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Aug 06 - [Server Consolidation Notice]

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  Easy Peasy Squeezy Teamplay! Greetings my Lords,   We are pleased to inform you about the server consolidation schedule that many of you have been waiting for. The purpose of server consolidation is to create more active battlefields with more players. On Aug 06(Thu), C3, B7, B8, A17 servers will be consolidated.   Please refer to below for further details.   ▶ Server Consolidation Time : Aug 06(Thu) 11:00~14:00 (KST) * The schedule above may change depending on the circumstances. * The server may open earlier than planned, if the integration is completed.   ▶ Consolidating Servers : C3(25~36) + B7(37~42) + B8(43~48) + A17(49~54) = D2(25~54)   ▶ Compensation for Server Consolidation 1) Individual Compensation - Based on your previous server (main server), compensation will be paid during the server open date. - In the case of 2nd integration, compensation will be paid starting from the earliest servers, during the server open date. Ex) Server 1 = Open on Jan. 28th (one-day compensation) Server 2 = Open on Jan. 31st (4 days of compensation), including Server 1 open date - For daily compensation, the maximum compensation limit is 15 days, and for the additional difference in 'server opened days', two Silver star-trays will be provided for every single days. Ex) A1 server = Open on Jan. 28th (one-day compensation) A2 server = Open on Feb. 29th (15 days of compensation), including Server 1 open date + 18 days of compensation (3 Gold star trays, 6 Silver star trays)   [Server Consolidation Compensation Rules] - Resources: 200k (Coin, Wood, Iron, Food) - Gold: 300 - Honor: 5000 - Rank: 700 - Exp: 50 Each of the above compensation will be added, depending on the difference of number of days in between previous server and your server.   [Server Consolidation Compensation Additional Rules] - Star trays: 2 Silver star-trays for a single day difference, replaced to 1 Gold star-tray if 5 days of difference   * For X-Server consolidation compensation, you can receive half of the compensation specified above. * In the case of X-Server, we inform you that compensation has been adjusted due to the difference in compensation for open events with the previous version.   [Server Consolidation Compensation for each of the servers on Aug 06(Thu)] - C3 Server: → 200k Resources / 300 Gold / 5000 Honor / 700 Rank / 50 Exp - B7 Server: → 3m Resources / 4500 Gold / 75k Honor / 10500 Rank / 750 Exp / 5 Gold star-trays / 6 Silver star-trays - B8 Server: → 3m Resources / 4500 Gold / 75k Honor / 10500 Rank / 750 Exp / 8 Gold star-trays - A17 Server: → 3m Resources / 4500 Gold / 75k Honor / 10500 Rank / 750 Exp / 10 Gold star-trays / 4 Silver star-trays *For server consolidation compensation, it will be sent by Aug 05(Wed).   2) National Rewards - After the May 28 maintenance, the national compensation changes to the highest level in the consolidated server country. - After consolidation, the resources and levels of national treasury, Impr. Reg., Technology, and donation will be applied to the maximum level of the integrated server. Ex) Server 1 Wei National lvl 7 + Server 2 Wei National lvl 10 = Consolidated server Wei National lvl 10   ▶ Server Consolidation Rules Notice

  * Server consolidation schedules and contents may be changed by internal circumstances. * Additional events will be held for only consolidating servers.   We inform you that the purpose of server consolidation is to allow more and more masters to enjoy the thrilling battles on the vast battlefields. We might not satisfy all the masters, but we would greatly appreciate if you understand that the server consolidation is held in order to revitalize and reinforce the battlefields of ThreeKingdomsM.   Server consolidation will be held even in the future, and we will keep an eye on it so that the battlefields can become more active.   Thank you.  

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  • kemoceng LV.3 Lurker Aug 4, 2020, 12:14 PM

    if u want to limit the compensation to 15 days, then u shouldn't merge with other server more than 15 days difference. Otherwise u just kill younger server as it's the same as merging with older server without compensation.

  • kemoceng LV.3 Lurker Aug 4, 2020, 12:22 PM

    even the oldest server get the basic compensatiion, so c server means they have it 3 times already, while a server only once, but instead of make up for the difference you further limited compensation for younger server. It's no wonder ppl were leaving even after consolidation.