Best Strategy - Event

Vukojeb/ S37
What commanders to choose
- Commanders can be of different quality, which has a double effect, the lower quality is easier to acquire and increase star level. While higher quality is more difficult to acquire but has a much higher progress rate...
Each commander has 1 SP. skill, which is active skill, and 3 passive skills, which can have different effects on the commander, other commanders, or opponents.
It is smart for beginners to level up SP. skill, or active skill. Once you level it up to level 10 to 11 its power will be even more increased. For example, not only protection or damage but also skill duration if applicable will be increased by 1 turn, which is massive!
Example = picture, Falling Flowers skill duration is increased by 1 turn.
Each commander has different and interesting passive skills, some of them are more useful while others can be left untouched unless you want to focus on that commander.
Leveling up skills is limited by star level, and for beginners, I wouldn't advise focusing on Shield commander skills, because moderate protection that they provide is not worthy of books used for them, at least for now.
Wishing Terrace - if your main building is level 14 or less, you can use for FREE wishing terrace and if you decided that you made mistake by leveling up or using books on the wrong commander you can swap some of the attributes for the new commander.
Celestial commanders are commanders with the highest potential, so if you are unsure which one to invest resources in, they are your primary choices. Legendaries are just bellow them.
But Hero commanders can be extremely beneficial because they are easier to acquire and improve, and that means that they can out damage celestials.
Passive skills, for example leveling up Zhou Yu without having any female commander is arrey is useless. To fully utilize him, it would be for the best to have all-female team, except for him. Because his passive will give you that upper edge.
Arreys, consider having different specialities and also balance commanders especially their survivability with damage, which can be checked on Cdr. raid.
Example: Having an arrayed commander with low survivability and high damage will provide difficult if you encounter a team that has good damage mitigation.
In short: try using each passive skill to fully buff your arrey.
Having a shield commander is smart and at least one medic in the team.
But also this game allows you multiple choices and try experiment with different arrays and commanders. The most important is to have fun!

Best Strategy - Event +1
Best Strategy - Event
Vukojeb Vukojeb
LV.3 Lurker 3years

Tips (event - best strategy)

Hi Players,

First of all im still new and learning to be a good tactician on this game.

This game is simple but complicated especially to get your combat power the highest on server.

Beside combat power, you also have to planning to conquest other kingdom castle.

Here my personal tips to play this game :

1. Formation
Try to focus on your 1st combat team at the beginning of the game
I suggest to use the free hero that can easily get and upgrade.
My formation :
Shield : Wei Yan ( you will easily upgrade this hero because free pieces at stage clearing)
Wizard : Guo Jia + Zhou Yu (Guo Jia you will get by daily login and Zhou Yu you will get by gatcha or wish star exchange
Archer : i suggest to use Jiang Wei (if you get this hero) or Taishi ci (this hero is the free one)
The last one is either zhou yun(1st top up reward) or Gan Ning(start up hero)

After all this hero power is good enough to combat with other kingdom on National War, you can focus to add one more Troop combination
My suggestion is :
shield : if you get zhang fei its a good start (he have debuff to lower your enemy atrack), but for free player you can use xu chu for your starter hero.
Wizard : you can upgrade your lu xun (if you didnt get this hero you can buy using battle point at shop
Archer : taishi ci will be a good option
Medic : if you get da qiao at the beginning of game you are really lucky, upgrade and use it.
(Her attack buff really help you at battle)
The last one still gan ning, at this point you should already have zhou yun !

What fitur to enchant your combat power ?
1. join all event from GM (you have to read game notice to join all on going event
2. Upgrade your workshop wisely because your balista part is really rare to get.
You can get balista part by national war reward + invantion reward, dont miss every single one on this game !
3. mod system, on your town hall you will find Mod system, for me FILL your berseker + female hero 1st with all your highest point heroes, the rest is up to your hero. Trust me it more worth it to fill this two with your highest heroes.
4. academy is a must, you have to see what your heroes card mostly is (shield, wizzard, infantry, archer, calvary) the most hero you have the highest CP you will get by upgrade academy. This is the best start to improve your CP at the beginning of game.
5. Weapon enchantment, please use it wisely or you will loss oportunities to get reward by Gm event, focus on your end game heroes first (zhou yu / zhou yun / zhang fei ) if you didnt get the heroes you can inherit the heroes after you get it !

8 days event : you will get 200 Gan ning soul !
1. Try to clear all the task, and you can upgrade to get Gan Ning 4star for free, cool

Town hall upgrade, please do it wisely after you upgrade TH to level 15th you cant inherit heroes for free, so my suggestion is before 15th choose your best heroes and inherit it if its necesary

National War strategy :
Before N/W start try to move your heroes to the nearby Castle, you will have a good start before enemy can defend their town !

Play with you friends and whole nation team, if necesary using discord for strategy planning.

Im playing this game with 4 of my friend and we will split our force to enemy town, it will confucing the enemy defender, and you will get more town !

IF YOU ARE IN THE CABINET POSITION, you will get National Buff to support whole nations, use it wisely or you will discard opportunities to get more reward together.

Remember this is not one man show game, you have to coordinate with your other player.

The best fitur in this game is development add translation on chat bar, different country can coordinate more easily with this fitur.

Last but not least, this game is full of event, try to get all the event reward with your friend, and you will get all the free reward to improve your skill here

Thank you

Moyung/S38/kingdom Wu

Tips (event - best strategy)
Daniel Siahitama Daniel Siahitama
LV.4 Lurker 3years

some FAQs

Hi Im AlphaBeta/S35/Wu Kingdom. I have been playing this game for a while,, I’ll write down a general summary of some expected FAQs.
1. What’s the objective of the game?
It is a game that war with other countries by fostering heroes. Raising the level of one's O/R raises the level limit of heroes, and exceeds the limit of hero upgrades. It's the main content, and buildings need to keep construct without a break. You don't have to pay too much attention to the resource supply due to the daily rewards. The national technology should continue to work through the merit points.
2. How to manage resources?
If you go ahead a little bit, it takes a lot of resources to raise the level of the O/R. Usually, it consumes a lot when you raise the level 15.(If im remembering correctly, it costed 4.3m for each of the resources.) So, we must not waste our troops in a national war. Since the resources required for recruits are enormous, use only the main units 1 and 2, and use the remaining units 3, 4, and 5 only occasionally, and use them mainly for the collection of necessary resources. You can purchase the necessary acceleration items in the stores that requires resources. It is good to buy accelerated items related to construction. It is recommended that you purchase gold for products that offer 50% or more discounts on event resource items.
3. What/How to upgrade heroes?
Since you're the first half of the game, you can raise it to a heroes with the highest number of stars. Instead, pass the good generals even if you're in a high position. First, it is important for a general to build Unit 1 first. Usually, Tank1 melee1 dps3 is normal, and you can change Tank2 melee3 etc. I'll put this part aside for the general recommendation strategy if I have time lol. Zhao Yun is a good legen. Gen. and is a complete melee, so he is mandatory. It's good to play in the beginning. Invest all kinds of upgrade gems, stones in him. The most important part of general growth is to acquire it every day using shops and industry and other all kinds of methods.
4. How to do the technology upgrade?
The technology in Academy should never rest. As a result, you can study the main military branches first and then study the internal affairs later. Military research consumes honor points and coins. At this time, it is better to raise the mil. branch of the deck that you are going to raise first. For example, if you have a lot of infantry or are raising them, you should raise them first. If you raise it to a certain extent, you will need a lot of points of honor, so you will naturally raise other branches. When there is a lack of honorary points, we do research on internal affairs.
5. How to increase combat power?
Combat power can be raised through upgrading nat. tech. or generals or activation of workshop machine and promotion. In order to increase your combat power, you can promote your generals to green and blue if you have time later. As mentioned above, it is more efficient to upgrade the main military branch and the related weapon components on the machine. If you raise each component evenly, you can advance the weapon. The item called LB scroll is expensive (400 gold), so if you raise the purple weapon first, it will increase the range of the rising stats compared to the blue one.

some FAQs
gamer773200376 gamer773200376
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Hero Tips

Hello buddies,
I am MisDis/S37/Shu Kingdom.
Well,, you guys, especially newbies will have quite a curiosity and interest within the deck combinations of heroes. I will share what I know by far.
First of all, the deck combination can be separated into two
1. Commanders above Hero rank
2. Commanders that have the best synergy
Considering these two, I will recommend the best cdr combination.
*It is based on the standard that you are making 3-star for legendary grade and at least 2-star for hero grade.
1. Zhang Fei – Zhao Yun – Zhou Yu – Jiang Wei – Da Qiao or Lu Xn (choose 1)
-> For Zhao Yun’s two-row attack, burn the front array through Jiang Wei. Then, Zhou Yu and Lu Xn can melt the opponents through fire attacks or Zhou Yu’s extreme dmg + Da Qiao’s rise in survival rate.
- Zhang Fei : He’s currently at the very top within the Shield cdrs. (legendary grade but easy to gain the hero spirits)
- Zhao Yun : Easiest to make 3 stars
- Zhou Yu : Strongest Wizard cdr, and you can earn him easily at Wish Star Shop. (Charge some money and buy 10 raffles)
- Jiang Wei : The best Shield-cdrs killer
- Da Qiao : Through her shield, the DPS cdrs can survive longer
- Lu Xn : Good Synergy with Zhou Yu through burn effects
2. Wei Yan – XiaHou Dun – GuoJia – XiaHou Yuan – Ld. Zhen or GanNing (choose 1)
-> Wei Yan’s heavy tanking + Frozen attacks
- Wei Yan : Easiest Shield cdr to make 3 stars
- XiaHou Dun : easy to gain spirits at the Spirit Store (good skills with Silence and Fatigue)
- GuoJia : easy to make 2 stars, interpersonal attacks (good skills with Frozen and Slow)
- XiaHou Yuan : easy to gain spirits from the Stores (DPS that attacks the opponents at the behind)
- Ld. Zhen : good synergy with GuoHia through Frozen and Slow skills, even if Ld.Zhen is 1-star, it is worth for 2-stars if with GuoJia
- Gan Ning : easy to gain at the very beginning 8-day goals, make easy 3-stars, good assassination skills
I recommend you guys to use these 2 combinations for your main heroes. Then, the remaining 3rd, 4th, 5th arrays, fill them with high stars or change them with 1st and 2nd arrays depending on the situation.
Don’t just rush and invest in the cdr just because you like him/her. Take your time and move forward slowly. This game is Idle RPG game, don’t rush and be patient, would be better if some TUps are possible.

Hero Tips
MiserableDissolution MiserableDissolution
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Hero Tips

아레스 / S38 / Kingdom Wu

I think the most important things to have in an array is hero battle power especially in the beginning ot the game. Having higher battle power will greatly enchance your winning probability.

Here I list a team which I personally think will become one of the best team in late game

Wide Damage Team with buff

Composition :


A : Lu Xun
B : Zhou Yu
C : Guo Jia
D : Cai Wenji
E : Any Shield Type hero with highest Character Power (I personally recommend Wei Yan in early game, in late game you can prefer between zhang fei or cao ren)

- Lu Xun and Zhou Yu goes well together, they can inflict big amount of wide area damage using their skills which include burn damage

- Guo Jia also have special skill which inflict damage in wide area, although Guo Jia damage output is lower than Lu Xun or Zhou Yu, his skills have probability to freeze the enemy which will have big impact during the battle

- Cai Wenji could buff your damage dealer in the rear and shield type hero in the front which is huge boost to the team (rear heroes get damage buff, front hero get def buff)

- Almost all shield type heroes have great survivability except for Huang Gai. I really recommend using Cao Ren in late game because his taunt will protect your allies from getting attacked.

Hero Tips
Bill Jason Bill Jason
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