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[Event] Projext X Notices

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  Easy Peasy Squeezy Teamplay! Hello my Lords,   We thank you for your love and interest towards ThreeKingdomsM.   Soon server X1 will be opened, and please be informed about the Server X. Please refer below for specific information!  

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  ▶ When? - Jul 08(Wed) 12:00 (KST) server "X1" open * Every Wednesday, server X will be opened. * Server X will continue until a separate notice.   ▶ Support for new server Project X

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- After server X1's open, 5 Gold s-tray, 20 Tg. O. will be provided for 7 days. - Additional 10 Gold are provided for the existing push rewards (The validity period of the mail is the same as 1 day). - Troops' marching speed will be increased by 100% for 7 days after server's open. (Acceleration event)   ▶ Project X - Ranking Event Following Ranking Events will be held. 1. Combat Power Ranking Rewards: Gold, Jade, Gold s-tray, Celest Machine Parts   2. Raffle Ranking Rewards: Liu Bei shards, Five Tiger Generals Random Box, B/T stone, Level 5 treasure box, Gold s-tray   3. Construction Points Ranking Rewards: Five Tiger Generals Random Box, jade, Upg. stone, B/T stone   4. Merit Ranking Rewards: Sun Quan shards, ThreeKingdoms Beauty Random Box, jade, Level 7 treasure box   * For the existing server (S1~S57) players, if you are included in the combat power ranking of 5th place, you can receive additional reward from the existing server character too. (This will be based on the ranking after the end of the Combat Power Ranking Event.) Direct link:

  ▶ Projext X - Daily Log-in Reward

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- Challenge yourself with the special heroes from Day 3 ! * Day 4 Zhou Yu support event that was previously supported, will be closed.   ▶ Project X - Additional Events - For 1~7 days after the server is opened, the 'Celestial General Advent (CGA) - Sima Yi' event will be held. - Yellow Turb. Treasure Event will be held for 5 to 8 days after the server is opened. - Aim for the celestial and legendary generals that you can get through these additional events!   Moreover, we added an exchange event, and the reward for an existing event has been greatly raised! I hope you will compete with global masters in the new Server X.   ※ Precautions - The server X will proceed the same events as the existing servers after the 8th day. - In case of server X, the reward for server consolidation will be carried out separately from the existing server. (Separate guidance will be provided when server consolidation proceeds.) - For Moot events, you can participate in the events just like the existing server.   Thank you.  

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