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Jul 21 - [Maintenance Break] (edited)

Kingdoms M: Notice - Jul 21 - [Maintenance Break] (edited) image 1

  Easy Peasy Squeezy Teamplay! Hello my Lords,   Please be informed about the maintenance break schedule. New hero and items update will be processed. Please refer below for details.   ▶ Period - Jul 21(Tue) 11:15 ~ 14:15 (KST) (edited) This update was meant to be a build update. However, we inform you that the market update was carried out a little earlier than scheduled, so the maintenance break was carried our earlier. * A build update will be in progress and may change depending on the app update schedule within the market.   ▶ Contents 1) Updates - New items and hero "Lv Bu" updates will be processed. Jul 21 Update direct link:

  2) Server Stabilization - Server stabilization will be processed.   ▶ Reward - 300 Gold * You can check it through in-game mail.   Thank you.  

Kingdoms M: Notice - Jul 21 - [Maintenance Break] (edited) image 5

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