PVP warrior Build

Looking for a good skill and armour sets for pre boss gear for warrior for PVP

CraftyLizard98 CraftyLizard98 LV.2 Lurker 3mo
PVP warrior Build

[BDM] Black Spirit Repeatable Quests

After you clear the Boss Rush, you can go to the next adventure. At this moment, Black Spirit will ask you that if you want to go to the next adventure or stay here longer.
This Choice is really important in the game.
There's Repeatable Quest in every region but if you choose 'Go to the next adventure', you cannot do this Repeatable Quest from Black Spirit ever again. So I recommend you to choose to stay longer and do this Repeatable Quest.
Then why do you need to do this?
It's because this quest will give you Dark Energy as a reward. If you feed Dark Energy to Black Spirit, it will grants much more EXP than feed equipment and help your Black Spirit grow faster. It's really hard to get Dark Energy except for this quest, so you need to do this as much as you can.
But not too much. Better to slay 200 to 400 monsters. If you killed them enough, it's time to go the next adventure.
Black Spirit will give 15 CP per level. This is the same amount of +3~+4 equipment.
Once Black Spirit reaches Lv. 30 or more, it will learn its own skills. This will increase ATK & DEF for 30 seconds.
If you decided to do Repeatable Quest, then you can also get Guild Missions, Black Spirit Daily Quests (3 times per day), Regional Quests so that it will count at once.
If you do this Repeatable Quest many times, your level up might be a bit slower than others who choose to go to the next adventure immediately, but sooner or later, they will get stuck due to their low CP. But if you fed Black Spirit enough, you won't have any problem with that.

[BDM] Black Spirit Repeatable Quests +2
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[BDM] Black Spirit Repeatable Quests

What up with the maintenance??

Pakalika Vahey LV.2 Lurker 3mo
What up with the maintenance??

[Skill Build] Witch

This is my Witch sample.
I think this is the best DPS & CC build now. (Lv. 40)
1. Arcane Bolts
- High DPS, fast cast speed
- But no other effects
- Need to freeze or bind enemies before you use this
2. Fireball
- Strong damage
- Inflicts Knockback, DoT, Daze (Incinerate)
- Grants you Attack+ for short time
3. Frigid Fog
- 100% Freeze the enemies
- A little small radius
- Strong damage as CC
4. Whirlwind
- Inflicts Knock-up
- Slow projectile speed (can be boosted with skill enhancement at skill Lv.12)
5. Lightning Storm
- Strong AoE damage
- Large skill radius
- Grants Super Armor while preparing skill
- Inflict Stun
- Long Cooldown
6. Frozen Orb
- Very Strong AoE damage
- Very slow projectile speed
- 40% inflict freeze on hit (55% with enhancement at skill Lv.12)
- slow enemy's ATK & Movement speed
- Long Cooldown
7. Thunderbolt
- Invincible while casting
- Inflicts Bound on hit
- Has only 1 charge but has short Cooldown
8. Healing Aura
- Heal yourself and nearby allies
- Auto-cast when HP is lower than 75%
- Helps to save potions a lot
Skillset example

[Skill Build] Witch +8
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 4mo
[Skill Build] Witch

Looking for players who come from the era of blades of exile or similar!

I come from the era just after D&D but when games like Diablo, Blades of Exile, Star Wars: Jedi Outcast. Etc. I’m just looking for people who have similar vibes when it comes to a good rpg game. I’m all about having fun and adventures especially in a rpg game. I get into the lore and speculation. If you have similar interests add me in game my guild is 3rdEye

Petty ReUp Petty ReUp LV.2 Lurker 4mo
Looking for players who come from the era of blades of exile or similar!

Looking for tier 5-8 horses I’m on ps4


feared_golden LV.5 Lurker 3mo
Looking for tier 5-8 horses I’m on ps4

Haha bunny boi

Haha bunny boi
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Haha bunny boi

[DBM] About Skills - Learn everything you can!

The skill system looks complicated, but actually it is quite simple.
There are Active & Passive skills and you can only register up to 8 Active skills. Those 8 skills will be activated automatically if you turned on Auto-mode. You can just touch it to activate if you play on your own.
You can level up your Active skills via Skill Books which is dropped by monsters (your pet will obtain it automatically), or obtain via Quest Reward, purchase from NPC.
Skill Books will grant EXP to your skill depends on their grade. There are different kinds of Skill Books for each skill.
Then what skills do we need to make it stronger? I recommend not only 8 skills you usually use, but also all the other skills. Low DPS skills have less delay so we can easily spam it, high DPS skills have longer cooltime. So you need to combine both low & high DPS skills in your play.
There are additional effects like stun, bound, etc for each skill type. It will help you a lot to slay Elite Monster Elite Monsters or Boss, etc. These additional effects will be used in PVP (will be updated later).
So never, never thinking of selling Skill Books that you're not using it right now. No matter how poor you are, you should keep it. Not selling.
Each skill has 1 to 3 Enhancement. It empowers your skills permanently that grants additional damage, or increase the number of targets or help to use other skills faster, etc.
To get Enhancement, you need to raise your skill level. Each Enhancement level requires different conditions.
The skills which have Inscribe, you need to choose one of them. Similar to Enhancement but this allows you to empower your equipment stats, etc. All Inscribe has the same effects for all classes.
Aal: Increase the damage of the skills
Serrett: Increase the number of targets
Labreve: Increase critical hit % of the skills
Ahib: Randomly deals additional damage on hit
If you want critical build, you better to choose Labreve, if you want mass-hunt, choose Serrett. Choose your build and Inscribe carefully.
To empower the Inscribe effect, you need Light Stones. But in the late-game, when you don't feel pressure from Silver, remind that you need to raise your Inscribe.

[DBM] About Skills - Learn everything you can! +1
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 4mo
[DBM] About Skills - Learn everything you can!

5 things that you should not do in BDM

There are some things that you should not do in the early-game to save your Silver or other currency. If you waste your Silver or currency in the early game, you'll get huge trouble in Lv. 40 about.
These are the list that you should not do in the early-game.
1) Trying Enhancement & Recover the success rate
- You need to spend a lot of Black Stone to increase your Enhancement success rate. More Enhancement level you have, more Black Stones required.
Over time, the Black Stones are becoming scarce and you'll have a hard time to decide to do Enhancement or not. Unless it's 100%, there is always a possibility of failure. So do not trust your luck too much, always make 100% of success rate, consider that restore system doesn't exist.
2) Don't get closer to Secret Vendor
Every night, a Secret Vendor will appear. To check the products that he sells, we need to pay 50 Stamina.
You may think that he's selling something wonderful, but he's not.
The most common item we can see is Black Stone, but it has a low grade and it's not helpful to make your equipment stronger.
Not only his Black Stone is worthless, but also the price is so expensive like non-sense. This is a kinda lottery or something. You would better to spend your Stamina for other content.
3) Reckless quest try makes your wallet empty
Any moment, you'll face that the CP requirement for the quest is higher than your current CP. The game is getting harder especially when you reach Heidel. If you only cleared Main Quests, you'll definitely have low CP and this causes you to drink plenty of potions.
Wasting potions is one of the biggest reasons for making players poor in this game. Silver is only getting more precious so do not waste your potions to hard level of quests. If you have a hard time to clear the quest, better to farm some items or try Enhancement to increase your CP.
4) No Trinkets for Black Spirit
To raise your Black Spirit, you can feed them weapons, armors, or trinkets. Or stay the region longer and play Repeatable Quests to get Dark Energy to grant them EXP.
But feed items to Black Spirit is very inefficient. Especially the trinket, they require other trinkets with the same name. This makes trinket's Enhancement harder so you always need to keep them.
So NEVER, NEVER feed any trinkets to Black Spirit. To raise them, just spend some time to play Repeatable Quests to get Dark Energy.
5) Don't waste your Pearl to consumables from Pearl Shop
In Pearl Shop, we can buy Rope, Black Sugar, potions, Light Stones, etc.
But they're not quiet different between the same items that can be purchased by Silver. Buying them with Pearl is too much waste.
You can get Light Stones via clear Ancient Ruin so don't waste your pearl, just spend some time to clear it.

5 things that you should not do in BDM +3
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 4mo
5 things that you should not do in BDM

[BDM] How to save Silver

How to collect & spend Silver efficiently
There are some reasons that we have not enough Silver in the game.
First, buying potions.
Second, restore. Higher upgrade level you've reached or more Black Stone you've spent for enhancement, it will cost more Silver.
Third, enhancement. It will cost more Silver depends on the rarity of your equipment and upgrade level.
Then how can we spend Silver efficiently?
The third reason is out of our hands. Then we need to take care of the reason 1 and 2.
1) To reduce the cost of the potions, we need to get higher CP. When you see higher rarity equipment from a vendor, better to purchase it. Especially the weapons are harder to get so if you see the 'Purple Rarity Weapons' from a vendor, no question, just buy it. (Even though it's so expensive)
This will cause a lot of Silver, but also saves much more worth of potions.
A very important thing. purchase Free or Silver cost 'Blue or lower Rarity Trinkets' from Pearl Shop. In the case of Trinkets, they can be upgraded only with the same name Trinkets. You can upgrade your Trinkets +4 or +5 with cheap cost.
This is "very" important. Since you reach CP 1500 or higher, small stat difference makes huge potion spend. If you have enough upgraded Trinket, it will help you to play stable Auto-play and saves a lot of potions. If you reach Lv. 40 without this process, you might feel frustrated.
2) Play Boss Rush as 1 level lower than you can play. For example, if you can play Lv. 11 Boss Rush, then play Lv. 10, not 11. If you play the same level of Boss Rush that you can play, it will cost hundreds of potions for sure and getting worse when you reach higher.
Then how to earn Silver?
Do not spend your Silver for unnecessary things. Clear Trading every day. You can do this 5 times per day. (According to Korean Server)
To do this, you need to consider your Camp build. You can earn free tens of thousands of Silvers per day. Build a Trading Center and make trading stuff. Do not start this when you face a lack of Silver, but start it in the early-game.
Play Ancient Ruins Lv.3 is also recommended. This is quite easy and repeatable. You can repeat this 10 times per day and each will gives you 9,300 Silver (According to Korean Server). 93,000 Silver every day so don't forget to play this. (You can rarely obtain Yellow Weapons from here!)

[BDM] How to save Silver
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 4mo
[BDM] How to save Silver

6 things that you must to do in BDM

There are some things that you should do in this game for your comfort play. In the early-game, you may not feel much difference but it will cause a huge gap in the late-game.
1) Receive Login rewards every day
- You can receive 'Game Login', 'Camp', 'Guild Login' rewards everyday. This is not automatically received rewards so you need to check this every day.
2) Check the Pearl Shop to make a better trinket
- Trinket tap in the Pearl Shop, you can purchase rings, necklace, etc. It requires Silver or Pearl, sometimes free. What you need to purchase is 'Free Trinkets' and 'Low rarity Trinkets'.
As I mentioned many times, trinket requires other trinkets with the same name to upgrade. If you purchased trinkets constantly, you can get a better trinket at a cheaper price.
3) Black Spirit Missions
You can play Black Spirit Missions 3 times per day. Most of them are slaying monsters. This will give you 'Boss Stamp' & 'Ancient Tablet' which allows you to enter 'Boss Rush' & 'Ancient Ruin'.
Boss Stamp & Ancient Tablet can be obtained from the field but has so low drop rate so don't forget to play 3 Black Spirit Missions.
4) 10 times of Ancient Ruin everyday
- You can join Ancient Ruin 10 times per day as a party member. This is only available when you received the invite from your friends or guild member so register friends or join the guild is much important than other games.
Ancient will give you Silvers, equipment.
5) Manage your Camp, especially Refinery
- Managing Camp is a little boring but Refinery is not optional. This will supply Black Stone, which is directly related to boosting your CP. Even though you're lazy to manage your Camp, you should keep managing the Refinery to receive Black Stones because higher Refinery level you have, higher class Black Stone you will receive (and stocks!)
6) Training horse
You'll receive a horse in the early-game. The horse will gain EXP via slaying monsters. Once 2 of your horse reaches the maximum level, they can be exchanged with the next-generation horse. The next generation of horse has higher movement speed, skill number, etc.

6 things that you must to do in BDM +4
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 4mo
6 things that you must to do in BDM

First Death By Outlaw

Didn’t feel good, pissed me off but we both had to keep healing to stay alive. Wondering what’s the point

Xuture Xuture LV.8 Nomad 4mo
First Death By Outlaw

BDO + BDM Compatibility?

I don't know if it's possible, but is the mobile game compatible w/the main game, BDO? In a way where players can micromanage their characters and resources from their phones when away from their console/pc?

Farron Farron LV.20 Dragon 4mo
BDO + BDM Compatibility?

Who needs a guild?

Hey there about to hit level 20 and make a gud for us mooters !! Who wants to join ?

MiamiiKush MiamiiKush LV.20 Apex > Fortnite 4mo
Who needs a guild?


ขอเชิญคุณเข้าร่วม Moot ด้วยกัน - Source ของคุณสำหรับ LFG & การสนทนาเรื่องเกม!


BDM will be released tomorrow!

Black Desert Mobile will be released tomorrow, at the same time!
I cannot wait for this!
Are you ready to welcome BDM?

BDM will be released tomorrow!
NelsonRB NelsonRB verified LV.24 Trick or Treat! 4mo
BDM will be released tomorrow!

A new scrub in the town!

I’m new in this game and I’m V E R Y B A D at this games any tips?

Iggy LV.11 Rare Candy 4mo
A new scrub in the town!