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每日支持活動 (1月9日 ~ 1月20日)

shadow seven (Traditional Chinese): event - 每日支持活動 (1月9日 ~ 1月20日) image 1

團長~!月光外援團在您的努力下被認可爲其他外援團。 所以Leah懷着感激的心情準備了禮物。   機制: 活動期間登錄遊戲,每日可郵寄500金和12羽毛!   活動時間: 1月9日(12:01 AM)~1月20日(11:59 PM) GMT+9   現在就玩Shadow Seven   iOS App Store:   Google Play Store:

ShadowSeven - Hexa battle SRPG - Apps on Google Play ShadowSeven - Hexa battle SRPG - Apps on Google Play Hexa Battle SRPG, Shadow Seven Open! Experience the fun of real-time strategy PVP with RPG, which collects a variety of 2D characters! ■ Introduction of ShadowSeven Battle of seven leaders and mercenaries to prevent the resurrection of the seven demons who were sealed in the 7th kingdom for centuries. Become a hero/heroin by winning a combat considering characteristics of leaders and mercenaries! ■ Open community channels Official Facebook: OfficialYouTube: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■ The fun of various strategies Create a victorious strategy with a combination of 7 Individual leaders and 36 mercenaries. ■ Attractive 2D character, full voice dubbing allows for a high sense of immersion in the story. - Meet the main story of a variety of characters and the hidden story(Saga) in full voice. ■ Unique battle system - Choose carefully each turn, like a board game, to win for the battle game. ■ Global real time PVP Experience a strategic PVP with users from all around the world in real time. ■ Various power-up factors Gather characters pieces and make them stronger with promotion system. Make stronger characters with powerful equipments. ■ Access authorization for smartphone apps Access required to provide the following services when using the app. [Optional access authorization] Images/Media/Files: uploaded and/or saved images, photos and videos Phone number: gathering of mobile phone number to send an ads. * It is possible to use optional access without agreeing optional access authorization. [How to withdraw access authorization] ▶ Android 6.0 and higher: Settings > Apps > Select Permissions > Access List > Select consent or withdrawal of permissions ▶ Android 6.0 or lower: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access rights or delete app ※ The app may not provide an individual consent function and the access rights may be revoked by the above method."

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