[Game Guide] Probability for Box Items

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Hello my Lords,
There are various probability item boxes in the ThreeKingdoms.
This is to inform you about the probability for the corresponding box items.
▶ Hero Probability Box
▶ Item Probability Box
▶ Exchange Item Probability Box
* Can be obtained, able to exchange exclusively from the Exchange Event.
[Kingdom Coin Box] [Kingdom Coin]
[Emperor Coin Box] [Emperor Coin]
For probability boxes, we will update the posts as soon as they are updated.
Thank you.

[Game Guide] Probability for Box Items +4
[Game Guide] Probability for Box Items
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
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[Guide] ThreeKingdoms Guide & Tips

Hello my Lords,
Welcome everyone to ThreeKingdoms Mobile.
This post is to give some help to those who are new to ThreeKingdoms.
Not only the guide, but also various peoples' tips are posted, so we hope it will help you.
▶ Main Page Guidance
Direct link:
▶ City Guidance
Direct link:
▶ Country Guidance
Direct link:
▶ Probability Box Guidance
Direct link:
▶ Content Guidance : Battle of Changban
Direct link:
▶ Content Guidance : WuZhangYuan
Direct link:
▶ Content Guidance : Stage
Direct link:
▶ Hall of Fame : Best Tips
Direct link:
This post will be updated continuously.
We hope it will help you, and hope you will reign over the ThreeKingdoms battlefield!
Thank you.

[Guide] ThreeKingdoms Guide & Tips
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
LV.22 GameManager 3years

[Game Guide] Main Page

Welcome to ThreeKingdomsM.
After you log on to the game, there are two main pages.
The main page for managing your own city, and the world map page.
This is a brief guide to the main menus on the screen.
1. Character
- You can check your character profile.
- You can check your current combat power, VIP level, buff effects.
2. Icon
- You can check the seasonal menu game progress icon, etc.
3. Mission
- You can check your currently on-going missions.
4. Chat
- You can check the chatting menu.
- You can check the mail and battle report at the top of the chat window.
- You can quickly check other cities by clicking Find City.
5. Contents
- You can check various contents menu.
- You can check Commander, Task, Official Position, and other menus.
- You can check Ranking, Shop, Setting and more by pressing More menu.
- You can move to the World Map by pressing the World menu.
6. City info
- You can check and process the construction and research within the city.
- You can check the recruit and clinic, resource production within the city.
7. Event
- You can check the currently on-going event, login reward, etc.
- You can click on the arrow to whether hide or open the event menu.
8. Status
- You can check your possessing resources.
- You can check your troops, resources, honor and then move to the direct acquisition place by clicking on each of the icons.
9. Map
- You can check the World Map.
10. Troop organization
- You can organize your troops and arrays that are to be used in national wars.

[Game Guide] Main Page +1
[Game Guide] Main Page
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
LV.22 GameManager 3years

[Content Guide] 3. Battle of Changban

Battle of Changban
It is PVP content and if you challenge other users and win, you will be replace the opponent's rank, and if you lose, your ranking will not change.
You can try 5 times a day and you can buy more trials through Gold.
Whether you win or lose each challenges, you will gain battle coins and they can be used in the store.

[Content Guide] 3. Battle of Changban +2
[Content Guide] 3. Battle of Changban
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
LV.22 GameManager 3years

[Game Guide] Country

There are 3 Kingdoms, Wei, Shu, and Wu within the game.
This is a guide to one of the most important systems, the Country.
1. Country info
- You can check the Country's information.
- You can check the message/National Declaration that the monarch has left.
2. Country menu
1) Imperial Order
- The monarch can easily command the country through I.Os.
- Only the monarch and prime minister(PM) can declare I.Os.
2) Privilege
- You can proceed with National buffs.
- You can proceed only if you have above certain official position.
3) Alliance
- You can form alliance with other nation.
- Alliance can be formed between two countries excluding the strongest country.
4) Shop
- You can check the shops by using national goods.
5) Achievement
- You can check your country's achievements and receive rewards.
6) Treasury
- You can check the goods that country possesses.
- The wages are determined by the amount of the goods.
- The monarch can set the wage rate.
7) Change Country
- You can change the country which you belong to.
- Only the first place country are allowed to change, and can be changed when the conditions for the change are met.
8) National Policy
- You can use the orbs to use buffs related to national wars.
9) Good Luck
- Players in the same country can earn a bonus if TUps are carried out.
3. Monarch
- You can check the currently nominated monarch.
4. Country trends
- You can check the news related to the country.
- You can check the score for each of the countries.
5. Country Function
1) Cabinet
- You can check the national executives.
- It is divided into Civil officers and Military officers.
- Civil officers are nominated by the monarch.
- Military officers are automatically nominated by merit ranking.
- You can proceed to impeachment by clicking the monarch.
2) Quest
- You can earn National exp through national quests.
- It's a quest where national members proceed together.
- National quests are reset once every year(4 days).
3) Secret order
- You can complete them by claiming national quests.
- You can earn nation and rank exp through the quests.
4) Rank
- You can upgrade the rank through the exp within secret orders and merit rewards.
- Depending on your rank, your daily reward increases.
- Depending on your rank, you may have additional attribute effects.
5) Imperial register
- You can check the country's main mission, Imperial register.
- Imperial register increases the number of appointed Civil officers.
6) Party
- You can move to the H temple through Party.
- You can perform party-unit missions.
7) Donation
- You can donate orbs earned through St/O.
- Through the accumulated orbs, national policies can be declared or national technologies can be developed.
8) Technique
- You can develop national technologies.
- This applies to all of the members within the country.
- Only monarch and PM can proceed with level ups.

[Game Guide] Country
[Game Guide] Country
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
LV.22 GameManager 3years

[Game Guide] City

This is a guide to the buildings within the city that are basic to developments.
1. Official Residence
- It's the main building of the city.
- Depending on the level of the O/R, additional buildings will be built or the level limit will be set.
- Additional functions are opened according to the level of the O/R.
2. Stage
- This is the basic building for Story mode contents.
- You can move on to the Story mode by clicking on the building icon.
- The number of times you can try again per day is fixed.
- You can supply basic material items through the Story mode.
3. Tower
- Tower's a content composed of numerous floors.
- You can continue to move toward the top.
- Ranking and quests exist, and additional rewards can be obtained.
4. Academy
- It's a place where you can manage various technologies.
- You can strengthen commanders, and strengthen resource supply/demand by raising the technology levels.
- Depending on the level of the building, there are more technologies that can be reinforced.
5. Shop
- It's the place where you can move to various in-game shops.
- The sales items are constantly being renewed.
6. H Temple
- H Temple's the place where you can kill immigrants with other players.
- You can supply various material items.
7. Training Ground
- You can raise the level of commanders that you have within the Training Ground.
- Training takes both goods and time, and the Exp is gained depending on the building level.
8. Market
- It is a building where you can purchase resources(coins, food, iron, wood) through gold.
- There are certain limits available for purchase, and the limit will be raised depending on the level of VIP.
9. Blacksmith
- It's the place where you can produce material items.
- Depending on the building level, the grade of the items that you produce, increases.
- You can enhance and activate machine.
- You can check the machine that you currently possess.
10. Observatory
- You can summon commanders by consuming items or gold.
11. Strategy Organization
- You can produce Orbs required for the Nation.
12. Hardship
- You can move on to various contents by clicking on the Hardship building icon.
- You can then, proceed to Stage, Battle of Changban, WuZhangYuan, and Battle of Mt Dingjun.
13. Farm
- It produces Food.
14. Lumberyard
- It produces Wood.
15. Refinery
- It produces Iron.
16. Mint
- It produces Coin.
17. Barracks
- It produces Troops.
18. Doctor
- It heals Troops.
19. Wish Territory
- You can make Wishes or Inherit commanders at this place.
- Inherit allows you to transfer the property of a commander to the other commander of same profession.
- You can select the items you want to receive through your Wishes and proceed.

[Game Guide] City +18
[Game Guide] City
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
LV.22 GameManager 3years

[Content Guide] 1. Stage

Dungeon content in story mode, where you can see the history of the commanders, and clear the mode to obtain a wide range of goods.
There are 15 chances of challenge every day, and you can add up to 25 (buy 5 times) using Gold.

[Content Guide] 1. Stage +1
[Content Guide] 1. Stage
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
LV.22 GameManager 3years

[Content Guide] 2. WuZhangYuan

The higher the quality of the carriage cart, the higher the reward. This is the contents where you have to escort your cart and loot other players' carts for goods.
It can be transported three times a day, allowing users to arrange commanders to escort supplies and to loot supplies from other national users.
Each of the carts can be looted up to max 2 times.

[Content Guide] 2. WuZhangYuan +1
[Content Guide] 2. WuZhangYuan
GM Zhou Yu
GM Zhou Yu GM Zhou Yu
LV.22 GameManager 3years