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Aug 6, 2018, 09:26 AM 315 read

Who else is upset that respawn is doing a star wars game instead of titanfall 3

I understand that titanfall 1 was not well received and titanfall 2 although being a great game got slowly choked to death by ea despite the devs best intentions and when respawn got bought up by ea I thought titanfall 3 was a definite and even though ea has a habit of killing games the exact same way that titanfall was heading i was still hopeful because it’s my favorite gaming franchise and it will always be that game I can look back on years from now and say without a shadow of doubt in my mind that I will still have fun playing it. But then I get told by one of my friends that they aren’t working on titanfall 3 but instead on a new star wars game. I don’t get it ea has already ruined the Star Wars game to the point that even with this new one a large part of the gaming community won’t even give it a second thought. Yet with titanfall 2 almost everyone who bought and played it had nothing but good words to say about it and it was well received even by the people who didn’t buy it. If they wanted more money then they should’ve made a third one, it’s stupid and I don’t get it.

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  • MrWallManMain Founder Aug 7, 2018, 07:37 PM

    They could have at least extended Titanfall 2, like new titans or new map would have been nice.

  • NO NAME verified Aug 8, 2018, 12:42 AM

    Yeah but you have to give them credit for being such a small studio and being able to do twelve huge monthly updates with ea’s help.

  • Angryboi Founder Aug 14, 2018, 02:56 AM

    All I'm hearing is a new star wars game