Team Player 4mo

Someone Help

Anyone understand these offerings because I keep getting them in my blood web?

LV.5 Lurker 4mo

Shrine of Secrets (6/18)

For the next 7 days for 2000 iridescent shards each:
Alert (Feng Min)
Streetwise (Nea Karlsson)
Spirit Fury (The Spirit)
Brutal Strength (The Trapper)

Any teachable perk you already own can be purchased again for 2000 I.S. In exchange for 150,000 blood points.


LV.28 Mod 4mo

New update issues

I just downloaded the Dbd update and I seem to have matchmaking issues with killer and survivor.

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

New update

So I just downloaded the new update on Xbox for DBD and I get on to play survivor. All my cosmetics are off my characters, all my perks are taken off, same goes for my killers. I mean I have no problem putting everything back on I just thought it was super weird and wanted to know if this happened to anyone else?

LV.16 Insomniac 4mo

It’s almost a Huntress badge 🐰

LV.28 Mod 4mo


I've played a few matches. First one must've been against a noob killer because 3 of us escaped with only one sacrificed.
Since then I haven't survived once & I don't think anyone else has either.
Any tips for surviving? What's the best perks for Meg?

LV.19 Team Player 4mo

Builds of the week

So I'm new here , to the app anyway. I'm a pretty decent killer main and so i've decided to help other fellow killers out there struggling with perk builds that just don't work. So I've decided to compile a BOTD for each and every killer every week. I'm reweigh , and I play dead by daylight on playstation. That said , any questions or concerns can be directed to the comments. I'll read them when I can get to them and respond accordingly. Also , GHOSTFACE WILL NOT BE INCLUDED due to him not being on live build HOWEVER GHOSTFACE PERKS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THESE BUILDS due to the drop on the 18TH.
So , lets begin shall we.

Angry Billy
Now this build is meant for those annoying 360 Megs and Neas that just won't fuck off when you're trying to down that David or that sneaky claudette going for your totem. That said , you'll also need to try to slow down the game , while picking off stragglers that stray too far from the objective or that go for the save. So , the perks go as follows.

Save The Best For Last
Hex: Haunted Grounds
Hex: Devour Hope
and Spirit Fury

This build is meant to protect your Devour Hope and to make the game end as fast as possible , making for easy snipes , 4k moris and making those mallet slaps all that easier.

Now , I will make an exception for the one build per killer rule because not everyone can play hag, And not everyone is willing to spend money on a licensed killer , Myers. I'm included in the not being able to play Hag bunch as I can't play her for shit and I'm not going to waste iridescant shards on a perk that I can earn with bloodpoints. So , if you can't use Ruin or Save the Best for Last , then the following perk build is for you.

Spirit Fury
Pop Goes the Weazel
and Infectious Fright OR Bamboozle

This build is meant to assist in chases and to get as many snipes as possible without the struggle of dreaded killer shack infinites. While also slowing the game to a crawl.


Save the Best for Last or Unrelenting
Franklin's Demise or Hex: The Third Seal
And either Bloodhound or Deerstalker

This build puts an end to chases rather quickly. Making for those speedy hooks and easy teleports with add ons of your choice. While also allowing you to counter those potential instant heal vulture claudettes.

Fuck your generators Legion

Ah uselessness , whatever I still have a build for them.

And Pop Goes the Weazel

With jack shit getting done , If you don't get a 4k , everyone is still going to DC.

The Extra Depressing Wraith

Barbecue and Chili
Infectious Fright
And Make your Choice

With this build Finding one survivor , finds all of them pretty quickly. You'll be able to knock them off one by one , especially since with this, Altruism is a death sentence.

The "Za Warudo" Pig.

Hex: Ruin
Hex: Huntress Lullaby
And Pop Goes the Weazel

Thanks to her ability Pop Goes The Weazel is even more of a gift from god then one may think. Having to Hook survivors while using your traps puts even more pressure on them , and while keeping them off Generators and on Jigsaw Boxes it allows for EVEN MORE hooking after they save their friends. They'll be so busy unhooking eachother and getting their traps off that they'll forget that Ruin and Huntress Lullaby even existed. The Game will go to the killer and nowhere for the survivor because they can't get Gens done. Now a serious note , you WANT the survivors to unhook eachother, otherwise this build is USELESS. Also I severely recommend you pop a Léry's Memorial Institute or a Coldwind with this.

The Fuck your items Shocktor.

Overcharge or Pop Goes the Weazel
Hangman's Trick
Franklin's Demise
And Distressing(Because its core for Shocktor)
Preferably use the Iridescent King or , Discipline and Calm add ons for extra pressure

This build allows you to hook freely while making it a living nightmare to heal, sabatoge, use keys and repair while having a MASSIVE amount of map pressure.

The Big Brain Plague

Knock Out
Dark Devotion
And Beast of Prey

This perk allows for mind games while also allowing for your Vile Purge ability to work faster towards the broken status effect. Killer shack and pallet looping is even harder to do for survivors and this allows for you to be even more predictable and also makes Corrupt Purge even more deadly when in use.

I'm fucking Invincible! Myers.

M&A for that horrifying start to allow for an easier entry to Tier Two.
Spirit Fury AND or Preferably Endurance/Enduring
And either Unrelenting or Save the Best for last.

Being the only killer who can legitimately WALK faster than anyone can actually run. Myers unable to be stunned or blinded is a force to be reckoned with , especially with Unrelenting and Save the Best for Last in Tier Three being a portable NOED , Chances are if you're being chased. You're fucked. You're just fucked. Henceworth why I believe the name is fitting for this build.
I'd recommend Memorial Flower/Judith's Memorial and Mirror Shard/Fragment Add ons as well to make it just that bit easier to predict your victims as well.

Hippity Hoppity , Get off my property , Leatherface.

Save the Best for Last
Hex: Haunted Grounds
Hex: (Of your choice) (I usually use Huntress Lullaby or Devour Hope)
And Franklin's Demise

Hex Perks are extremely strong, However they can be destroyed by survivors rendering them useless forever. Unfortunately , However with this build it will be far easier to defend them while also hooking survivors as the Totem Hunt of the century allows for them to be cannon fodder to your hammer and chainsaw. My recommendation for add ons are the Chain Series and Chili Series of Add Ons.

Stealth 100 Spirit

Monitor and Abuse
Dark Devotion
Knock Out
And Furtive Chase

With these perks You will be completely unpredictable as survivors will always be looking over their shoulder thinking twice about their next moves, This allows for easy yoinks off generators and for quite some jumpscares.

The Hydraulic Press Video Clown

Hex: Haunted Ground
And Make your Choice

Adding pressure to all survivors and slowing the game down will likely cause for a handful of DCs every now and then as well as quite a few sacrifices. Pretty good especially working with Clown's ability. Haunted Grounds will also be pretty good as the miniature NOED will allow for the slaughter you need for that finger lickin' good 4K.

"You wanna run that by me again chief?" Trapper

Hangman's Trick
and Corrupt Intervention

With practical immunity to sabatoge and easy area of effect of traps , you'll have a relatively easy time of ruining someone's day.

And finally , the Ascended Nurse.

A Nurses Calling
I'm All Ears or Stridor
And Barbecue and Chili

Simple explanation, You will see and hear , EVERYTHING , you have ascended.

Thats all for this week. Can't wait for the new buffed Ghostface to drop on the 18th. I'll see you all in the fog. This has been Builds of the week. Next BOTW will drop next sunday. The 23rd.

LV.6 Freedom! 4mo

I would love it if they added pinhead as a character

LV.19 Try Hard 4mo

I play dis game

Who Play this game is interested in the title follow me

LV.10 Steve 4mo

Killer Idea

Alright, I had this idea for a new killer and wanted to see what y'all think of it. A feral killer with the ability to sprint like Legion, but on all fours, and can still vault over pallets and windows. The ability is called "Feral Sprint" (Work in Progress). Its ability is limited so you have to make the best of it each time. Now, once you sprint, you can do a quick attack to injure a survivor which immediately depletes your power so it has to recharge. You can't see bloodstains or scratch marks while sprinting. While in this power, you also have a second attack. Your lunge (holding down the attack button) is replaced with a leap. This leap is like Nurse's blink where the longer you hold it, the further you go. If you leap and get a direct hit on a survivor, they are instantly put into the dying state. Please comment your opinions and own ideas for this killer!

LV.6 Nomad 4mo

Survivor main lmao

Tunneling aint real bois you just dont know how to loop and are prolly getting farmed or youre ruining big boi perks and killer boi wants to end you to not get gen rushed because someone found ruin instantly lmao

LV.2 Lurker 4mo


Need help playing this game and understanding it

LV.4 Lurker 4mo

This took way to long

LV.7 Try Hard 4mo

I hate this game

LV.8 Insomniac 4mo


LV.4 Lurker 4mo

I absolutely love this game

That’s all. That’s all I wanted to say🙃

LV.16 Dream Chaser 4mo


Alright, let me be honest with you guys....Ghostface sucks. As of right now he's the WORST killer in DBD. Don't get me wrong, I love the way his design looks, it's just his power. For those who don't know, Ghostface's power (Shrouded Hunt) allows him to stalk the survivors while reducing his terror radius to 0. If he stalks them long enough, they suffer the Exposed Status effect. This power also allows him to crouch freely and lean around corners. His weakness, however, is looking at him! That's right if you look at him even for a second, his power just vanishes. I'm thinking his weakness should be the flashlights instead. I feel like that would make his gameplay better. Otherwise, he'd just be another Legion. Let me know what you guys think.

LV.24 Assassin 4mo

It so true

LV.14 Chief 4mo

Release Date?

Does anyone know when the mobile version of Dead by Daylight comes out?

LV.14 Clearly Hacking 4mo


This has been an issue since day 1 where the killer just stays next to you after he hooks you, so others can’t save you and you have no choice but death. This is just annoying and ruins the overall fun.

LV.16 Dream Chaser 4mo

Myself I’m rank 19 and going up

LV.16 Dream Chaser 4mo

Anyone play this on Xbox?

LV.16 Dream Chaser 4mo


Spam comments with bro if you aren’t a stupid head!

LV.4 Lurker 4mo

Any tips or tricks?

I used to play this game A LOT the first few months or so it was out, all the way to the Halloween DLC, so I still remember a few things.
But I’d LOVE some help/tips on avoiding the new/old killers and escaping them.

LV.16 Dream Chaser 4mo

Ghostface is the new Legion how sad

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

What y'all think of new killer

LV.22 Insomniac 4mo