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[Server Consolidation Rules]

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Steps to the broader battlefield! Server consolidation! Prior to server consolidation, we inform you of the rules that are in progress during Server Consolidation. Please refer to below for further details.   ▶ Server Consolidation Rules Notice 1. How to access after the Server Consolidation - ex) Server 1 : A Character / Server 2 : B Character → After the consolidation, you can select A Character by connecting Server 1, and B Character by connecting Server 2 Server 1 : A Character / Server 2 : None (X) → After the consolidation, you can select A Character by connecting Server 1, or randomly select a Character from the character pool that you possess when you connect to Server 2.   2. Character 1) Character Deletion Rules - Characters with less than Level 8 O/R and no-charge history within 30 days prior to server consolidation date. 2) Characters with Duplicated Names - If same nickname exists after server consolidation, server name will be added along the character’s name. - ex) Server 1: A character / Server 2: A character → Server 1: A / Server 2: A.server name - Duplicated characters are given a chance to change their names.   3. Nation - Changes in nation will not be held during server consolidation. - To be initialized → Nat’l Achvmt, Nat’l Treasury, Donation, Tech., O/P, Privl., Alliance/Nationality Change, Impr. Reg. progress/level, MSO., Impr. Orders, Nat’l point, Nat’l shop, Nat’l city, GL, etc. - To be maintained → Rank exp., and Levels are to be maintained after server consolidation.   4. Cities 1) Cities(World) - The attribution of all cities will be revoked after server consolidation. - The World Level will be recalculated based on the new ranking data and the City Def. F. Level will be adjusted. - As server consolidation begins, any contents within the World Field will be forced to shut down. → All units will return to Chengdu after server consolidation. - All industry data will be initialized, and the highest records will be maintained.   2) Cities(Users' individual) - Users’ City data will be preserved, without being initialized. - VIP Level, Exp., Mch Ship data, etc. will be preserved - Tower, Stage data will be preserved. - Commanders and Storage items will be preserved. - Quests will be preserved, without being initialized.   5. Community - Chat data will be initialized. - Mail data will be initialized. - Any of the items left in the user’s mail, will be automatically received to the storage.   6. Ranking - To be maintained → C/S, Strongest cdr., N/W massacre, City Const., Tower, Wzhyuan ranking data(Individual Ranking) - To be initialized → Cdr. Win %, Nation, BoC., Wzhyuan ranking data(Number of looting incidents)   7. Contents - BoC will be initialized, and every user will start with a ranking of 10,000. - Wzhyuan will be initialized, and remaining number of convoys and looting for the day will be preserved. - Tasks will be initialized, and remaining tasks will also be initialized too, according to the city reset. → The number of completed and remaining task data will be preserved. - The number of Mt. DJ challenges, tier ranking data will be preserved. → Mt. DJ’s battle report and unit formation will be initialized. - Double Gold First Top-up will be initialized. - Growth funds, monthly Top-ups, Conq. Privl’s, O/R Lv. reward will be preserved. - Attendance events will be initialized, but Accum. Atten. will be preserved.   8. Event - The history of event participation within Moot will be preserved. - Ops events (Accum. Top-ups, Accum. Spend, etc.) will be held until the server consolidation, but these events will be initialized after the consolidation.   * Please refer to the separate notice for the specific server consolidation schedule. Thank you.

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